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SCAM ALERT: Millionaires Club Inc Text Scam

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Watch out for this one. This is from +639273727679

Congrts ur simcrd # Won P560,000,n our 2nd Anv,Fre,Rafle Drw last: March,05-07 frm:Millionaires Club,Inc.4 mor info &details call me nw!Im SEC, EDGAR L. LEDESMA.

The Philippines is widely known as the SMS Capital of the World with 25 million people (out of 80+ million total population) have subscribed to Smart Communications, this not including millions using Globe, Touch Mobile, Talk N Text and Sun Cellular networks.

Reminder, the comments below are not controlled by the owner of this website. For all we know scammers also lurk on this site. Always be careful to whom you communicate with online.

640 Responses to “Millionaires Club Inc Text Scam”

  1. Alex Tungal says:

    Nanghihingi ng load worth 200 pesos, Shittt :@

    ito number niya 0924003516

  2. Noemi says:

    Number: +639166885998
    Notice:from Coca-Cola corp. Congratulations!Ur sim# Had won 3rd prize worth of Php5OO,OOO.OO+ Samsung Galaxy S4. for more info Call me Now,I’m Atty LOIDA N LEWIS.DTI-NCR#8505 S’2014.
    Time: 29/05/2014 13:37:56

  3. Cris says:

    09109968285 ~ Atty. Carlo delos Reyes. hahaha! Shetyy. nanghihingi ng load. XD

  4. Jackie says:

    Sender # 0927620620686

    Ma’am/Sir congrats ue sim card # had won Php 550,000. 2nd winner of Millioners club inc, of the phil, last 08/24/13, sponsored by Coca cola corp
    2 claim ur prize, call me now , i,m atty. Ismael B.Chavez, per DTI ncr permit # 3237 s’2013.

  5. Jack says:

    Ma’am/Sir congrats. Ur simcard #had won Php550,000 2nd winner of Millioners club inc., of the phil, last 08/24/13, sponsored by Coca cola corp: 2 claim ur’prize,call me now,i’m atty, Ismael B. chavez, per DTI ncr permit #3237 s’2013

    Mobile # sennder #09276206386

  6. donita rose says:

    hi everyOne .. lately there is someone texting me about this .. this is his # 0926133991 katulad nung text kay jessica ganyan din po ang natangap ko kahapon lang at kanina sya tawag ng tawag po sakin …

  7. levie says:

    forget to post the cp number,639277784012, tandaan ang no. na yan, SCAMMER!!!

  8. levie says:

    same here, mine is sec. SHANE V. DIZON daw siya. 780,000 din ang prize, nanalo daw ako last feb. 04, 2013. received txt a while ago.

  9. mona floro says:

    yah and i received just now from 09i69223717
    from mr mike ledesma

  10. queny says:

    Number: +639057637495
    Ma’m.Sir congrats ur simcard # had won Php850,000 2nd/winner of Millionaires club inc,of the phil, last nov./16,sponsored by Manny Pacquiao, 2 claim urprize, pls call me n0w? i’m atty,jenelyn per DTI ncr permit # 3237 series of 2012.
    Time: 11/16/2012 4:05:46 PM

  11. Concerned Filipino says:

    I received a similar message today November 13, 2012 at 10:21am from the number 09159843293 with the message, ” Ma’am/Sir congrats ur simcard # had won Php850,000 2nd/winner of Millionaires club inc,of the phil, last Nove,05. ,sponsored by Manny Pacquiao, 2 claim ur prize, pls call me now? I’m atty,Larry J. chavezper DTI ncr permit # 3237 series of 2012.

    I hope this will warn other people and that they may have discernment in receiving such messages.

  12. i just recieve a txt msg. saying that,CONGRAT`S! Ur sim#` have won.(Ph850.000.00) 2nd/ Winner From. Millioners Club Inc Phil`s HANDOG Pangkabuhayan SPONSORED BY, Manny Pacquiao Pls!Call me now im Atty, francisco M. Dy DTI#2095 s 12. tel.639107182090 so attention Manny how true is this,?

  13. Jessica says:

    (NOTICE) Ur Sim # had Won Php.550,000.00 Last 09/05/12. “MAAGANG PAMASKO NG MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC”.To Claim ur prize Call me now. I’m Sec.ARIEL S.L

    Ito number 09261339991

  14. Jessica says:

    ito ang sinend niya!

    (NOTICE) Ur Sim # had Won Php.550,000.00 Last 09/05/12. “MAAGANG PAMASKO NG MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC”.To Claim ur prize Call me now. I’m Sec.ARIEL S.LASTIMOSO.

    I called a while ago, and he answered

  15. MIKE says:

    i received now that kind of msg…


    SENDER num# IS +6392678909496

  16. reven alawinam says:

    to all concern, pls do something wid this kind of people

  17. ritz says:

    i recieve the message from this #.09261688774

  18. ritz says:

    i just recieve a 2 messages like that too.from millionaires club inc,of the phillipines,my simcard had won 850,000 daw and sponsored by manny pacquiao.and 2 claim my prize jsut call atty.Jose N.Sulayman.

  19. Mark Sarmiento says:

    same Hir…
    beware for this Sec. ALVIN M. YASAY…09179070215

  20. Michael says:

    Same here

    Notice: ur sime # won PHp 780,000 our 3rd anniv, pre-raffle draw last Aug/25/12 frm.
    MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. 4mr’info. Txt ur Name/Add/Age/Work, I’m
    Sec. Leo A. Cruz

    From: 0916-670.4282

  21. Gaile says:

    I just received the same text a while ago..It says that I’ve won 650,000 pesos from 09162148282 –Sec. Vic G. Ignacio

  22. Ricardo Ferro says:

    from 09261339991

    from Sec Ariel S. Lastimoso

    2nd prize worth 780,000,000

    millionaire’s club

  23. pau says:

    (notice) mam/sir ur sim # had won php580,000. in our 2nd anniv. preraffle draw last 7 29, 2012. sec maricar b. ladesma.

    from: 09062431878

    — grabe, mga manloloko. :(

  24. dangie says:

    Ito pa isang etchuserang palaka – 09263279688 – si Atty. Larry J. Chavez daw sya. Nanalo raw ako ng 780k courtesy of Cong. Manny Pacquiao via SIM raffle. Mga scammer… di kayo kapani-paniwala! Mga bugok! Hahaha!

  25. iwish says:

    just receive same txt msg.

    “NOTICE:Ur sim# had won P780,000 in our 3rd Annive.PreRaffle Draw. Last O7/24/12. From: MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. 4 more info txt Ur NAME/ADD/AGE/WORK.I’m sec.LEO A. CRUZ.”

    OMG!! muntik na aq naluko ng mga scammers!! SHEeeYYYTtTTZZZ!!!! Ng.reply aq ng info q sa # na 09174852836..tapos tumawag at ng.explain sa akin kung paano aq nanalo..sabi nya magload dw aq ng 150 sa # na un dahil tatawag dw cla sa manager ng western union money transfer para tanungin kung paano nla ipapadala ung prize q..

    HAHAHA!! nkakalurkey mga taong to..walang magawa sa buhay!! buti nlang aq sa internet..Thanks God!! i found it!!

  26. Valerie says:

    The Ownder of this number had won Php780,000.00 in our 3rd Anv:Free-Raffle Draw. From: Millionaires Club Inc. Last 07/20/12. 4more infor Plz txt ur: Name/Age/Add@Work. I’m SEC. JOEL A. LIM. Thank you
    (May DTI number pa!!!) D.T.Ipermit#9635s-2012

  27. frederick gonzales says:

    same with but with different cp number he or they using #09062345281 and hes using the name of SEC. LEO A. CRUZ.


  28. Anna says:

    I also received the same message today. From a certain Sec. Mike G. Lopez using Globe number
    0926 403-4123. I am just wondering from where are they getting our numbers. Anyways, always be careful.

  29. carlyn says:

    also got a message from the millionaires club inc. their number is 0906549734 ang masaklap pa nag padala na ako ng 20,000.

  30. mario says:

    Nakatangap din ako ngaun n txt mula sa cellphone nr +639359126679 ang txt nya ay ito:

    Notice/ur simaat #had won (780,000)from:Millionairs club claim ur prize pls call me now. Im atty:Rey S. Salazar dti permit#3828serOf12.

  31. meremote says:

    just received the messsage.. from sec leo cruz daw. number is 09272553301.. beware…

  32. skye says:

    from 09156595336 – Sec. JOEL GOMEZ.. 780,000 frm 3rd anniv preraffle

  33. christine says:

    me too i just receive a text from 09155352642 that i won 680,000 pesos in their 5th aniv.pre raffle draw…he is sec. mark c. gozon….

  34. eunice says:

    same here.. i just received a text scam..

    Sec. Ariel S. Lastisimo.. 09261339991.. what a pity,

  35. Gee man says:

    Please be inform this number is also a scam Vic g. Ignacio 09272552775

  36. youandi17 says:

    I was received this fucking shit message ( Ma’am/Sir congrats ur simcard # had won Php850,000 2nd/winner of Millionaires club inc,of the phil, last may,23sponsored by Manny Pacquiao, 2 claim ur prize, pls call me now? i’m atty, jenelyn per DTI ncr permit # 3237 series of 2012..)ito ang mga # na nakausap ko 09351316807, 09059748641 ,09265747823.. talagang magaling manloko.. nkapadala pa ako nang 5,000 sa taong ito na c NOEL T. GARCIA .beware kayo sa message na mga ganyan mga walang hiya sila.. anyway GOD WATCH US .. panginoon nalang bhala sa inyu . GOODLUCK nalang sa mga ginagawa ninyo.kasi alam kong walang patutunguhan niyan .

  37. secretrelyme says:

    shit ang mga taong katulad nilang mga manloloko ..

  38. nahid abdullah says:

    same2 i recieved last may 20 2012 that kind of msg.

    NOTICE: ur sim # Won P780,000,n our 3nd Anv,Fre,Rafle Drw last/may/20/2012 frm:Millionaires Club,Inc.4 more info
    name/address/age/work IM Leo A. Cruz.09174852836 be alert for that #.

    sana mahuli na sila at makulng sana ung kalu2wa nla sinusunog na sa impeyerno dina cla natakot kay allah napakasama nla at ginagamit nla pa ang department of justice mga dimonyo……sana ma2tay na cla.ngaun as in ngaun na para di na cla makapang loko ng ibang tao…….ka2hiya cla……….salot sa lipunan ………

  39. charlie says:

    NOTICE:.Ur’sim# Won Php780,000 during 0ur3rd Anniv.pre-raffle draw last/May/17/2012 frm
    MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. 4mor’Info.Txt’ur Name/Add./Age/Work. I’m Sec.LOVELY E.VALDEZ

  40. snowberry says:

    I just received the same txt message a few days ago

    NOTICE: ur sim # Won P780,000,n our 3nd Anv,Fre,Rafle Drw last/APRIL/16/2012 frm:Millionaires Club,Inc.4 mor info &details call me nw!Im SEC, Jessa Mae Sarmento


  41. sean says:

    mag-ingat din po sa #09156594826 na nagtetext nang “ur simcard # had won P680,000.00 in our 3rd anniv. preraffle drw. last may 6, 2012. from MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. 4 mor info txt ur name/add/age/work. i’m Sec. JOEL A. GOMEZ.”

  42. noypako says:

    same with me:

    NOTICE: Ur ‘Sim # Won P780,000,n our 3nd Anv,pre-raffle draw last may/09/2012 frm:Millionaires Club,Inc.4 mr info. Txt ur Name/Add/Age/Work, I’m Sec, LIZA VALDEZ

    FROM: 09277654242

    I replied by using chikka and said “kung sino ka mang demonyo ka na nang-iiscam, humanda ka at ipapatrace kita, gago! pag-nagreply sya babawasan sya ng chikka charge, hehehe.

  43. noypako says:

    same with me:

    NOTICE: Ur ‘Sim # Won P780,000,n our 3nd Anv,pre-raffle draw last may/09/2012 frm:Millionaires Club,Inc.4 mr info. Txt ur Name/Add/Age/Work, I’m Sec, LIZA VALDEZ

    FROM: 09277654242

  44. CRISTINEMAE says:

    ako din nkatanggap ako ng txt msg. from:sec LEO A. CRUZ…09062691815

  45. Benjie says:

    I just received almost the same message as yours stating:
    (NOTICE) your sim # had won P560,000. In our 2nd Aniv., Pre-raffle Drw last APRIL/29/2012 frm: SAN MIGUEL CORP. Pls. txt. ur name/ address/ age/ I’m sec. Alvin C.Yasay.

  46. somewhere says:

    i recieved also that kind of msg..

    NOTICE: ur sim # Won P780,000, during our 3nd Anv,Fre,Rafle Drw last/APRIL/29/2012 frm:Millionaires Club,Inc.4 mor info. Txt ur name/add./age/work.


    FROM: 09065846802

  47. i recieved now that kind of msg..

    NOTICE: ur sim # Won P780,000,n our 3nd Anv,Fre,Rafle Drw last/APRIL/16/2012 frm:Millionaires Club,Inc.4 mor info &details call me nw!Im SEC, ARLENE M. PEREZ

    FROM: 09274401971

    • Christine says:

      I have also receive the same message … from Millionaires Club, Inc. “SEC. VICTOR G. CUEVAS” daw name niya. Beware of this number 09274298521. I won last April 30, 2012 daw!!!!

  48. mary rose says:

    i already receive a text message like that… from millionaires club inc.And the people in charge is Sec. Joel G. Gomez. Gosh…! a text scam so pathetic…..

  49. josephine says:

    natanggap din ako ng message from millionaires clud na ang sabi nanalo daw ako sa millionaires club inc. and masaklap pa dun nakapagpadala na po ako ng higit na 18,000 ang cp # ay 09274522433 who’s named sec.rey lem.

    • loms says:

      wtf!? nagpauto ka sa ganyang scam!? obvious naman na scam yun kung wala ka naman transaction na ginawa sa Millionare’s Club even if that club does exists.

  50. Melit D says:

    Received similar text (thrice sent) about my simcard won 590,000.
    00 and asked me to call back. I did not reply.

  51. Malou Perez says:

    Received the same scam but with different:
    # 639264034123;
    amount (P590,000)
    contact person(Sec. Mike G. Lopez)

  52. ask ko lang if totoo po to
    Mr. Carlo G, Lim send these last march 10 2012 at 8:43am.
    these # 09165906324 send this message to me NOTICE: U’r sim # won Php 780,000 our 3rd anniv. pre-raffle draw last feb./ 28/ 12 from MILLIONARES CLUB INC. 4mor’ info . Txt ur Name/ Add/Age/ Work,
    then he told that he is sec. CarloG, Lim

    i thought that it is true so i send my name,add,age..after that he call me he told me that are you going to get these money here or ill send you through western union,,,sabi ko send mu n lang po..after that sabi nea loadan ko daw ung # nea pra twagan daw nea ung manager ng bangko kc cheke ung amount na un pra maipalit bgo nea send ng
    western…dapat within 5mins nloadan ko sea. tax aun nlodan ko ng 100…taz nung nalodan ko sbi nea d b sabi ko 150 load ei sabi ang alam ko 100 lang tapos sabi nea ok lang w8 twagan ko manager ng bangko….after few mins… tinawagan nea ako.. sabi nea magsend ka ng pera para may pambayad ako pag isend ko tong pera mo…ang sinabing amount na send ko sa kanya ei 2500,,tas sabi ko bk8 ndi b pwedeng ikaltas sa pera na send mo sakin??? ei sabi nea ndi daw taz dun na nagtaka ako kc sabi pa nea within 10 mins. send ko na ung pambayad nea sa western…ei nagtaka ako bk8 ganyan…ndi ko ako nagsend ng pera ah… inaway ko pa siya…tas ndi na nagte2txt tas ndi na tumawag….

  53. maurice asuncion says:

    may natanggap din akong text message 560,000 in their 3RD Anniversary, from: Sec. Leo Ruiz

  54. mario says:

    Just received a text and a call from millionaires club inc the same scam about winning P560.000 in their 3rd anniversary raffle draw last 03/08/12 from im sec Leo Ruiz

  55. ailene says:

    meron din ako narecive na txt galing kay SEC.MIKE G. LOPEZ 09352129917

  56. ellay says:

    from no. +639065023335



  57. partz says:

    dagdag niyo pa ang number na ito…09352129917.. Beware

  58. Marie says:

    additional on this scam. here is another number they’re using:

    09173442574- Bobby Mendoza

    NOTICE: Ur’Sim# Won Php780,000 Our 3rd Anniv,pre-raffle draw last jan./05/12 frm MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. 4mor’Info. Txt ur Name/Add/Age/Work,I’m Sec. Bobby Mendoza

  59. jhe_anne says:

    me to.grabe muntik n q kumagat atty.chavez dw xa dti permit number 2590. 09056386060 ingat s number n yan guys.

  60. julius says:

    my ngtxt din sakin…nanalo dw ako sa millionaires club! atty.ROLDAN MENDOZA ,#09269973763

  61. Bambi Mendoza says:

    I also have received same message from this cel #09157504306 from Alvin C. Yasay, that i won 580,000 from sec. anniversary free raffle draw last January 13, 2012 from San Miguel Corp. meron pang DTI PERMIT#85560, and when i inquire this at San Miguel Corp., they dont know about any of this thing….SCAM….Beware of this people and cel number.

  62. Marian Datu says:

    A certain person Atty. Ted C. Ayala call us that our SIMCARD # won P780,000.00 and to claim this we have to give him a load worth P300. This is his # 09268507517.

  63. jane says:

    jst got txt msg. frm…REY G.DIZON . .and same scenario……
    telling me that I won this…like that……hey…wake up ..what do you think of me like u coconut!!!!!!!!

  64. nakunsumi=) says:

    just received ta text this morning from 09164650282 saying i won P850,000 of millionaires club,inc sponsored by manny pacquiao.siya daw c atty. larry j. chavez =p

  65. paul rick cruz says:

    naka received ako that i won 680,000 3rd ann pre raffle draw from cel no 09173469559 Sec Dave J. Urtiz INGAT KAYO MGA PARE COY sa mga ganitong tao

  66. dreamcatcher says:

    As of January 06, 2011 around 05:37 A.M

    Nakareceive ako ng text message from this number 09179292521.. 750,000.00 naman yung napanalunan ko daw!
    His name was Sec. Leo Ruiz

    Mag ingat guys, Godbless

  67. lonsi says:

    mgingat din po kau s pangalang Sec.? Leo Cruz from millionaires club. n may no09174852836

  68. Jonas says:

    (read this one from +639179292521)

    Notice: ur simcard# had won 780,000 n our 3rd anniv, preraffle draw last jan, 2 /12 frm millionaires club inc. 4mor info & dtails txt ur name/add/work im sec Leo Ruiz

    (Is this real?)

  69. daisy says:

    I just got a text fro m 09157504515 Sec Leo Cruz informing that i won 780,000,000. He gave their exact address in Makati. I have two options claim personally or thru money express LBC,
    When i say thru money express he said he is going to call the manager in LBC makati to inform them the big amount they will going to send. he ask me a favor if i can load him 150 load for further transaction to LBC.
    when i texted him why not call thru landline since it was in makati also instead of using cp.and i told him that as soon as the money is send to me i will give him more than what he ask for. HE NEVER CALLED AGAIN

  70. gabriel d. masilang says:

    atty. john a. acosta/09461372977

  71. mayers says:

    same here…. c joel gomez din daw sya..hahaha..nkakatawa!!!

  72. jindo says:

    mga attorney with no case…

  73. shalani says:

    same here. telling me i won 780.000 in their raffle! wow! its growing bigger. just by txting your name/add/age/work. Leo A. Cruz is in-charge. Well, if you really win. they should call you. please dont believe in this scam. they keep txtng me the same person but different approach.

  74. arvin says:

    to 5 numbers only..

  75. arvin says:

    kalokohan lahat cnsabi ng M.C.I dapat cla ang tumatawag at dapat private number ang ginagamit like 4-numbers only..

  76. Jason says:

    Naka receive din ako sa number na to +639174852836 ang name nya naman ay sec. Leo A cruz. ingat mga kababayan

  77. Jason says:

    Naka receive din ako sa number na to +639174852836 ang name nya naman ay sec. Leo A cruz

  78. christine says:

    meron din ako natanggap na txt gali sa millionaires club inc. sbi nya nanalo daw aq ng 680,000 pesos…. tinawagan pa nila q ipapunta daw aq ng maynila … ito yung panglan ng nag padala sa akin ng txt sec. leo ruiz ito yong ginamit nya na # 09179292521

  79. Ronald says:

    I’ve just received my sim# had won 480,000 from Millionaires CLUB.INC.. Sec. MarkVeloso daw xa.. Tsk tsk

  80. claricce says:

    got one today,, LOL! kfine, whatever,, as if i need 420k

  81. Geba Jarmin Nov. 17, 2011 @ 8PM says:

    bakit itong mga manloloko na ‘to ay hinayaan nyong gamitin pangalan nyo….

  82. Geba Jarmin Nov. 17, 2011 @ 8PM says:

    Ms Jane Melindis keep on calling me and told me to buy 1 pc globe prepaid card and 2 pcs smart buddy prepaid cards to process the check @ western union daw..

  83. Geba Jarmin Nov. 17, 2011 @ 8PM says:

    Ms Jane Melindis w/ cp # 09272552770, Sec dw xa ng Millionaires Club Inc.

  84. FE R says:

    oct. 11, 2011 – fr. 09161601020 Sec. Edgar Ledesma
    (Notice) ur sim # had won 780,000.00 in our 3rd anniversary pre raffle draw last oct. 29, 2011 from Millionaires Club Inc. for more info txt the details Name/add/age/work. i”m sec. Edgar Ledesma (DTI/NCR) PR# 0883/S11

    sinubukan ko and i replied. no reply until this day oct. 16, 2011 Sec. Edgar Ledesma called on my CP. he explained the process & i preferred money transfer thru western union and he name Atty. Romulo Macalintal as in charge of said transfer & gave the his cp #09274298521. Atty Romulo Macalintal called me that before i could get the money from western union i need to pay 3,900.00 to the office for computer on line transfer? Ha akala ko ba nanalo ako bakit kelangan ko pang magbayad ng transfer fee sa pag online money transfer sa computer? may bayad pala iyon? sorry tama na ang kalokohan na ito. Sana magliwanag ang inyong mga kaisipan at huwag manloko ng tao.

  85. Lexie says:


  86. Betchay says:

    ito pala gamit na number 09352129917.


  87. Betchay says:

    kakatanggap ko lang, ganyan din text. hay. replyan ko nga ng mura. kawawa naman. baka nag aantay ng sagot ang gago.

  88. Heaven says:

    I received a text message this morning. from Millionaires Club Inc., senders number is 09352129917 and name is Sec. MIKE G. LOPEZ. Careful na lng tayo guys, wag agad maniwala.

  89. albert says:

    i told to the scammer that he also won a free ticket to hell, with free boiling oil bath and a free accomodation to hell courtesy of Satan. Bwa hahahaha!

  90. albert says:

    the number is 09268438093 Vic De Lima, Vic Ignacio, go to hell you F’kin scammer!

  91. albert says:

    i recieve the same bloody bullshit message with a certain atty. Vic de Lima that i won that raffle, the hell with those scammers!

  92. Almus Gloria says:

    It’s just so cold here all alone….’wag lng pabinwit sa mga yan!! tama ba?bwisit!

  93. Almus Gloria says:

    I received the same message stating: Ur ‘Sim# Won Php 780,000m in Our 3rd Anniv.pre-raffle draw last Oct/25/11 frm MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. 4 more info txt ur name/add/age/ I’m so, and so……what do yoy think this is a scam? well i have to look for this guys because i won 780,000php from their draw! right? and one more thing that is bothering me is how in the world did they reach me in New Zealand while even my roaming num. can’t even reach(doesn’t work)back home there in the Phil????

  94. cutieh says:

    watch out also 4 diz # guix.
    sabi nlah mga sec.daw clah ng millionerz club..LEo cruz dw..ehh..mga loko2,,

  95. mike says:

    ang tanong ko totoo ba ‘to..

  96. mike says:

    nakatanggap din ako ng text mula sa Millionaires’ Club Inc. Ang pangalan ay Sec. LEO A. CRUZ. Phone number ay 09166882623..


  97. katatanggap ko lang today ng same text, pero ibang number na ang gamit. they always change their number pero isa lang ang sinasabi, ilang beses na ako nakakatanggap ng ganitong text messages. kung ipopost ko dito mga number nila aabutin ako ng kinabukasan. but for those who are not aware, please think of this “if you really won a prize, you should have joined raffle draws for you to win.” simple lang naman eh, paano ka mananalo ng isang raffle draw kung di ka naman sumali. there is no such thing as computer generated number, maybe the reason why they got your number is you posted it in the internet like when you are selling something or buying. like me, ever since i posted my number in nakakareceive na ako ng mga ganitong texts.

  98. blosby says:

    Notice:ur sim# had won php 780,00 in our 2nd anv. Prerafle draw last 10/72/11 from millionaresclub. 4 more info txt ur Name/add/age/work Im sec. JOEL GOMEZ.

    wtf para san nmn toh..? wala nmn sila ma kukuha sakin hahaha

  99. julz says:

    just got a message now from sec. mike g. lopez with cp number 09352129917 that i have won 420,000.00 from millionaire’s club inc…dapat ireport na ito sa tamang ahensya para matigil na ang scam na ito

  100. lorena daquioag says:

    nge…………….naktnggap me ng mesage n k2lad nyo pero mas mtalino ako dun sa 2mwag dahil niloko me din cya kc nghihingi cya ng load sbi me 15mins bgo me cya loadan pero d nya alam marmi me load dahil retailar me………cya daw c sec rey g. dizon no nya 09267260628.ingatz din kau ha……..

  101. Racquel says:

    just receive this message a while ago (actual message below)
    ur’sim # won Php780,000.00 in our 3rd anniv,pre-raffle draw last 10/25/11 frm Millionaries Club Inc. I’m sec. davil m. reyes.

    Sana nman magawan ninyo ng paraan ang ganitong text message scam…

  102. susan says:

    ito pa from sec reyj,avila09064455763 I won 580,000 daw from millionaires club, inc 2nd raffle draw.

  103. lhou says:

    ako din may natanggap na txt – 09162148279, sec. jhon a.lim

  104. lolomo says:

    Sec. ariel lastomoso me draw pa nga raw nung 10/10/11

  105. bam says:

    mga sira ulo ba yan? tnawagan ko nga, atty daw xa.. di nman mrunong magsalita..

  106. marry lou says:

    i recieved a message from mike g lopez, 091051636221

  107. Noel M. Damandaman says:

    ako din nakatangap den ako ng text mula sa millionairs club na nyan….manghingi sila ng lod tapos pabayarin ka nila sa western union para pambayad daw sa pera na napanalo sa lucky winner kaya kabayan wacth out of this….manloloko….

  108. alfred says:

    i already recieved the same msg. coming from this no. “+639065023335″. name : Sec. Leo A. Cruz. watch out.
    this fucking people are all bitches. be careful.

  109. Lee dy says:

    Kala ko na totoo… Tapos nagmamakaawa pa na tumawag ako sa knya… Dapat sya ang tumawag kung nanalo man ako… Bobo lng! =))

  110. Reynaldo Lim Bugia says:

    Your Sim Card # had won 780,000 pesos in the Millionaires Club Draw on 10/02/2011. Please txt your name/add/age/occupation. I am secretary Leo A. Cruz
    Mobile No. +6392768771003

  111. AnonymousAl says:

    How do these people know our number?

  112. DIANE says:

    ang hayop nung lary chaves na un nanalo daw aq tnawagan pa nga aq papatayin q cya cnav pa nya na ang sponsor daw nla ay c manny pacquiao… gensan daw na promo……………..

  113. TDMAGTANONG says:

    Corrected version, remove the March word before 10/07/2011:

    This what I received this Oct 8, 2011 at 10: 30 am (3 text messages from certain Sec. Vic G. Ignacio:

    (NOTICE) ur simcrd # Won P560,000,n our 2nd Anv, PreRafle Drw last: 10/07/2011 frm:Millionaires Club,Inc.4 more info &details call me nw!Im SEC. Vic G. Ignacio.

    His cellphone no. is +639272055527

  114. TDMAGTANONG says:

    This what I received this Oct 8, 2011 at 10: 30 am (3 text messages from certain Sec. Vic G. Ignacio:

    (NOTICE) ur simcrd # Won P560,000,n our 2nd Anv, PreRafle Drw last: March,10/07/2011 frm:Millionaires Club,Inc.4 more info &details call me nw!Im SEC. Vic G. Ignacio.

    His cellphone no. is +639272055527

  115. gracy says:

    i received same text like this…

  116. Ramon Rada says:

    ito pa isang number, siya daw si sec. rey molena 09174852839. Badtrip na yan kasi kinukulit namin, akala kasi nya maloloko kami.

  117. jeana says:

    i also received a text message from sec. Mike G. Lopez of Millionaires Club Inc. informing me that i won 590,000 of their preraffle draw last 10/10/11 , his cel# is 09264034123, kaya beware mga kababayan

  118. Marj says:

    me din nakareceived ng text from Sec Mike G. Lopez : 09051986789

  119. Deuel Allen says:

    I too received on Sept. 28, 2011 this message from cellphone no. +639272552780

    (Notice) your sim#had won P750,000. In our 3rd Aniv. Preraffle drw last,Sept-26/11.frm Millionaires Club inc. 4more info me nw! I’m sec:ALVIN C. YASAY.

  120. Helene Legrama says:

    just received a text message a while ago…NOTICE: Ur Sim # Had won![PHP580,000-2nd prize winner Frm:Millionaires clube inc.of the phil’s. To claim it! Call me now. Im atty:Marcelo M. Peneda Dti#7180 serOf11. Sender: +639094117630. Call? No way!

  121. Ging says:

    same here,i recieved a text message from Alvin Yasay,,,nanalo daw ako,bago makuha ang pera mgbayad daw muna ako s Western Union ng 2,500 eh wla nman ganun processing daw nung nagtanong ako s kanila..Beware of this person…

  122. skyblue says:

    just got a txt frm a certain sec. alvin yasay @ 09272048712…wtf

  123. May Dream says:

    Just today I received text from +639274401971. It was sent to me 7 times. Letting me know that I won from Millionaires Club of Php780,000. In there 3rd anniversary, pre-raffle draw last Sept. 15,2011.

    Be careful.

  124. marylou says:

    i also recieved a scam txt and the person i need to call vic l delima its an atty

  125. luis says:

    kakatanggap ko pa lang ng message P590M daw panalo ko.+639264034123 CP nos. nya.Sec. Mike G. Lopez daw sya…..parang totoo hehehe…..

  126. Edo says:

    I’ve received a similar message on 9/12/2011 from +639053233480 that states:


    Shame on you guys! More your ass and work hard to earn a DECENT LIVING instead of THEFT.

  127. PAT says:

    nakatanggap rin ako ng msg na ganyan kay SEC. JERRY M. CHUA 09053233480

  128. my ngtext din sa akin ito message nya:Notice:Ur SimCrd#Won! Php460,000 n our’3rd’anniv, Pre-raffle Drw Last 09/ 03/20/11frm MILLI0NAIRES CLUB INC.4mor’dtails! TXT’ur Name/Add/Age. Im!SEC.ARLENE V.AVILA
    Time: 09/09/2011 07:22:27.
    Mobile No.09174825939

  129. joyce says:

    be careful sa number na to.091792982521 sce, david diaz

  130. secret lang daw..hindi ipagkakalat na nanalo ako

  131. natanggap rin ako ng message
    sec.mark g. veloso 09166915139

  132. sobee ladaga says:

    ito no niya 09272639033

  133. sobee ladaga says:

    naku c mr. joel tan daw siya loko hirap na nga ang tao pinagpipilitan pang manghingi ng load…kawawa naman ang ibang naloko…
    kayo sana makonsensya kayo…sana kayo rin darating ang araw maloko rin kayo ng triple…

  134. jalika says:

    same here,nkatanggap din me na i won 780,000 nagpakilala sxa na si Sec.Alvin G. Yasay cel#09155158494.

  135. fema says:

    august 28,2011 @11pm,,,,sec.ALVIN M.YASAY ,,,09156736523.

  136. NOEL VELASCO says:

    nanalo daw po ako ng 750,000 last aug 5 2011 in your 3rd aniv raffle draw sa MCI. sya daw po si sec.ALVIN M YASAY… ITO PO ANG CEL NUMBER 09056827186

  137. tinay says:

    i also recieved a txt msg that my simcard also won php 780,000.00 2nd prize winner draw and he is mr. esmael r. reyes incharge office of millionaire’s club of the phil. handog pangkabuhayan, sponsored by san miguel corporation…beware of this no.09481300051….

  138. rhodimar says:

    ingatan dn ang number n 2..09179472590,,gumgmit ng alyas na sec.joel diaz,,,pero and true name nya ay joel tan ng cebu city..

  139. I rcvd similar text message from 09154587431 on 08.15.11 10:39am, to wit:

    “Ma’m/Sir congrats ur simcard # had won Php850,000 2nd/winner of Millionaires club inc, of the phil. last Aug, 08, sponsored by Manny Pacquiao, 2 claim ur prize, pls call me now? i’m atty,Larry j. chavez per DTI ncr permit #3237 series of 2011.

  140. yankumi says:

    dami tlga manloloko sa mundo…

    • Katrina says:

      Nakatanggap ako ng text galing sa +63 9065023335 at sinasabing nanalo ako ng 780,000.00 siya daw si sec. Jay a. Tan, ingat po kayo

  141. alex says:

    nakatanggap din ako ng text mula sa Millionaires’ Club Inc. Ang pangalan ay Sec. Vic G. Ignacio. Phone number ay 0926-6450100. ingat mga kabayan.

  142. romeo says:

    meron din ako natanggap na txt from Millionaires Club Inc
    Ang in charge daw ay Roberto A. Sanchez
    cel no 09166893063

  143. jayr says:

    just got the msg… from sec mike g. lopez ..09051986789

    • lela says:

      I got the same text message a while ago.. But the same name of the person. sec. Mike g. Lopez. But a different number. 09264034123
      You guys better watch out for this number too.

  144. leoj says:

    same here i rcvd. ingatan din tong number na to. 0639154817431 at si atty. larry j. chavez daw sya. forward ko na lang sa kanya ang msgs. para manalo din sya, hehehe

  145. Paul says:

    SEC. Alvin M. Yasay 09274401964

  146. Paul says:

    same case here, this was my first time to receive such text so i hesitate and ask my mom first. my mom told me that this is just a scam! obviously, they’re also sending fake information about themselves.

    ur sim# had won php480,000 in our 3rd aniv. MillionairesClubINC requiring me to send txts/name/add/age and call him right away, SEC. Alvin M. Yasay

    I hope BITAG will deal with this.

  147. peter says:

    just recieve this message as well (actual message below)
    “(NOTICED) UR SIMCARD # won P650,000,00 in our 2nd anv. PreRaffle Drw last 20/07/2011/ from: Millionaires Club Inc. 4 more info & details call me nw! I’m sec. Vic G. Ignacio

    I informed the texter that he should find a way to buy another sim to use his number will be blocked the following day hehehehe its sad mura na lang sim today anyway its their 10Php lost naman hehehe
    the number is 09268391877

  148. peter says:

    just recieve this message as well (actual message below)
    “(NOTICED) UR SIMCARD # won P650,000,00 in our 2nd anv. PreRaffle Drw last 20/07/2011/ from: Millionaires Club Inc. 4 more info & details call me nw! I’m sec. Vic G. Ignacio

    I informed the texter that he should find a way to buy another sim to use his number will be blocked the following day hehehehe its sad mura na lang sim today anyway its their 10Php lost naman hehehe.

  149. Glenn says:

    my husband had received a message from sec. joel lim daw…From cebu daw…where in our cp number had won 750,000,,,My god to the hell kau mang luluko,,,magtrabaho na lang kayo pa ra magka pera ng hindi kau nangloloko ng tao,,,KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Ricky says:

    Just received text today, from +639166882263 (three times in rapid succession) that: “Notice: yr SIMcard#had wonP760,000 .as a 5th.Anniv.Fre Raffle drw Las 07/14/11. frm: Millionaires Club In.4 mOrINFO.txt ur Name/Age/Add@work.Im.sec.REY G. DIZON.”

  151. shihomt says:

    I found out that this Rudy T Valdez have been sending this scam text for about 4 years.

    so they celebrate their 2nd anniversary raffle for that long. and not just from millionaires club and san miguel corp. he also is a secretary from summit media.

  152. shihomt says:

    pano ba nalalaman ng mga adik na ito ang number ko? pangalawang beses na to. at yung huli eh 15 minutes ago ko lang narecieved. galing kay:

    RUDY T VALDEZ, 09269013628

    nanalo daw ako ng 730,000.00. at secretary daw sya ng san miguel corp.

  153. marie says:

    i got the same message from sec. David G. Reyes with cp # 09166407207 that i won 780,000… he texted me their address then i browse the internet and look what i found… thanks to whoever did this daily scam alert.

    magpray ako bukas kay apo santo milagroso na parusahan nya yang nambibiktima na yan – sana sumabog sa mukha nya ang cellphone nya na ginagamit sa scam na ito, amen.

  154. RAMIL says:

    just received a text message today from cp#+639282367016

    Ma’am/Sir congrats ur simcard # had won (PHP950,000.00) 2nd/winner of millionaires club ins of the phil,last july.6/11,sponsored by’(Pres.BENIGNO NOYNOY AQUINO)’ me now im Atty. Alexander C. Yap, /DTI permit #3556 series of 2010.

    hwag paloko.

    • richel says:

      i got the same message today i won 750,000 frm.millionares club..requiring m 2 send my nem/adres/age and call him right away,sec alvinc. yasay…

  155. Paul Christian S. Cristobal says:

    0266450105 sent me a message that says ur sim # won php680,000 in our 3rd aniversary from sec. Rey A. Cojuangco. Damn!!!! I’m a victim of this scam group..

  156. june says:

    Received one today from +639061337454 :

    “Notice:Frm-Millionaires club of the Phils. Your sim#had won! (Php780,000.00)2nd prize winner draw last july 1. To claim Your prize Plz Call me now. Im sec: Armando C. Tan Per dti#7180s-11″

    It’s funny how informal the message is… and why should I be the one to call them? lol.

  157. renz (pangasinan) says:

    hahaha!!!!!! lahat na yata ng cell number ng globe panalo na sa kanilang promo!! cguro pudpud na ung tumbs nila kakatext.. hahaha!! kawawa naman yang mga scammer na yan wala clang mabiktima……. pano kc bulok na ung mga style nila..

  158. Kai says:

    Got this today from +639154817431 just now. They said my simcard won Php850,000, and I am the 2nd winner Of the Millionaires club Inc. of the Philippines last June 20, sponsored by Manny Pacquiao. And he said he is Larry Chavez. Per DTI NCR Permit #3237 series of 2011 DAW. To claim my prize, I have to call them daw. UGH

  159. jan says:

    the same message…
    (NOTICE) Ur simcrd # Won php 590,000.00 In our 2nd anv.PreRaffle Drw last:06/19/11 from: Millionaires Club Inc, 4 more info & details call me nw! I’m Sec.Mike G. Lopez
    NO. 09068730588

    mga MANLOLOKO.., sana KUNIN nakayo ni lord…
    ginagamit nyo pa ang mga pangalan ng ibang tao….
    sana my MAGSUMBONG sa IMBESYTIGADOR or XXX!!! mn lang.
    upang wala ng MABIKTIMA katulad… KO.!!
    @ IPA BLOCK YONG mga NO. na nka POST dito..

  160. Fackscam says:

    i receive message from this # 09062194978 (NOTICE) Ur Simcard# 2nd lucky winner of P650.000 w/B.S.P donation by Cong’s: Manny Pacquiao. Pls Call me Now. I’m Atty. RENIEL C. GALIOS DTI1530S’11. Tank you!

    this is a F*king scam.. wtf kill all scamers!

  161. charmelle says:

    today I received 4 txt msgs stating that I won P650K on 2nd anniv pre-raffle draw from millionaires club inc., from Sec Vic C. Ignacio. 09268391877

    I knew its a SCAM, be careful everyone. Simply ignore the txt msgs, delete and never waste your time in entertaining this kind of fiddle thing.

  162. grace says:

    nakakasuka ka MR.Rudy T. Valdez humanap ka nga ng matinong trabaho…!!he sent me today these mgs.that I won php 680,000,000 from a preraffle draw in San Miguel corp.!!eto po no. nya.09268891884

  163. grace says:

    I also received a txt today…He said I won in a preraffle draw last 06/14/11..from SAN MIGUEL CORP.php 680,000,00 2nd prize.!!damn u scammers!!wala ba kayong makitang matinong trabaho???MR.Rudy T. Valdez nakakasuka kah!!!eto po no.nya..sana makakuha tayo ng imbestigaor..!!!09268891884

  164. mary says:

    received this text scam this day..they were so convincing..they ask infos about us, syempre at first we believe them but then umabot sa puntong hiningan nila kami ng service charge daw (WTF)…but yet God is good, i came to my computer and search the certain MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. darn people!we were too close. . .thank God!

    sana nga mahuli na yang mga yan, mga walang puso!

  165. yhel says:

    Ma’am/Sir congrats ur. simcard# had won PHP 780,000,00 2nd/Winner’ of Millionaires club inc of the phil, last June.12.sponsored by Manny Pacquiao’ plz call me now/ im Atty/Ramon F Yap /STI permit #3556 Series of 2011, CELL.# 09051541824

  166. efren matienzo, jr. says:

    a certain atty. ricardo de ocampo of 09103268363 had texted me this way:

    Congrats! ur sim # had won 2nd prize winner worth of Php. 580, 000.00} thru electronic raffle draw last .JUNE.?04?2011. frm: VICE PRES. BINAY Foundation “handog pangkabuhayan”. To claim ur prize. me now.i’m atty. RICARDO DE OCAMPO frm: INFO DPT. per-DTI#0243 series of 2011

  167. Kaye Rojas says:

    i received this kind of message yesterday that says i won 850,000 and i was fooled by them. i gave them 2,125 and they didnt give me the money. it says that it was from vp binay. but the silly thing i am curious with i can still talk to them until now. but anyway, just wanted to let you all now i was one of the victims. i knew i was one when my dad knew about it and asked a governor who is so close with my father who is good friends with vp binay and he asked him about being affiliated with atty. louie a. aquino and he said no. :-(

  168. Jerry says:

    I also received from Atty. Louie A. Aquino of D/Millionaires Club of the Philippines and office of VP Binay that i won 850,000.00 as pabahay program of VP Binay….. ito po yung number nya 09067546784. d moko mauutakan oe….. Makarma ka! maputol ang mga daliri mo……

  169. Andrew says:

    I Recieve a Text Message Today From 639167924096 Saying Your sim # had won Php 780,000. In our10th anv’ Pre-raffle draw. Last May.10/11 FROM MILLIONARES CLUB INC FOR MORE INFO PLEASE TXT YOUR DETAILS. Your Complete Name/Address/B-day/Work. Im Sec. REY L. SUAREZ

  170. andy says:

    09166405890 this number text me that i won P750,00.00 via electronic raffle from IFES-INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION.
    person to contact sec rey s. Abad… obviously a scam most of the people used land line number to called the subject for the safety purposes.

  171. amerigovispuci says:

    Number: +639279594023
    Notice: Ur sim# had won Php780,000. In our 3rd Anv. Pre’raffle draw. Last April/28/2011. Frm: MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. For mor info’ Pls txt ur dtails. Your complete Name/Add/B-date/Work. Tnx I’m Sec. EDGAR M. LEDESMA. DTI#1309.
    Time: 12/05/2011 20:24:51

    hay nako nawa pagpalain pa kayo ni LORD para di na kayo manloko

  172. amerigovispuci says:

    Number: +639279594023
    Notice: Ur sim# had won Php780,000. In our 3rd Anv. Pre’raffle draw. Last April/28/2011. Frm: MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. For mor info’ Pls txt ur dtails. Your complete Name/Add/B-date/Work. Tnx I’m Sec. EDGAR M. LEDESMA. DTI#1309.
    Time: 12/05/2011 20:24:51

  173. By claire says:

    09268224788 that no. sent me a messg. that i won 780k txt by secretary Rey Suarez…humingi pa sya ng load worth 150pesos…certain manager of western union in makati city and she sed na pwd dw nla ipadala sa western union napanalonan ko ts magbabayad dw ako ng 3,850 pra mkuha ung controll # pra ma claim ko ung pera

  174. diayn says:

    my tmawag sken kanina at cnabi nan2lo dw aq ng 780,,,sbe q san aq na2lo e wla nmn aq cnlihan n sbe nya nbunot dw ang number q…nkipag talo p nga aq s knya at sbe nya d nmn xa manlo2ko dhil wla dw sya mpa2la dun,,so naniwala nmn aq….may2 hningian nya aq ng lod dhil ta2wgan dw nya ung ofice s cebu…aq nmn to c tanga bnigyan q ng lod pgkatapos dna xa tumawag hnihintay q ngaun…s ka2hintayn q wla aq mgwa search q ngaun ang millionare club,,,shit e2 n pla text scam lng….ngiinit tlga ulo q s knya…sna mkarma nxa s lhat ng gnwa nyang panlo2ko sten….

  175. diayn says:

    bakit kya my mga taong nanlo2ko ng kapwa…..shit……………..

  176. Ikcos says:

    Just recieved this SMS thrice. at 5/10 10.21 AM, 10.22 AM, 10.24 AM, 10.26 AM from +639062432013

    (NOTICE) Ur simcrd # Won P730,000 n our 2nd Anv.PreRaffle Drw last: 05/07/2011 From:San Miguel Corp.For more info &details call me nowI’m Sec.Rudy T. Valdez

  177. froilan says:

    at DTI#0265 series 2011 kung cnu k nmn alm q hnd u yn tunay n pangalan lea acosta sana makunsenxa k sa mga ginagawa u hayop ka pti ung pangalan ni manny pacquia gingamit nyong mga gago kau

  178. froilan says:

    my ng txt sa roaming q nanalo dw me ng 780,000,00 electronic raffle draw by manny pacquiao foundation xa dw si atty,lea b. acosta,,cp # 09056821943 at ipapadala dw nya ung premyo by western union but kylngn q dw mg byad ng pera for tax sa western siraulo tlg mga wlng mgwa at hnd mg hnap ng matinung trbho mllks p sa kalabw hay nku pinoy tlg

  179. ricson says:

    d/millionare’s club office of the phils.,nforming u dat ur cel# Won!, in PABAHAY NI “BINAY” 2011!, Worth, php 850,00.00, DTI-NCR permit#1603s11, Pls call me now!!.. I’m Atty. Louie A. Aquino.

    This message was sent to me by a scammer naming himself Atty. Louie A. Aquino his number was +639067546767!!!

    I wish this scammers will be caught someday..

  180. Jose Rafael Villas says:

    ako din kakareceive ko lang kaninang 11:29:04 am from Sec. Joel G. Lim naman daw siya at ang number niya ay 09267260628, second anniversary nga din daw nila at nag-draw sila last april 28,2011 lang daw. i’m feel so lucky. but i think they are much luckier kasi ang tanda na ng scam nilang ito pero hindi pa rin sila nahihinto. somebody contact the authorities please!

  181. gen says:

    I also received this kind of messages that my sim card won a P590,000
    what a ,,this is the number 09068730588,,It says, for more details call me Im Mike G.Lopez..

  182. julius says:

    hey now is 4-16-2011 warning to this number 09065030075

  183. zab says:

    09159875095 this number claiming to be Sec. Vic T. Cuevas texted me this afternoon informing me that i won 780k. Come on guys how many freaking sim cards are you gonna waste.

  184. Batman says:

    i got it to this time and date from 09265815526 “maam sir congrats ur Simcard # won PHP 780K 2nd winner of a fucking shit sponsored by many pacquiao from millioneirs club inc ph “at my DTI pa 3556 Series of 2011 ” mga gago ba sila sendan ko sila ng virus computer programmer ako

  185. kat says:

    i just got this message today.


    ” Mam sir congrats ur simcard # won 780k 2nd Winner of Millionaires Club inc of the phils, last draw april 5, 2011. Sponsored by manny pacquiao. pls call me now I’m atty Rey Ayalla Cuangco dti permit 3556 series of 2011.

    From this private no. +639359827565

    Ang dami naman nating winners dito.

    Beware na lang po tayo sa mga scam na ganito. If you know na wala kang sinalihang raffle it is a SCaM.

  186. mandy says:

    I also recieve this kind of txt from Atty. Larry J. Chavez…pls cooperate with me…I dont want this joke….I want to Investigate about this cases….

  187. cecille says:

    i received a text message this morning saying that i won a house and lot, this is what they texted to me:

    “D/ MILLIONAIRE’S CLUB OF THE PHILS., informing u dat ur cel # Won!, in
    PABAHAY NI “BINAY” 2011, worth P850,000.00
    DTI-NCR permit #1603s11, Please call (…..)

    the message was broken!!!

    take note they also used the V. Pres. Binay for their scam…

    i reply them what number should i call they only replied me to call them now!!
    this is the #0926843809 March 20, 2011 10:57am

  188. enrix says:

    sec.vic g ignacio…….i replied pakyow and he keeps on txting me again

  189. frank says:

    Same as what I receive now in my mobile, this is the number +639352102600 and the message is
    Hi Mam Sir congrats your simcard # had won PHP 780,000.00 2nd winner of millionaires club inc. of the Philippines, last draw feb 13, 2011 sponsored by manny pacquiao please call me now IM Atty Rey F. Valle DTI permit # 3556 Series of 2011.

    Beware in this text this is scamdal

  190. ysa says:

    got the same text from 09179426517. iba lang amount, sec. vic ledesma raw sya.
    can’t smart, globe, or NTC do anything about this? maybe there should be like a 15-second advisory or something on TV for the benefit of those people with cellphones but do not have internet.
    para naman aware sila at hindi sila nagogoyo.
    una kasi bago ma-excite… dapat isipin muna, sumali ba ako sa raffle? kasi kung hindi, eh paano naman ako mananalo di ba? yun pa lang dapat clue na agad sa nasendan ng message a.k.a. lucky SIM # holder.
    pero still… people doing these scams should be punished somehow.
    calling on cellphone networks and NTC…

  191. jhoy says:

    Like others report may txt din aq ntanggap…ng psa me s kanila ng info q,then tnwagan nla q xa raw c Sec. Rely L. Suarez ang dmi nyang cnabi..but malay u nga totoo s icip q,but ngtaka n aq kng bkit ksama s requirements n pnabi2li nya q ng 2 call card…d biro bmili ng tig 600 pesos n load…kya chineck q mna s net ang sya q n na3lo dw aq pero now nlungkot din aq n txt scam pla…sna s su2nod to2o n….at wlang mbiktima..mgreseach mna….

  192. noraida solano says:

    this day i received a message from atty/ ramon f yap he said congrat’s ur simcard# had won php 780,000.00 2nd/ winner of millionaires club inc of the phil last march 06,2011 sponsored by manny pacquiao …damn it also dat was so called a scam group.

  193. RA says:

    I received this same scam just today and I knew this was just fake so I just replied “thank you” HAHAHA

  194. anonymous says:

    ive got a text messages like the other and this is my 1st time to seen a computer na tingnan kung totoo itong taong to..he is rey gomez daw nanalo daw ako ng 760taw…manluluko pla xa…..damn this man…. his # 09058972451 ….BEWARE OF THIS MAN ……

  195. robert añana says:

    iba talaga ang may ari ng no. na to super evel 09166915680

  196. robert añana says:

    iba talaga ang may ari ng no. na to super evel

  197. roberr añana says:

    may no. bago 09166915680 he ask 150 for her globe load ……………

  198. GT says:

    Received one today, from a one comedian named Atty. Elmer Q. Chua — and I won Php 500,000. Geeeezzz ! Number used — 09056093058

  199. lianne says:

    ITO PA UNG MGA #NA GAMIT NILA 09122778330 09487042161 09126217667

  200. lianne says:

    ma`am/sir congrats ur simcard # won 750k by Cong.Manny Pacquiao to claim ur prize call me now im atty.juime a.acosta…dti permit#0886s2011….
    wii this is the msg. i have rcv.funny there using big names patric dizon welfredo villarosa rafael chavez…haler he ask me san q gusto kunin ung pera my god western b daw or lbc?what………….he ask me for load 150 so that he will call Manny pacquiao gr8 god unbelievable imagine kailangan pa me ung mag load sa kanya?para tawgan ung mga toang connected weeeehhhhhmahiya namn kau exited aqo na mkita kau on screen see u there…
    sa mga ka name b aware po…..
    aksyonan un na po agad yn matagal na kaso kc to db?

  201. lianne says:

    ma`am/sir congrats ur simcard # won 750k by cong.manny paquiao…to claim ur prize call me now im atty.juime a.acosta…dti permit#0886s2011….
    wii this is the msg. i have rcv.funny there using big names patric dizon welfredo villarosa rafael chavez…haler he ask me san q gusto kunin ung pera my god western b daw or lbc?what………….he ask me for load 150 so that he will call manny pacquiao gr8 god unbelievable imagine kailangan pa me ung mag load sa kanya?para tawgan ung mga toang connected weeeehhhhhmahiya namn kau exited aqo na mkita kau on screen see u there…
    sa mga ka name b aware po…..
    aksyonan un na po agad yn matagal na kaso kc to bd?//////

  202. emz says:

    i received txt msg from says atty. Mike M. Lopez…,
    09482540580.., this is the 2nd time i receive txt scam since 2004 pa..,

  203. kawaai says:

    09278447389 dat no. txted me now dat i won 780k from sec. ryan cruz..
    nanni kangaeteruno? ryan bakadesuka…

  204. tin says:

    09055399576 that no. sent me a message dat i won 780k an txt sec. joel g. gomez… damn it!!!! dat was so called a scam group.

  205. marts says:

    funny this thread is still active after 4 years, obviously the public is still misinformed about this “modus” i received a text today from sec. r d chavez. 750t.. I still consider myself lucky though cause i also “won” the same prize from the same scam 3 years ago. ahh just my luck.haha!

  206. niz says:

    here’s his number : 09174936276, sec. JOEL G. LIM

  207. niz says:

    i’ve also received this kind of scam last february 07, 2011. The message goes like this, [[NOTICE: Ur sim won php780,000 in our 2nd aniv. Prerafle drw. LAST/FEB/02/2011.Frm.MillionairesCLUB.INC,4more info txt ur Name/add/age/work. I’m sec.JOEL G. LIM]]

    before any move, it was already in my mind that it was a scam because of using a private num and the way the message was done.

    after few days, i txted him, asked him on how could i claim the prize i won. no reply from him. todey a itxt him again, i said: “I would like to inquire about the raffle”. tinawagan niya ako at nagconfirm kung kelan ko natanggap ang msg, at sinagot ko nman. nagexplain siya kung paano ko napanalunan ung amount na yun. then he asked me to send him my complete name,age, add,work. after sending he called me up again to confirm. then he told me that he would send me their add, the add was: millionaires club inc. (SPDO) located at rm#101’3rd flr.waterfront hotel. Salinas drive, cortez st. Lahug cebu city. perDTI permit#0787 series of 2011.
    then he asked me, to txt him back as soon as i receive the msg. then he called me up to ask which of the 2 choices i would choose on how to claim the prize, whether il pick it up in their office or bank to bank. of coourse i chose bank to bank, then he asked me if i have an account number and if it ACTIVE. i said “yes”, then he asked me to send him the acnt name, add, and number. then he called me up again to confirm. after all the conversation, here comes the hint, he told me that he would call up somebody who’s using a private number,he said that he would ask for a “konting favor” he asked for a load worth php150 . i told him that i couldn’t give him such amount because i am a working student, sa puntong yun ayoko ng makinig saknya, at ayaw ko na man din siyang murahin. ginamit niya pa ang pangalan ng Diyos sa mga pinagsasabi niya, at sinabi pang huwag namin silang husgahan dahil sila ang nakikipag-usap bilang tao at sila’y nasasaktan. napakarami pa niyang sinabi, at ang ending ang sabi ko e may kamag-anak ako sa cebu at uutusan kong pumunta sa ofice nila para i confirm. at binaba na ang phone.

    after few min, i txted him: “i am a 3rd yr college student, and mayber im old enough to be alarmed of this kind of scam. u may use tricky words to others but not to me! hindi mo ko maloloko, sa pananalita mo palang hindi naman professional ang dating. kung ako sa inyo ay maghanap-buhay kayo ng maayos! at mahiya kayo dahil ginagamit niyo pa ang pangalan ng panginoong Diyos. malampit na ang 2012, matakot kayo at magbago na kayo. have a nice day!”

  208. babes says:

    i got a notice dated feb.20,2011.. but i received feb. 25,2011 thru txt

    Maam/sir, Ur sim card no.had won Php.780,000.
    Handog pangkabuhayan ng Millionaires club inc.of the phils..
    sponsored by Manny Pacquiao..To claim ur price, call me now…
    Im Atty.Jayson b.Revera per DTI-NCR permit no. 3120
    series of 2011..
    Nang tawagan ko c Mr.jayson revera, humihingi p sya ng pang lod 100 s globe nya…pra mtawagan daw nya ang coa regarding s pagkapanalo ko daw.. kailangan nya twagan ang tga COA
    na tga relesing officer daw c Mr. kristoper B. Chavez..hotline no.
    09067236294…cla daw ang dpat mag ayos dhil pera daw ang usapan…tpos ng twagan ko syempre nkinig k muna ng sa2bihin nla how to claim ur price then ang dming dpat ayusin before u got ur claim..may insurance pang cnasabi n dpat
    byaran 1 percent daw ng npanalunan mo.
    cla p ang nga2lit pag tinuturuan mo cla s comment mo..gusto nla w/in 3 days ok n ang usapan nyo..
    akala nla mloloko nla tyo…

  209. weng says:

    i got a message today that i won PHP 708k 2nd millionaires club inc of the Phil. and it was sponsored by Manny Pacquiao daw! i know it was a scam…tangina mamatay kn kung cno ka man..hehe sorry for the word.. here’s the # 09067421797 and his name is atty. bong c. lidesma daw!

  210. piepie says:

    The only reason why this guy still sends the same scam (I just received mine today, and it’s Feb 2011, note: first post of this thread was on May 2007) is that there are still people naive enough to fall for it. The price is getting higher, he tells me I won 950,000.00. This post has been going on for 5 years and I’m guessing it’s still the same scammer. His number is 0905 728 2835 and the message tells me to call a certain Atty. Felipe R. Guzon.

    And it’s not just the millionaire’s club. It’s also “your relative from abroad”. I keep getting messages that ask for load.

    DO NOT ENTERTAIN these messages anymore. If nobody entertains them, eventually they will cease their operations. But if he has been going on for 5 years (maybe even more) then it is now the general people’s fault for encouraging him to do so.

    Always remember, if you win ANYTHING, the official news would usually come in snail mail.

  211. toxic says:

    i also received that kind of txt 21 feb 11, he txt like this NOTICE:uR sim had won php 950.000 in our 3rd anniv prerafle drw. last/feb/15/11.frm millionaire club. inc, 4 more info tst ur name/add/age/work.IM SEC JAIME M SALVADOR..mangloloko ang mga ganito po..

  212. CLove says:

    Just received a similar text about winning 780k and immediately surfed the net to check if it’s a scam. It seems that this has been ongoing for the past 4 years. Has this site done anything about it, like to report to authorities, or as the others recommended, refer to Imbestigador or perhaps other shows that mill look into this? People like us who have access to the internet are lucky because it is easier to validate scams like this one. But not so to many of our fellow kababayans who can easily fall victim to these kinds of trickery. I do hope that Millionaire’s Club is doing something about this. After all, it is their name that is being used. For those reading the posts who have means to help fellow Filipinos avoid being deceived by these awful people, please, please do something about it!

  213. yhodizon says:

    I just received one also from a certain Atty. Jayson B. Rivera that my number won a P750,000 from Millionaires Club of the Phils., Inc. sponsored by Manny Pacman paquiao. Per DTI permit #3120 series of 2011. the number is 09352102472

    If they are really millionailes, y not even a cheap website thy dont have…

    I just replied: “Utot mo kulay blue!”


  214. scam magnet says:

    I received 1 msg. like this one. from Atty. Ramon F. Yap.
    cell number 09057602211. I hope they die right away.

  215. rod says:

    same message.. number ay +639154488494.. name sec rey L. suarez daw.. lagot na tong mga to..

  216. By Cely says:

    same txt message ang nareceive ko … nanalo daw ako: the message was “Ur sim# had won Php.780,000 during our 2nd Anniversary .. to claim pls call me now, I’m Atty. Ruel Cayatano DTI#3556 s-2011.

    Wow ang yaman ko na sana kung totoo … inuuto niyo nman kmi mga walanghiya

  217. justin taning buhay says:

    may nrcv din aq . wahaha,.. nag reply aq sknila. ginaya q cla. wahahaha.. wag keo agad maniniwala sa mga ganyan. cguro nmn wala silang maloloko. because of this site. tnx ng marami sa gumwa ng site na to. haha

  218. methel joy dequit says:

    from 09179426517 mag ingat sa taong gunagamit nito scammer yan….

  219. lita says:

    i just received this kind of message from +639098156426 from Sec. Joel B. Zamura daw of Millionaire;s Club Inc. of the Phil. its a good thing we are that easy to believe it, what if they prey poor and innocent people? Can somebody put this kind of person into jail? and let them be shown in the television nationwide i love to see them in prison!

  220. ANDREW ADECIR says:


  221. mike says:

    yup got the same message from rudy t valdez with cell number 09065024560 this time hes saying hes from san miguel corp. wanted to call san miguel but the internet was fast in searching his name

  222. 312. By Goding on Jan. 18, 2010 says:

    Isa na kami sa mga naluko, ito ang sabi,[NOTICE] DEC./28/2010 Maam/ Sir, ur sim card # won Php. 550,000 Handog nang Pangkabuhayan ng MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. sponsored by, MANNY “PACMAN” PACQUIAO. To claim ur prtce, call me now! Im Atty. JAYSON B. REVERA. per DTI – NCR permit # 3120 seres of 2010. Sana mabigyan na ito nang sulusyon upang hindi na ito mangyari sa iba.

  223. roberto says:

    i received a txt yesterday in4ming me that my cel # won in Pabahay ni Binay 2011 worth Php850,000.00, DTI-NCR Permit1603s10…from Atty. Louie A. Aquino…

  224. joyce says:

    same txt message ang nareceive ko last yir as in nung dec.29,2010 lng n nanalo daw no. ko sa raffle nila nung dec.28 n 2nd prize worth 950,000 n may dti prtmit#06015 pa at call daw c atty. renato velez!

    kaloka talaga! mga wala magawa dpat mahuli n talaga yang mga yan. di marunong gumamit ng cp.

  225. kamote says:

    new number. texted this am. jan 11 2010 from +639352377003. said i won 950,000. as second prize. second prize for effin what? fuckers. atty renato velez naman ang gamit na name. posted this number for new ones who might encounter this scam.

  226. apol says:

    number who text me that i won 780,000 was09065030075 named Sec. Gomez

  227. lyn m says:

    I received several messages in a diffirent date and numbers that i won a huge amount of money fr.
    * CFPhils Special Dev’t Office date May 27, 2010 amount of 40,000.00 US$ NCR-DTI PERMIT #1054 series of 2010 certain Joan Palmares #09155174720
    *Yuchengco Found. date Sept 17, 2010 amount 40,000.00 US$ certain Joan Castillio #09277425858
    *Millionair Club Inc. date Jauary 7, 2011 with there 2nd univirsary Sponsor by Manny Paquiao amount 780,000.oo pesos contact name Atty. Ramon F Yap #09261168962
    pls. watch out of this following above

  228. arman says:

    I recievd this on my globe tattoo. to confirm i just type sa google to research, TAMA HULA KO..

    Number: +639272639932
    NOTICE:Ur sim# had won php780,000 in our 4TH aniv. Prerafle drw.LAST/JAN/03/11.From.MillionairesCLUB.INC,4more info me.I’M sec.JOEL G. LIM.
    Time: 07/01/2011 14:26:25


  229. kiko says:

    the number who texted me was 09066217945 named sec. vic cuebas

  230. tiger70 says:

    dapat silang e firing squad o kaya ipakain sa piranha para maramdaman nila kung gaano kasakit ang lokohin o paglaroan ang kapwa pilipino.

  231. tiger70 says:

    i won P780,000.00 daw to prerafle 2nd anv.draw last jan 02 2011 from millionaires Club inc.number who txt me was 09174936276 named Sec. Joel g. Lim

  232. bernadeth says:

    hangang kailan po ba ang draw? kasi meron akong na tanggap na mensahe na nanalo raw ako sa raflle na ito> kailngan pa ng ng pera para ma ipadala ninyo ito sa akin?

  233. ngongi says:

    nakatanggap ako ng mensaheng ganito!!!gling naman kay VIC IGNACIO , aba ang hayop may sideline pa kukulamin daw kame!! am pota kamaganak pla ni harry potter !!!


  234. EloisaLama says:

    EERRR. what a text scam xD LOL =)) I got 3 messages from +639167924108.

    The ugly text :
    Notice from: Millionaires club Inc. Ur sim # had won Php 780,000 throu. Via’ electronic raffle draw. For more infos & details, Pls. call me nw. I’m Sec. VIC T. CUEVAS. This subject is under to Globe’s fair use policy. Promo until 01-25-11. DTI5026S10.

    HAHAHAHAH xD effin funneeeeh :D
    Those people who sends such message sucks xD LOSEEEER MUCH =D

  235. Irritated says:

    Just received a text at 7:30AM this morning …NOTICE, my sim card won this Manny Pacman contest for 780,000.00. Same crap about the Millionaires club. I’m Atty JAYSON B.REVERA. per DTI-NCR permit #3120 series of 2010. My NOTICE was dated DEC/20/12.
    Last I checked, it is still the year 2010!! It is Dec.31, 2010…but still it is nowhere near 2012 yet. What idiot texts someone that early in the morning claiming to be an Atty? Everyone here knows how slack a lot of business offices are. They don’t open till around 9-10AM, and sit around for 2 hours, then LUNCH BREAK from 12 noon until 1-2PM. Then the office closes after a few more hours of sitting around.
    So, I knew from the time of the text it was BS! People DO NOT WIN CONTESTS THEY DON’T ENTER!! I sent them back a very, very nasty response. Too nasty to say here, children may be reading these comments.
    Thanks for this blog where we can post about it! =) The cellphone number it came from is +639352101965

  236. bbyjane says:

    i receive the same texts messages this time..he said he was Atty. Ryan A. Mendoza..his cel # 09264767953…careful poh kau dyan sa mga mudos na yan…….

  237. rolan says:

    i also receive that kind of txt messages from this number +639173797923 on this day 12/18/10 and it says “NOTICE:Ur sim# had won php 780,000 in our 3rd aniv. Prerafle drw. Frm-Millionaires CLUB INC.12/12/10. 4more info txt the dtails . Name/add/age/work.SEC JOEL G. GOMEZ”. i know this is a scam so ill try to find in the web a related case like mine and im shock that there r many like me who received this kind of txt.

  238. joyce says:

    I just received the same…from # 639165122301 atty. jerry l. carillo. dti-ncr#6874, 2010 winning 650 000 2nd prize frm Millionaires club….

    mga gago anung akala mo… i was born yesterday….wala sila magawa ay naku….

  239. rey says:

    Number: +639066217945
    (N0TICE) Ur simcrd # Won P560,000.00 In our 2nd anv.PreRaffle Drw last:12/15/2010/ from:Millionaires Club Inc.4 more info &dtails call me nw!I’m, Sec. Vic. G. Ignacio.
    Time: 16/12/2010 14:40:49

  240. Keng says:

    hahaha…same din …I won 850k daw!named Sec. Rey Lim,he wanted me to text him my full name,address,age and address…ipapadala nya daw sa Western Union ang check!totoo daw ito kasi accredited daw sila ng PCSO.pwede daw i-redeem sa Pasay ang check.d ko na lang pinatulan!!!

  241. Joyce says:

    The sender name is Atty Nill chua and funny it says it was sponsored by this Millionaires Club of the phils and bangko sentral ng Pilipinas… kelan kaya to masasakote.yayz

  242. Joyce says:

    I received the same text today with globe number 09057003442. They told me i have won 580,000 and Atty Nill Chua…I found it funny kasi di marunong mag spell ang scammer…lol

  243. lorna says:

    The txt message goes this way: Congrta’s Ur sim no. Had won(780,000,000)(/plus/1/Laptop thru electronic raffle draw frm: Presidnt NOYNOY C. AQUINO: charity foundation/”Handog Maagang Pamasko”! to Claim ur prize.!Im LARY S. PAdalleRO frm. BSP info. Dpt Per-DTI#3920 series of 2010. Sender: +639306587467. Sent just an hour ago. I had received several messages already in the past but I just didn’t mind them. Same with this one…I knew pretty well that this is just a scam so, why bother…


  244. by cris says:

    i received the same message today,,cell no. 09484446141 ,,name nya po atty vince a madrigal

  245. bhings of visayas says:

    hehehe……….mga scammers parang tanga…..parehas lang din ang ginamit na pangalan Mr. Leo A. Cruz….sana sa Cross ka nalang mapunta sa kalokuhan mong ginagawa… maalala mo din yang mga ginagawa mo kung nasa stage of life and death kana….nag.akasaya pa kayo ng oras kung sa magandang gawain pa sana nakakabuti pa…

  246. kyle says:

    same txt message received from 09262030325 under the name of Atty. Lary S. Padallero and it was sponsored by MANNY PACQUIAO this time…..BEWARE!!!!!

  247. hazel says:

    i also received same messages,,it was so obvious na scam tlaga!! at take note bisaya pa sila at boses manloloko tlaga mga hinayupak kau..ang laki pa naman ng perang premyo nyo,,mga manlolokong walng nagawa sa buhay,,san my mkatapat kau na magsumbong sa IMBESTIGADOR!!!!!! 2WA KUNA LNG KAPAG NAHULI KAYO,,kaya mga guy’z wag kau padala sa mga salita nila,hwag kau paloloko…

  248. Cutie says:

    I also received a txt saying I won and the sender is someone like attorney Vergello T. Tiangco, this guy doesn’t even know how to use punctuation mark and the spelling of millionaire is wrong, how am I supposed to believe this? by the way the number is 09264625602

    P.S. So guys before you believe pls. try to search if its true or not,

  249. Cutie says:

    I also received a txt saying I won and the sender is someone like attorney Vergello T. Tiangco, this guy doesn’t even know how to use punctuation mark and the spelling of millionaire is wrong, how am I supposed to believe this? by the way the number is 09264625602

  250. Mysimplegirl says:

    I received a text message from 09062197450 from “Millionaires Club Inc” daw.. The text message was like this:
    NOTICE:Ur sim# had won Php 780,000 in our 3rd anniv.Preraffle draw last December/03/2010.Frm MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC.4more info txt the details,ur NAME/ADD/AGE/WORK/Im Sec.LEO A. CRUZ.

  251. christine says:

    naka tanggap din ang ante ko ng ganito na nanalo daw ung sim nya ng 780,000 pesos dahil daw 3rd year anniversary ng millionaires club inc. at ito ang number na naGTXT 09164488904. tumawag ito sa kanya at nag explain kung bakit sya nanalo at ng mapag usapan na kung saan ito ipadala trough money gram ay nanghingi ito ng 2% na charges. hnd iyon gnawa ng ante ko dahl alam namin na niloloko lng kame ng tao na iyon.
    wag nyo ng paniwalaan ang mga ganitong pangloloko dahil pini perahan lng kayo. tnx

  252. by angel on dec 6, 2010 says:

    i received a similar message 2. Saying that my cp # had won P900.000. From millionair’s club inco. Vice pres binay and was sponsored by san miguel corporation. The sender was atty gabril m. Singson

  253. bon says:

    my mother won 780,000 from sec. Vic T. Cuevas

  254. bon says:

    my mother receivea text that state your simcard# had won 780, from the millionaires club inc. per.ncr permit #1778 series of 2010

  255. HHH says:


  256. HHH says:


  257. HHH says:


  258. susette uort says:

    i also recieve this txt message nd i follow the details kaning homok tah og ilong ng pah dala sa mga gahi og kasing2x nah,, ilad jud pero plz,, sana malalaman nah e2 sa pangulo para sa ng loloko i love sa much,, sana mah concenysa nah kayo,,,

  259. kolin says:

    Wat the heck! #09057647972 freeking REY D. CHAVEZ jst txt me today and it said… that i won a freeking 1 MILLION via electronic raffle draw..really? hahahaha kumekemberlu nanaman ang mga taong ito..hay wala nba talaga kaung puso at kaluluwa? alam nio na kung san kau mapupunta pag nawala na kau sa mundong ibabaw…to bad..

  260. edwin says:

    hi received a message a dis morning nanalo dw ako ng 780k spnsrd by manny pacquaio by atty.vergello tiangco…fuck you ka ang aga aga mong mangbasag..

  261. Rose says:

    I received same message from 09158359426 he is secretary REY L. SUAREZ daw!!!Mga taong walang magawa sa buhay nila…God will make a way for you guys! Nakatingin lng ang diyos sa mga ginagawa nyo, hindi sya bulag..

  262. gillian riz sevilleno says:

    i also received some text messages like yours
    nice one

  263. akoto says:

    ako rin now lang nanalo daw ako ng P560k from Vic Ignacio, tinatawagan ko sya at sinabing ayokong i-claim ang pera kasi maliit lang, tapos sabi ko sa kanya na lang yung money…bago sya nakapagsalita sumugaw ako ng pagkalakas-lakas sa phone at sabay off…tawa ako ng tawa after…hahaha

  264. jiro says:

    same here… just today, I received a text message telling me that my simcard won 380,000… Si Jonathan B Corpos daw siya…. DTI-NCR # 3120…

  265. roxy says:

    i also received a txt msg from # 09352101965, he said, ur simcard # had won php. 780,000.00 handog pangkabuhayan ng MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. OF THE PHIL. sponsored by MANNY “PACMAN” PACQUIAO. to claim ur prize, call me now! im Atty. JAYSON B, REVERA. per DTI-NCR permit # 3120 series of 2010.

  266. Lino says:

    kakakuha ko lang ng prize ko 250k.

  267. eniad says:

    I just receive a text today that is exactly the same as others. So I searched the net about this “Millionaires Club Inc.” and found this site. the text sent to me, is as follows:

    “Notice: Ur sim# had won php780,000 in our 10th Aniv. Prerafle drw. Last Nov.22/10. Frm, Millionaires Club Inc. 4mor info’ and dtails, pls. Call me now. Tnx. I’m sec. Vic T. Cuebas.”

    Sender: +639065030088

    good luck sa mga text scammers.. God will be the Just..

  268. mynameisleigh13 says:

    Number who texted me was 639158359756 named Leo A. Cruz

  269. joy says:

    I received text from 09165567683 informing that I won 780,000.00 from sec. Joel B. Lim

  270. nash says:

    I was received the text messages last October 26, 2010, from 09158359402 informing me to get the price I won for their 3rd ann. prerafle draw worth php 780000 on 10/18/10 with name appeared SEC. LEO A. CRUZ. He gave me also the complete address, Millionairs Club Bldg. (SPDO)#35 General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City.
    Sana bawasbawasan naman ang mga tulad nyang ugaling tao sa ating bansa.

  271. Luisa says:

    grabe, ako din nakareceive ng ganyan, at pinapaloadan pa nia ung fone n gmit nia ng 150, pra daw sa processing, hay, kaloka…. buti nlng may internet na ganito…. kelangan ito mlman ng imbestigador or bitag.

  272. Trisha says:

    I just receice a message from this number 09278346935 telling me i won 700,000 and even call me, and check it out that he is one of the scammer. Block this number.

  273. kc says:

    i also received that txt today,so i hurriedly google it if its true or not! it says that ma’am/sir, ur simcard# won 780,000.00 pesos and im the second winner of millionaires club inc of the phil. last nov.20 and what made me really laugh is, it was sponsored by manny pacquiao. haha. and i should contact atty. stileto a. mendosa at meron pang DTI permit#3556 series of 2010 ha!HANEP! at hindi p nakontento, tatlong beses p nla sinend! their using this number 09057004380 so guys, beware for this bogus! and like everyone, GUSTO KO DIN SILA MAKITA SA IMBESTIGADOR AT PARA MAPANOOD AT MAPAGTAWANAN. HAHAHA :D

  274. christine says:

    i have the same experience. Though i dont reply to the message. i search first this website to be sure if the message was true. this is the message:
    Number: +639158359426
    NOTICE:Ur sim# had won Php680,000 In our 3rd’aniv. PreRafle Drw. N0v/17/10 Frm- Millionaires Club Inc.4mor info,Text The dtail’s NAME/ADD/AGE/work. I’m sec. REY L. SUAREZ.

  275. gene says:

    i just got tx msg today from Rey Chavez (notice) ur sim# won (P1Million) hmmmm the prize getting high.. lol..via electronic raffle draw from (MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC.) for more info details ! call us now.. BLOODY FUCKING PEOPLE..

    FYI: when i got reward,,,,,, globe directly contacted me.. i.e offering line phone.. not this crappy winning 1 Million bahahahaha.. ..

    so if they want to play i have extra time playing with them lol..:) im using unlimited txt anyway…

    so pls.. guys.. be aware of this f….. scammer

  276. giedah says:

    Idiots! Sec. Joel G. Gomez is nothing but a looser. Beware of this number. 09055399576. Idiots! Walang pera to sobrang nakakaawa!

  277. Christian says:

    i won 780,000,000 pesos daw kakatxt pa lang sakin from +639161974654 and he said to be atty, Lary S. Padallero. ayun namura ko.

  278. edison says:

    just received a text message from 09264622434…..congratulations! your sim card number have just won 2nd prize worth of P780,000 during the 23rd anniversary from Millioner’s Club Inc. of the Philippines sponsored by Manny Pacquiao to claim this prize please call me now I”m Atty. Melchor B. Revilla per DTI-NCR permit#3556 series of 2010

  279. marty says:

    i received the same message today….it was pretty obvious that it was a scam…so i browse in the internet of millionaires club then it was true…these people have nothing to do in their lives…puro panloloko…I know their time will come….I hope of all the millions here in the philippines sana wala silang maloko…

  280. joan says:

    i receive a notice: u won 780,000 php last 3rd preraffle draw, frm. vic cuevas. then mgpunta dw aq s any branch ng western union. tnxt q xa then he col me back. # 09278345511.

  281. sarah says:

    date 10/11/09
    time 12:22 pm

    nanalo daw ako sa millioner’s Club (“mali pa ang spell nang millionaire’s NYA”)
    2nd prize pa ako! di naman ako sumasali…..
    Sya pa ang tatawagan???!!
    at my procession pa ATTY. PA!!!! Atty.JOHNATAN B. CORPOS DTI-NCR permit #3556 series of 2010…
    kaylangan man namin nang pera para sa ika giginhawa nang buhay namin mas maganda kung pinaghihirapan to noh!!!
    REPLY ko na lang kay Atty….(“wheeee…hnd nga….Millioners….na ako….^__^ WAG po kyo papaloko)

  282. lET says:

    Only this day tumawag siya sa akin worry nasend acct no. ko paano ito mabawi

  283. lET says:

    Hay naku naloko na naman ko cp # 09158359766 Rey Pusod pls be careful

  284. Luigi of Cebu City says:

    I thought this has long been dead… I’ve just received this test message..

    Sec. Leo A. Cruz — who’s this alien?

    Here’s the #: 09158359402

    And, he sent me the msg thrice…

  285. Normie says:

    i received the same message! kainis kelan pa ma i rereport 2g mga scam texter na 2! anybody can Stop this scam!?????

  286. Flor Balot says:

    Now, he is Atty. Louie A. Aquino, his cel number is 9268438092, dala rin ang millionaire’s club, pabahay naman daw ni Binay 2010″. Kawawa naman ang taong ganyan. Thanks sa Internet and Daily Scam Alerts, nalaman ang kanilang Operation Scam. I check his name with the INTEGRATED BAR OF THE PHILIPPINES, wala ang name niya sa Roll, so I searched his company here and found your alerts. Thanks.

  287. Dennis says:

    I received a message on my roaming from a certain Atty Rey Lopez, 09161990633. The messages goes…Ma’am/Sir, ur simcard # had won Php600,000.00 2nd price winner of MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. OF THE PHIL sponsored by Manny “PACMAN” Paquiao.To claim ur prize, call me now! I’m Atty Rey M. Lopez, per DTI-NCR permit #3120 series of 2010….
    My reply to him…GO TO HELL.

  288. Rome says:

    Just received a sms likewise, mobile no of the sender is 09351256739..and look for ATTY Arnel Lim daw….

  289. JENET says:

    I received a message from +639161990633 saying:
    Oct. 23/10
    Ma’am/Sir,Ur simcard #
    had won Php. 600,000.00
    2nd price winner of MILLIONARES CLUB INC.
    To claim ur prize ,call me now! I’m Atty. Rey M. Lopez.
    per DTI-NCR permit #0829 series of 2010!

    IT’S A SCAM !!

  290. sheng says:

    shocks same tyo…jhon…atty. Franco S. Francisco dw haha….780.000.oo dw pinanalunan ko….toinks..ingat po sa mga nambibiktima,,,,,

  291. Brenda says:

    I also received the same msg…fr0m diz 09165567683 sec.joel g. Gomez..buti nlng naisipan q n isearch muna s net..impaktong mga scammers un..

  292. Max says:


    NOTICE-Ur Sim # had won!
    PHP650, 000.00-2nd prize winner Agang pamaskong handog
    to claim Your prize! Plz call me now. I’M Atty:Dave T. Corpuz
    Per dti#0020 ser0f10.

    …just received this message today, called him up and was required to buy 3 globe prepaid call card for serial input number, and 1 TM prepaid call card for registration of my name… i searched the net before complying, thank goodness!

    they should be caught.. what were they thinking?.. o.O whatever it is, i know they must have an evil plan! TSK TSK TSK..

  293. Pat says:

    They are using a new number #09359390584 and using the name Ronie A. Rama. These people are so stupid. Text pa lang halatang bobo na.

    And he is flooding my inbox. Received a fifth text so far. haha.

  294. Helen says:

    naluko din ako….hehehe with out knowing …na,,,hahay!!! paita…jud oi!!! huhu>?????….

  295. Helen says:

    Naluko din ako….huh???? napakatanga koh tlaga??? bakit ko agad naisip na hay!!! nku????? but its ok!!!!…what is 600 pesos compared sa lahat ng panlulukong ginawa ng mga walwng hiya na yan…huhu??????

  296. mrvond says:

    Oct. 13,2010 nakabaton ako text scam halin sa cel #+639061934475, millioner’s club of the phillippines inc, kuno?……. abawwww ahhh ako pa tuntuhon nila ba ……..” sa amon di ang kwarta gina piko gina pala ” .. ti ikaw atty. wendil b. peneda nga nag pakilala kadto di sa amon para katilaw ka indi kwarta kondi…pikuhon kag palahon taka beware sa mga manugtunto sa text scam

  297. atty wendil b. peneda says:

    hanggaw mani nga tao boang..nakada-ug kuno ko…peste…hoi kamo mga tagalog ayaw ninyo initi ang mga bisaya kay bisan tagalog mas daghang GAGO…BOGO pa gani….hehehe..PEACE.

  298. JC says:

    sana karmahin kayo! kung wala kayong magawa sa buhay, wag kayong mangdamay! may nagbabantay sa inyo! KARMA IS ON YOUR WAY!

  299. AntiMCI says:

    I See… Many Are Repeating Names… It Was A Scam…

    For Victims,

    Never Be Panic, Don’t Act Stupid. Just Leave It Alone.
    If Your Credit From Your SIM Loss, Contact NTC For Complaints.

  300. AntiMCI says:

    Same by Bern(30Aug) receiving:

    Your Sim Had Won ₱780 000 From Millionaire’s Club Incorporated
    From (unknown, Probably Luzon)
    I’m Franco Francisco
    Call Me Now…

    It Is A Disturbing Spam+Scam That Makes Me Angry…

    How Come That The SIM Used Is A Winner Of That GodDamn Club?

    They Rarely Get Hack Your Credit.

    (For MCI)


    If You Do, See Me And I’ll Kill You Anytime…

  301. jethy says:

    gosh just received same text scam that i won 530,000 pesos on their 2nd anniv pre-raffle draw last 9/20/10 from MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. call me now daw and its from sec. vic g. ignacio daw! WTF! mga walang magawa sa buhay.. sana makarma din sila!

  302. jowell ordona says:

    i won 780,000 2nd prize agang pamaskong handog 0905264186 atty.marlon c tan visaya sya.. kawawa naman cya.. sabi ko sa kanya, sau na lang yung prize ko hehehe

  303. xiever says:

    guys all you have to do to stop this scum is do the UNLITXTt and send blank messages as many as you can to kip his cellphone on receiving mssges and possibility of hanging up. because the reality is we cannot easily entrap these people. that is the best recommendation to distract them and stop doing this thing. i’ve done this and very effective to annoy them also…

  304. By bryan on Aug 14,2010 says:

    i receive message today#09062198666 ang name ya Sec. REY Avila i won 780 000.00 pesos our 3rd aniver sary…frm-Milionaires Club INc.

    pota 2 manloloko nde 2 maniniwla…hehehe bitag sana 2.thn guys ingat kyo..

  305. Amy says:

    Number was (0926) 201-7083.

  306. Amy says:

    Yup funky. I got the same message today. “Ma’am/sir congrats Ur simcard # had won PHP 780,000.00 2nd/winner’s of Millionaires club inc. Of the phil. Last Sep/12/10, sponsored by Manny Pacquio ‘Pls call me now I’m Atty. Jake M. Lopez/DTI Permit # 3556 series of 2010.”

    I really wonder how they earn from this?

  307. jm says:

    NOTICE: Ur simcard# had won Php780,000 n our 10th anniv. Pre-rafle draw Last Sept/08/10 frm. Millionaires club inc, 4mor dtails call me now! im sec, JOEL G GOMEZ.
    CELL #: +639062197452
    TIME/DATE sms received: 14/09/2010 at 05:37 AM.

  308. lex says:

    merong nagtxt rin saakin na nanalo daw ako sa simcard # ng 780,000 in 2nd aniv. pero sinigurado ko muna kung totoo to kasi baka scam lng to kaya binuksan ko kaagad ang internet para mag hanap ng impormasyon ukol dito hindi naman totoo mabuti narin manigurado para hindi maloko.Ang pangalan ng nagtext ay si joel s. vargas

  309. mark says:

    I also received the same message today cell # 09173797964 his name secretary Joel G. Gomez..he said,my sim won 780,000.00 pesos dw..

  310. ANNE frm says:

    I also receive same message from the cellphone # 09174936276 by Sec. Jeisy M. Policarpio…

    NOTICE: Ur simcard # had won Php 780,000 n our 10th anniv. Pre-raffle draw last 09/04/10 from Millionaires Club Inc., 4mor details call me now Sec. JEISY M. POLICARPIO…

    Duda na ako kc marami na akong naririnig na ganito din.

  311. darkndlyte says:

    I received the same message today cell # 09109017927 saying his Atty. Larry S. Padallero

  312. jhen says:

    .I also received a txt messages from celphone number 09359237841.
    (NOTICE): Ur simcard# had won Php780,000 n our 2Nd anniv, Pre-raffle draw Last 08/26/10 frm. Millionaires club inc, 4mor details pls call me now! I’m “SEC. JOEL B. ZAMORA” think its a scam blocked all scammers..sna po matgil na ung mga KALOKOHAN n e2..

  313. jhen says:

    .i also receive a txt messages from the #09359237841.
    (notice): ur simcard # won P780,000 in our 2nd aniv.preraffle drw,last 08/26/2010 – frm Millionaires Club Inc..4 more info & dtails pls call me now i’m sec.JOEL B. ZAMORA.

    obviously it’s a SCAM.!!!sna po mtigil n ung mga

  314. lawgaw says:

    i also won 780k pesos daw from 09261171572 and his name is atty vergello tiangco

  315. princess says:

    NOTICE: Ur simcard# had won Php780,000 n our 10rd anniv, Pre-raffle draw Last 8/22/10 frm. Millionaires club inc, 4mor details call me now! I’m “sec. carlo a. diaz”. I received the same message today cell # 09174936276.

  316. khel says:

    i won 780,000.00 in their 3rd aniv daw from +639056827200 sec. Jissa V. Santoz hay naku mga taong gustong kumita ng pera sa mabilis na paraan mga tamad!!!

  317. michelle says:

    I received almost same text this early mornig “My simcard # had won Php780000 in 3rd anniv etc. ect. for mor daetails tawagan daw xa sec. SANY S. LOPEZ daw xa. I had search the same thing here to know if its true. The text msg is from 09359752162

  318. harv3y says:

    bakit kaya nadelete post ko kaninang umaga?

  319. harv3y says:

    got txt from *09068758154* here’s the message …

    *NOTICE:Ur simcard# had won P780,000 in our 2nd Anniv. PreRaffle Draw,Last :
    AUG/14/2010 Frm Millionaires Club Inc.4more info & dtails. call me nw sec.

    Kanina ni report ko sa Globe facebook account and email ( … e2 reply ng Globe.

    And with regards sa iyong scam concern. Please be advised na nai-report na namin ito sa aming Fraud and Risk Management with the reference#TMP10080000431 at ang number na nagpapadala sa iyong ng scam messages is now subject for temporary disconnection. Also, if maka-encounter ng ganito in the future, we would appreciate if you could report any unusual or suspicious activity para ma-imbestigahan ito at makagawa kami ng necessary measures.

    Maaari mong malaman ang current Globe Telecom promotions by visiting our Business Centers or calling our 24-hour Call-in Service at (02) 730-1000 in Metro Manila using any landline or 211 (toll free nationwide) using your Globe Handyphone. We will be glad na i-inform ng aming latest promotions. ^_^

    Maraming salamat! ~

    Hope this helps

  320. harvey says:

    same content … 780K daw which I won last Aug 14 draw 2nd Anniversay Pre-raffle draw … the # is 09068758154 JOEL S. VARGAS

    kala niya maloloko niya ko…hahaha. tanga lang kakagat sa ganitong scam

  321. Bern says:

    i won 780 000.00 pesos daw from09261169071 atty. Franco S. Francisco daw pangalan

  322. scam says:

    639068758154, same thing. this assholes need to die

  323. Will says:

    Well, Here’s mine just today…

    (Notice) Ur simcard # Won P550,000. n our 2nd Anv, PreRaffle Drw last;
    08/10/10 from; Millionaires Club Inc. 4 mor info & dtailscall me nw!
    Im Sec. Carlo T. Diaz

    from : +639265522719

    Well I don’t believe anyways… Hahaha…
    Well nice try… Hope He’ll be able to trick someone..

  324. danilo RG says:

    ito pala yong number na galing kay Sec Gumez, 09166141230. may the Good Lord will find justice of what u are doing. God Bless!

  325. danilo RG says:

    i just recieved the same modus from SEC JOEL B. GUMEZ that i’ve won 780,000. he asked me text my real name address, present work and was further asked to call him up after 3 minutes. ok ito, pangmillioners club talaga ng manloloko. thanks nitong nfo.

  326. Anonymouse says:

    Got the same message here. Their using another number (+639051337440). And name was SEC. MIKE G. LOPEZ. wahahahhaha raffle draw pa daw… and 590,000. Betlog nya!!!

  327. namae says:

    hoy gago!!!!!!!!!!!!! deputa ka nga bisaya ka……… ndi mo ko gani nga intoun nga tunto ka ha…… tayan mo lang ko mabiktima…… ginagamit mo pa ang ngalan sang diyos sa mga ginago ……. KABAYPA NA MAKILATAN KA KAG MASUNOG PATI KALAG MO………… AGUD WALA SANG MABATON SI SATANAS NGA PAREHO MO………….. Tnx for your blog guyzz…………..!!!!!!!!!!

  328. John says:

    I received the same message today cell # 09051337440 and he said to be sec. Mike Lopez.

  329. lala says:

    i received the same message just now and it just made me laugh. :))

  330. elle says:

    I also received a txt messagesfrom celphone number 09276076037.NOTICE: Ur simcard# had won Php780,000 n our 3rd anniv, Pre-raffle draw Last July/28/10 frm. Millionaires club inc, 4mor details call me now! I’m sec “REY AVILA” think its a scam blocked all scammers.

  331. dudz says:

    I also received a text message same as the ones posted here from cel fon # +639301617346. I did not call but immediately check on the internet. Obviously it’s a fake because it’s from a private number. Just beware. Always check.

  332. madz says:

    i received similar sms from 09056440930 telling i won P550,000.00 drawn 7/10/10 from millionaires club inc and using a name sec ariel lastimoso…i replied “yeah right, you bogus”….KARMA is on your way!!!

  333. Jejemon says:

    Got the same message here. Their using another number (+630955987844). No doubt that this is a scam but I still tried searching for the name of the club in the net. Well just for fun, I replied to their text like a jejemon would — “ahm okei pow” and they sent the same message again. WTF?!

  334. diane says:

    sec rey avila send me a text massage
    say’s that my simcard number had won 780,000 in their pre-raffle draw last july/18/10 from millionaires club inc.

  335. mmmmm says:

    i just received a text today saying that my “simcard had won 780k” from this no. 09166140103. his name is JOEL GOMEZ.

  336. IlKilLllUllF1rst says:

    mga HINAYUPAK tlga mga scammer amfff!!!….buti n lng ndi ko kgad kinagat ung txt nila now ko lng din to nrisib…buti search ko kgad s google tong Millionairs Club and i notice n madami n plang n scam T_T…pero kung ako ung taong gipit n gipit mlmang n Scam n ako haiyzzz mga tao nga nman dahil s PERA ngagawa nilang manloko ng Kpawa Tao nila…sna lamunin cla ng LUPA ng ndi pmarisan…KAINIS kagigicing ko plang nman ….

  337. kathleen says:

    i recieved text also.. but different name and cell #. but same company.

    from: 09167478412
    msg: NOTICE:Ur simcard# had won 780,000 n our 2nd anniv. Pre – raffle draw last : 07/12/2010/ from : Millionaires club,inc, 4mor info & dtails. call me nw i’m sec. JOEL B. LOPEZ..

    it’s been a long time scammers na pla yang Millionaires club.., hahaha! ang tyaga nila manloko ng tao.. iba2ng pangalan pa… iba2 pang simcard gmit.. yaman tlga nila sa sim pati load..!! ^^,

    check them first on the net. bago mo mlaman na scammers sila..

  338. Sean says:

    i received the same text just yesterday and thank God i found this site upon searching the net about this millionaires club! and yeah they speak visayan language. they should really be caught.

  339. melvin lopez says:

    ang tatanga nga ng mga scammer kala nila lahat ng pinoy tanga. yung iba lang! wahahahaha taena naman kasi wala namang sinasalihang promo tapos maniniwala na nanalo nga sila. mga sira pala ulo nila eh. kung totoong nanalo ka ikaw ang tatawagan at papupuntahin ka sa tanggapan nila or papadalan ka ng snail mail. kung nanalo ka naman ng appliance or gamit sila ang magpapadala sa yo free of charge. kaya wag kayong maging tanga! at dapat sa mga scammer pugutan ng ulo! mga PTI nyong mga scammer kayo! magsama sama kayo sa impyerno! well una muna mabulok kayo sa kulungan tapos pag nadeadz na kayo try nyo iscammin si lucy sa impyerno. hahahhahah mamatay na kayong mga salot kayo sa lipunan!!

  340. konohamaruh says:

    Ijust receive also a same message today from +63072684247,
    ” Ur sim card number had won 780K, Handog pangkabuhayan ng Millionaire Club Inc of the Phil. Sponsored by Binigno “noynoy” Aquino. To claim your price call me now. I’m Atty. Eric C Vasquez. Per DTI NCR permit #3120 series of 2010. ”

    Ginamit pa ang Presidente sa raket nila.
    Beware to this people.
    Huwag tayo padala sa pera at talas ng dila.
    Sana mahuli na mga ganitong tao. Mga manloloko.

  341. mina says:

    i got 09056455540. then, he asked me immediately where i’m from. so, i asked him back of the infos why he knew my no. and didn’t answer he’s question. he was mad. and said that, if i’m not interested then forget it.
    wtf! forget it really. y would i waste my identity for someone not legit. i went online and couldn’t find their co. infos. Carlo A. Diaz daw sec. ang contact person and i won 860,000.00 pesos. crazy.

  342. Terry Grace says:

    Today is July 2, 2010. These people are still alive and kicking. I received the same text all you people had. I told him I will report him to Globe to block his sim #. He called me and said I really won. They are using different numbers guys every now and then they do this.

    I checked the number you posted, but none of these are the same.

    So sort of advice, do not give in….

    They even use the name of God just to let you believe….

  343. kyo says:

    this day, i also received that kind of message. wel, definitely i also not beleive for what he said (this fucking scammer) in the text.
    i suggest po na sana pa-imbetigahan itong mga ganitong klaseng panloloko. kasi kawawa naman yong mga taong maloloko nila. sa kinauukulan, sana po wag na nating hintayin pa na may mabiktima bago po tayo gumawa ng aksiyon. Sa taong bayan naman po, sana po maging maingat po tayo sa mga ganitong klase ng panloloko. ikaw naman taong manloloko!,sana tamaan ka ng kidlat at masunog ang kaluluwa mo sa impiyerno.

  344. FuCkShIt!!! says:

    hay naku!!!!aq e2 first time ko n mkarecive nitong text message ng millionaire’s club inc na to sabi banaman nanalo daw ako ng 750,000 hayyyyy!!!! mga fuckshit na yan hanapin ko daw sisec. carlo luna mga fuckshit….eto nga pla ung message nila sakin.,…”NOTICE: UR SIMCARD # HAD WON PHP 750,000 IN OUR 3RD ANNIV. RAFFLE DRAW LAST JUNE 1, 2010. FR. MILLIONAIRE’S CLUB INC, 4 DTLS & INFOS PLS CALL SEC. CARLO LUNA”………..yan ung text sakin….hahahahahahaha eto nga pala ung # n nag text sakin +639057456669 yan nakaka-asar sila aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe mga potah!!!!!

  345. jeana binohlan says:

    this is the message i receive
    congratulations!u win,u’r cell:# had won our 10th anv. last:06/28/2010,Frm:Millionaires club inc of the phil’s.
    Sponsored by (SAn Miguel Corp.) Ma’am/Sir to claim u’r prize, pls.Call me now! I’m Atty. Elmer M. Pineda. Thank You!!

  346. mckoy says:

    mga lokong yan ang lkas mga trip buti sana kung nakaka tulong sila ala lng pang kain yang mga putang inang mga yan dapat sa kanila mamatay he he he mga loko yang mga yan ano kami loko at magpapaloko mga hong hang!!!!!! go to hell u fucking bitches mother fucjer

  347. rowena says:

    no matter what we do, theres so many sim card out there which is cheap na now adays, ginagawa nila buy sila ng buy ng new sim card tapos naghahanap ng mabibiktima, syempre for sure may mabibiktima 1 out of 10, tapos gagamit sila ng ibat ibang names, so if u happened to received those messages that ur sim had won on the pre raffle draw, pls ignore it, wag nyo ng patulan, marami silang paraan para ma hypnotize ka at mauto ka nila, hanggang sa ma convince ka na nila, ilang years na nila pala ginagawa yon, sana naman mahuli na sila ng imbestigador

  348. elly says:

    i got the same text message, beware of this cel # 09359775202 sec. Mark gozon daw and also 09055987454 REy Cuebas naman

  349. Lim says:

    mga hayop kayo Manloloko.Akala ko pa naman nanalo ako ng P780,000.00 un pala wala.Sana makulong kayo lahat, kawawa ang taong biktima niyo mga hayop kau….

  350. lorraine says:

    I hope NTC will do something with this number and the NBI should know what to do.

  351. lorraine says:

    Hi I received this call and text says I won 780k but I doubt about it. His name is Sec. Joel Gomez. The number they use is 0935 9912 443 please be allert to all. and Take care…. They still keep bugging me

  352. rave says:

    (NOTICE) ur simcard # Won 760,000 n our 2d Anv. PreRaffle Draw Last:06/16/10 From: Millionaires Club Inc. 4 mor Details call me nw!Im sec. Vic G. Ignacio..

    here”s the number: +639099300636

    This just only a scam!!!!

  353. ericka says:

    I just received a text message from millionaires club inc.

    It says like this:

    (NOTICE) Ur simcrd # won P780,000.00 in our 2nd aniv. preraffledraw last 06/14/10. For more info and details call me now, i’m Sec. Jyn V. Perez.

    The number is 09359705585…

    Ano ba talaga hindi p b kau titigil….?

  354. abrafolks says:

    hmmPPPfff,matagal n aqng nka2receive ng mga txt n ganyan pero dnededma q nlang…papalit2 nlang aq ng sim,,pero nka2inis eh,,,nbiktima n nman ung isa s mga 3 new sim q,,i got a mssage from sec.FELIX A. VARGAS(cp#09359840766) stating that i just won 900.000k n the 3rd anv.preraffle draw of millionaire’s club inc. last 06/19/2o10…hmp neknek m…hndi nacclaw s pera ang mga tga ABRA,,bka nman gusto m masubukan qng pano maglaro ang mga katu2bo ng ABRA,,ingat k nlang s mga taong pngla2ruan m,alam m b n mrinig lng nmin ang boses m eh pwede n nmin laruin katauhan m?so huwag kang manginis,,,

  355. Alex Owen says:

    I just receive similar text messages (5times) from this mobile# +639099300636

    (NOTICE) Ur simcrd # Won P760,000 n our 2nd Anv, Pre Rafle Drw last: 06/19/2010 Frm: Millionaires Club ,Inc. 4 mor info & dtails call me nw! Im sec Vic G. Ignacio..

    He asked for info’s : full name, address, b-day, civil stat and work

    He asked me to call him back after I have sent the infos.

    When he told me not to tell anyone, I just said yes and hang up. Very obvious it’s a hoax. I did not called him again.

    Then I search related scams with Millionaires Club Inc. And it’s true… it’s a SCAM!!!

    So guys, be carefull. Nobody or company will give money. Taya nlng kayo s LOTTO :)

  356. nongnong says:

    i also received the same from cel#09076478260; contact person is Atty. Franco Francisco and they are using the name of Manny Paquiao as sponsor. I did not reply nor call him, coz i know its a scam…

  357. Maris says:

    haha! its so good to have this site online. and even if i didnt have to check it out on the net, it was pretty DAMN OBVIOUS!

    i got a text from SECRETARY JENY M. SANTOS. wow. who is the millionaires club secretary anyway?? theyve got Joel Gomez, Vic Ignacio. Totally lame. I won 780,000 pesos! YEAH RYT!!

  358. Smart User says:

    Keep the thread alive with their numbers & names!

    P780,000 from 935-923-7841 claiming to be Sec. Rey J. Cuevas

  359. Dennis says:

    tsaka galit pa nung ayaw ko siya sundin at eto pa ang nakakatawa kung talagang nsa malaking kumpanya si MR. VISAYA, habang nag uusap kami ginawa ko kinausap ko ng PURE ENGLISH akalain mo ba namang naasar hindi ko raw ba kyang mag TAGALOG hehehehehehe! SA LOOB LOOB KO LANG HULI ANG GAGONG ITO, hindi makapag straight ENGLISH! hehehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahah!

  360. Dennis says:

    at visaya talaga tinext k na Dennis ang pangalan ko nang magreply DINNES DAW hahahahahahaha!

  361. Dennis says:

    same din Millionaires Club Inc.

  362. Dennis says:

    Ganyan din po experience ko kay MR. VISAYA code name Sec. Rey Cuevas gago talaga yan nanalo daw ako ng 750,000 e wala naman ako sinasalihan gago talaga yang visaya nayan. humihingi pa ng 4 piraso ng prepaid card gago talaga.

  363. Dhaile says:

    Hahaha.. I’ve just receive a couple of texts from this no. 09122160602..

    Notice: From Charity Foundation

    Maam/Sir, ur cel #
    win as a 2nd Prize
    winner. pls claim ur
    prize P950,000.00
    handog pangkabuhayan by:
    Manny Pacquiao.,Cel # raffle draw
    last night. 2 claim ur prize
    pls call me now! Im atty. Nick c guzman
    per DTI-NCR Permit # 1535 Series of 2010…

    hahah… nkktawa nmn cla..
    kailangan b tlgang mnloko? toinkz
    hay naku..sna binulsa nyo nlng yan..
    ang laking halaga oh, sayang nmn!
    May pa’permit-permit pakaung nlalaman
    hahaha..pagxur uie!!

  364. marlon says:

    i recei

  365. secret says:

    pahabol pa..sana wag na ito mangyari samin………………………………mga tanga lang nagawa…………..

  366. secret says:


  367. tanako says:

    i recieve this txt from sec rudy M. valdez..he said i won 430.000 in 2nd anniv,preraffle draw on 5/21/10

    >>> ano ako gago para maniwala.. sana my privacy din tong mga 2!! mga tang ina… dapat cla mwala..

  368. doshia says:

    is there a way to catch these kind of people? ganun na nga, iwasan nalang. It is good that I found this website at least hindi masayang ang panahon ko at pagagalitan ko pa si Rey Gomez na yan! manloloko pala…

  369. doshia says:

    ako rin, I received the same txt!!! I thought it is really true and called him right away. I told him (the sec. who texted me, Rey Gomez, 09264905258) to call him back tomorrow kasi I was in the middle of a meeting at sabi niya at 8am daw.When I arrived home, the next thing I did was to browse in the computer if Millionaire’s club inc does have a website , eh wala naman. Not contended, ginogoogle ko and voila, I found this website!!! Tama sila marami na palang nascam, akala ko sa email lang nangyayari dito rin pala sa mobile phone! OMG! talagang marami nang sira ulo at walang magawang mga tao!!! Dapat putulan na sila nang mga kamay para hindi na sila makatext…. ILANG BESES BA SILANG MAG ANNIVERSARY SA ISANG TAON? BWISSEET

  370. Diezevil says:

    I also received the same text message yesterday,

    NOTICE:Ur simcard# had won php.780,000 n our 10th anniv.Pre-raffle draw Last 05/08/10 frm. Millionaires club inc,4mor dtails call me now!im sec, JOEL G. GOMEZ

    from this number +639056362090

  371. by james on May 20,2010 says:

    000pppppssss pahabol,.., e2 ung no. na gnamit ohh pkikalat,..,09067822149,.,.his name is sec, rafael c. suarez., sana mabura na sa mundo ang mga taong manloloko/./

  372. by james on May 20,2010 says:

    nkarecive ako ng txt nanalo dw ako ng php780,000 then i replied them through txt.,.,.,., do u know what i have say?? ”wag po kaung manloko ng tao,,. dahil wala nman pong programa o promo na ganyan’ then after a while they called me,.,. pinagmumura b nman ako???,.,.;';';’ and i told to them na ayokong mangyari sakin ang nangyari sa mga nabibiktima nila, .. makulit tlaga cla.,,. they explained,..,to me how they program to be true,.,. na kinoconfirmed pa kung tlagang ako ang nanalo.,,. many explanations they told to me,.,. buti nlng hindi ako kumagat ,.., kya payo ko sa lhat,.., walng manloloko kung walng nagpapaloko,.,.okkkk

  373. ric mappala says:

    …hey guys watch out for this scam.his name was ATTY. JOEL LIM..(09075730951)..

  374. Wilma Flores says:

    I received a message today saying ” (notice) 12/may/10, Mam/ sir, ur sim#had won php 780,000.00 handog ng Millionaires Club Inc. of the Phil. sposored by [sen. Benigno Aquino the 3rd. to claim ur prize pls call me now. I’m atty. Arthemeo N. Arguelles, DTU permit no. 3292 series of 2010.
    — FROM: 09282655746

  375. cecile says:

    eto pa nga ganit n number eh 09393572405…. ingats n lng tau maimbestigadir sana cla…

  376. cecile says:

    pero d ko tinawagan parang pakiramdam n ko na scam lng toh….

  377. cecile says:

    ako dn nakatanggap e2 nman txt nya sakin….

    NOTICE: Ur simcard# had won daw kuno PHP 780,000 n iur 10 th annive, Pre-raffle draw last may/4/10 frm: Millionaires club inc, 4 mor dtails call me now! im sec, CARLO l. DIAZ…..

  378. unknown says:

    i have received a message from 09069374620 today. he said he was ronie a. rama, the secretary of milionaires club inc.
    it stated that i ( my sim card no.) had won 780,000 in their 10th anniversary pre-Raffle draw held last april 29,2010. they said that i need to call them right now to have some directions for me to claim the money. i didn’t call them because the message was obviously a scam and i will not waste my time and load to call them. i hope that those people out there who still sending scam messages will be put to jail and be punished.

  379. beyotch says:


    none of you guys actually met the guy? am i the first one to follow their instructions and actually get the 580K pesos that i genuinely won? what a bunch of losers.

  380. Elle says:

    Me too… From 09261261578

  381. Kat says:

    Mine was from 09061761294:
    “NOTICE: Ur simcard# had won php. 780,000 n our 3rd anniv.Pre-raffle draw Last April.28/2010 from. Millionaires club inc, 4mor dtails call me now!im sec,Felix A. ROA.”

    Apparently, secretaries from Millionaires club, Inc. don’t know how to use proper spelling and capitalization, not to mention proper use of punctuation marks.

  382. Kat says:

    Got a similar message a few minutes ago, and I got suspicious when I saw the private number. It didn’t seem legit at all. Good thing I decided to look it up online first. Replied and told them to scam someone else. Damned idiots.

  383. Jersty says:

    I received a similar text last night from a certain Sec. Carlo Diaz from Millionaires Club, using the number 09084379481 saying that I won 780,000 because it’s their 10th year anniversary. I wanted so much to make a rude reply but I thought , Why should I waste my time and money on these kind of people? Anyway, I just hope that others are smart enough not to give in to these type of scams.

  384. irish says:

    just got the same shit message this morning….the txt message came from 639359237841 telling me that my simcard won 780,000 pesos..the texter told me to call her right away. i didnt bother to call her and after an hour she texted me again telling me to call right away coz i might not get my prize…then i told her that i already browsed their said company and found out that it is a shitty scam again..haha those guys are so evil…they will do anything just to fool others..sana makaloboso n ang mga lintek na yan!kaya hindi umasenso ang bansa natin eh..naglipana ang mga manloloko!!! SEC JADE C. PALMA WISH KO LANG MAHULI KA SA ISANG ENTRAPMENT OPERATION FOR EITHER IMBESTIGADOR OR XXX..GO TO HELL!!!LOSER!!!

  385. fuck says:

    hayup n yn swerte pla 2 .. ndi e2 scammer ..jomer .. i have recieve a 780,000 in the bank!! … hehehe ..aux .

    tarantado 2 milliionaires club inc..

  386. roy says:

    just right now i received a tx message from millionaires club of the phil. that my simcard had won php 780,000.00 then i called that guy a chinese visayan man in the name of atty. wendel tan (asshole fucker) he tried to fuck us shit him. he gave me the dti number and series of 2010. he asked me all my identity and an acct number if i have…………………pls do something to catch and punish them for their PANLOLOKO

    concerned citizen

  387. Reese says:

    Tignan mo nga naman… Almost 3 years na pala itong style ng panloloko ng mga taong walang kunsensya para lang makapanlamang at makapangloko ng kapwa nila. I just received same text just this morning, and this time pang 5th anniversary na nila… Ang name naman ng nagtext sa’kin ay Sec. Sany Sanchez… I simply reply to his text, SORRY, GOT NO LOAD… Goodluck sa inyong mga manloloko… Di man siguro kayo mahuli, may time din para makarma kayo sa mga ginagawa nyo…

  388. Jerry says:

    hey…… okie yan ah ahhhaha…… am an avid fan of vic..that is why am here to post my admirable comments for him……………. ahehehehe.. jowk.. if like to kill this person just contact me at my email add .tnx…

  389. Chesa says:

    last april 11, 2010 i recieved a text…….(NOTICE) ur simcard # Won P430, 2nd Anniv,Preraffle Draw last 04/04/2010 From:Millionaires Club inc.4 more info & details.callme now!i’m sec.Vic G.ignacio.cell#+639061942554
    para sa mga hindi pa na biktima ng mga ito….mag ingat kayo at hwau magpadala sa kanilang mga panloloko….sana mahuli na sila sa IMBESTIGADOR TEAM on act…..

  390. Chesa says:

    last april 11, 2010 i recieved a text…….(NOTICE) ur simcard # Won P430, 2nd Anniv,Preraffle Draw last 04/04/2010 From:Millionaires Club inc.4 more info & details.callme now!i’m sec.Vic G.ignacio.
    para sa mga hindi pa na biktima ng mga ito….mag ingat kayo at hwau magpadala sa kanilang mga panloloko….sana mahuli na sila sa IMBESTIGADOR TEAM on act…..

  391. frence says:

    naubos yun 100 peses ko sa load

  392. frence says:

    sabi rin sa txt nanalo daw ako worth of million po kainis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  393. van says:

    same hre got 5 messages this morning i won 780k daw…..very tempting talaga hehe hahayz sana totoo…

  394. krung says:

    ive recieved a message like this ngaun ngaun lang… he said his larry s. padallero from millionaires club inc..

    i just replied hu u :)

    this is the 2nd time i replied to this kind of scam..
    the 1st time i replied i said “the the f*** up” ^^

    that was long time ago..

  395. markjason says:

    buti nlng nabasa ko 2ng mga comment nyu.. sav sa txt nanalao ako 2nd win. of charity foundation sponsored by manny pacuiao.. hay buti nlng… e2 ung # na nag txt sakin 09308026595.. ngaun lng ako nakarinig na cellphone number imbis na telephone #…. hay sana makarma ung gumagawa nito…kaw nag txt sakin fuck you ka!!!!

  396. kath says:

    i just recieved a txt that i won 650.000.00 in their 2nd anniv. pre raffle draw last 04/01/2010 from millionaires club inc 4 more info call me now im Sec Rey Q. Gomez…09057493412 yan # nia beware ok..

    tinwagan ku pra makilatis..he asked my full info..den sabi nia twag daw uli ako..cge pra mhuli den sabi nia buy daw aq 3 tm prepaid call card worth 300php den sabi ko ok..bka mya hpon nlng..sabi nia nid asap kasi pra ma encode n daw name ko sa pc nila..then tnry ko e google..then nkita ku to..ahahaha akala nila!!blak kasi nmen ng dadi ko mkpagkita dun and mpahuli^^ kaso syang load e..ingat nlng

  397. joan says:

    i just received txt that i won 550k and last 21 nnalo din daw aq ng 560k…(nbwasn ng 10k)..same n millionaires club inc, but mgkaiba ung name at no. at magkaiba ang secretary ng millionaires n yan…akla q ngaun lng tong scam txt n 2..un pla 2008 p…hay…d p b cla nddala..ang pingttaka did dey know our cp no.db…my knikita b cla s gn2…eh ngssyang din nmn din cla ng lod db…at pera kbbili ng bgong simcard…hay…kung ng business n lng kau…kumita p kau dv…hahaha…payo lng poh un…kesa ngssyang kau ng money pra manloko ng tao…eh mbbisto din nmn kau..

  398. GnEhP says:

    I hace just recieved a text today from millionaires inc. club.
    it says:

    Notice: Ur sim# won (P1Million)In our 8th Anniv. Raffle from.: Millionaires Club Inc. Draw on March 18/10, For info & Details! Call us now I’m Sec. Rey S. Abad, DTI#1036’10…

    The number is +63901559369…

    I know that this text is only a scam because i have heard some of this non-sense from my friends. I wish this will be reported and be caught in the act by the IMBESTIGADOR TEAM

  399. pobreng tao na umaasa sa instant money says:

    i Just won P780,000 this March 23,2010. 10th anniversary na daw ng “Millionaire’s Club Inc”. si Joel D. Gomez naman ang hahanapin 09061903290. i’m aware of text scammers because i’ve been receiving txts from them since i had a cp in 2004. it’s too good to be true for a person who haven’t had the chance to get a hold of that much worth of money in his entire life..tinawagan ko gamit ibang number, bisaya nga..(no offense sa mga taga-Visayas),kung sana malapit lang ang Baguio city sa lugar nyo, siguro ala na manggagaling jan na text scammer dahi l iisaisahin naming pupugutan ang ulo yang mga hinayupak na yan..

  400. jm says:

    i also received the same text message today…from 09061781109 sec. roy g. ignacio

  401. by:jdr says:

    i just recieve the text scam today from millionaires club inc.#09076478260, winning 780,000.00 handog pangkabuhayan from manny ‘pacman” pacquiao and pls call atty. franco francisco so halatang gawa lang yung name ng atty. i reply him sayo na lang yan marami na ko nyan hehe…sana mabusog ka sa panloloko mo bbalik sayo ang karma…

  402. dharz says:

    i received same message, as like what others says, this Mr. JOEL GOMEZ (the scammer) texted me that i won a 780k bcoz they were having a 2nd anniv. and asked me to call them back for the further instruction. his number was +639069375254 and yes he has a VISAYA accent!

    as we speak, he started getting info’s bout me, and text me their office address, he’s stories was so confusing because of his statements. he told me that to claim the price i need to go to cebu or bank 2 bank, of course i will choose bank2bank transact but funny part that im very sure that he was making bulshit stories was when he asked me 150php load just to call the bank manager.

    i’m hoping that somebody would take actions for this because i think he will not stop doing his crazy gag’s.

  403. Eilegna says:

    I also recieved this txt today twice then last march 11. They even used Manny Pacquiao as the sponsor. They tell me I won P780,000.

    The numbers they used are 09076478260, 09128061670, and 09108164711.

  404. Wilski says:

    I received a text message from 09076760759 saying I won PHP 780,000.00 with brand new laptop> 2nd winner of millionaires club of phils.

    I think this is a big scam, do not call or reply. You are wasting your time. The name being used is Atty. Nick C.. Guzman DTI NCR permit # 3456 series of 2010.

  405. mae-ann says:

    i’m always receiving text scam.. minsan nga everyday pa!! minsan 2 times a day.. my mga text messages n ngsa22ving i’ve won a price.. at ginagam8 p nila ang pulitiko ha… Sv sponsord daw ni Manny Villar… Sana naman matigil na at mahuli na yung mga taong nagpa22dala ng mga ganung msgs.. ikulong!!! at pagmultahin.. Sana rin gumawa na ang smart ng paraan para madetect yung may-ari ng mga numbers n ngpa22dala ng msgs na ganun para mahuli n cla… graveh ha!!!

  406. rome says:

    I recived the same text may times… just ignoring them coz its to obvious and besides u hav’nt join any promo so why won. Be carefull guys!

  407. Thomas says:

    I received this text: (NOTICE) Ur Simcard# won P560,000 in 2nd Anniv PreRaffle Draw last 02/20/2010 From: Millionaires Club Inc. 4 info & detail me now I’m sec. Vic G. Ignacio cell#+639058591276. I know this is a scam text that’s I did reply. This is not the first time I received such text. I hope the authority will investigate.

  408. angelique says:

    a guy named Sec. ARNOLD GUEVARA (+639105134274) texted me earlier and informed me that i won P760,000… he did not stop fowarding same txt msg until i replied that it’s impossible for me to win in such raffle promo coz i never join in any…kung di cguro ako ngreply sa txt nya bka d ako tinigilan nung arnold n yun…ingats n lng sa mga txt scam…

  409. deahtley says:

    Meron din akong nareceive tatlong beses pa nagsend…c Sec Rey F. Gomez daw sya…eto no nya 09061525066..wag kayong maniwala pag nanalo kau ng walang sinasalihan. ingat kau sa mga manloloko! dapat sa kanila pugutan ng ulo tsaka ipakain sa pating!

  410. gerry says:

    i just received one today! just the same.. i won P780,000.00
    Handog Pangkabuhayan ng Millionaires Club of the Phil.
    from cel # +639098439359 Sec Rejje C. Corpuz
    Then i checked the web for Millionaires Club of the Phil.

  411. Jen Meredith says:

    hayyy…. i wish na mahuhuli na itong mga phone scammers na ito.. I receive a txt message from Cristy T. Abela daw sya. I won 780,000 daw napanalunan ko !! i just ignored it cos this is my 2nd time been scammed by the predators!!! Hers is the no. 09069620225.

  412. Dondi says:

    got the same message from 09063878972.

  413. Ron says:

    Hayz…. 3 years existing na pala ito sobra naman yan, 3 years na same format pa rin gamit name lang binago, kare-receive ko lang now 3 times pa nasend 1 minute lang palugit hehehe…. hay sana naman in 3 years binago nila format hahahha…. nagupgrade naman sila ng message….

  414. mikeg says:

    received a few text from globe saying i have exceeded some limit and that i qualify for some prizes. while in the philippines for 2 weeks, i was spending P500 every 3 days on load. i ignored such messages and deleted them. i received more messages while in malaysia and again deleted them.
    i think by chance, i received another text on jan 16, 2010. this time from +639264582873 saying [NOTICE] your simcard#had won Php650,000.00 in our 3rd anv. preraffle draw from MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. PER DTI NCR PERMIT 5313/s/2010 Call me now Sec: VIC G IGNACIO.
    SINCE,im not familiar with this scam, i rang and spoke to this Vic Ignacio. he asked for my details. unfortunately, i sent my name and address here in perth and manila.
    he mentioned that the promo is not commercialized and that is sponsored by Sen.
    Manny Villar. i told him thats good because my dad knows Ka Manny personnally.

  415. by trash says:

    Just to update;

    I received same message today 01/28/10 from Sec. Vic G. Ignacio informing that I won 760,000.00 php blah blah….same thing his from Millionaires Club Inc..gosh the nerve …tawagan ko pa raw..ahahahah nik nik nya..sigh! walang magawa sa buhay …mga gago sila!!

    ito po yong number:09079867896

  416. Lyn says:

    Buhay pa rin, now he is using the name JOEL G. GUMEZ with sim no. 09352098162.

    So sad, he even used the name of God just to convince… Hays!

  417. sjames says:

    buhay pa rin… i just received this text from 09098439359. same message content except that i “won” P780,000.00 from Sec. Rejje C. Corpuz. per DTI permit #3120.

    don’t they ever give up? does this mean marami pa ring naloloko kaya buhay pa rin ang scam na ‘to?

  418. jeopz says:

    New year na at buhay pa rin cla… same pa rin yung scam at this time Amy Suarez na ang pangalan nung scammer. Hayz Cheap

  419. cecillyn says:

    nanalo daw ako ng 750,000.00 ilang beses pa isinend yan.. saka brand new laptop daw???? wala silang magawa buti sana kung totoo pinagpala pa sila hehe..

  420. cecillyn says:

    nakareceivd din ako ng txt msg ng millionaires club na yan sponsored nga daw ni manny pacquiao.. alam kong scam na yun kaya wala lang.. tapos nakailang araw na may nagtxt na naman ibang number na sayang di ko sinave ung number.. kaya dapat walang papauto syang lang load nyo..

  421. jaff says:

    Watch out for this one. This is from +639125333646

    Congrts ur simcrd # Won P750,000,n our 2nd Anv preraffle draw from millionares club inc.

  422. Eric P. Piansay says:

    Got the same message today from Sec. Angel T. Chua using the number 09268835390, informing me that I have won P780,000. Grabe! Iba-iba ang pangalan ng secretary ng Millionaires Club na yan. Ang isa kapangalan pa ng kaibigan ko.

  423. Grace says:

    Today is Jan 13, 2010, I received the same SCAM MESSAGE from sec. Joel S. Vargas.
    I won Php 780,000.00 pesos daw sa Millionaire’s Club Inc.

    The number he used is 0926 765 2655.

    Ang agang mag- New year ng mga scammers na ito ! Sana wala ng mabiktima !

  424. Sha-sha says:

    I received this message today while in the office: The sender’s number is 09298878908

    Mam/Sir congrats ur simcard # had won PHP780,000,00 1st winner of Millionaires Club Inc of the th Phil, last Jan 2, 2009, sponsored by “Manny Pacquiao. Plz call me now i’m atty. REC.G.DIAZ…DTI permit # 3456 series of .10

    From the text along it looked like an obvious scam. Why? 1) the grammar was wrong –‘ur simcard # had won’ 2) the words were abbreviated 3) the texter wrote Jan 2, 2009, but its already 2010.

    I called the guy out of curiosity. From the way he talked it was obvious that he was a fake. Why? 1) His Tagalog was terrible. I asked him to speak in English so I could better understand. But his English was worse. 2) It was during office hours but i could hear chickens crackling noisily in the background. Shouldn’t he be in the office? What is he doing in a farm? Feeding his chickens? 3) He kept asking infos about me but i was also asking infos about him. He sounded like he was in a hurry and started raising his voice and was almost shouting on the phone because i wouldnt give my info. Not a professional at all.

  425. JXide says:

    eto… malupet to… kahit sa smart millionare daw.. pero wag maniwala.. +639301559370.. milionare club inc… wag kaninang 01/01/10.. ang lupet nakakainis! tagal na ngang my ganyan hindi pa cla nadala… parang my mag papaloko naman…

  426. robles family says:

    Hope u can read this ms. amy suarez, with cel# 09297352411, sorry kung napagtripan kita, coz if i won 780,000 pra s raffle draw ng millionairs club inc. ur d one to call me up, sori naka unli calls ako kaya napatulan kita.

  427. Alie says:

    got the same msg too from this # 0930-1559370. Be careful.

  428. Alie says:

    i got the same msg too from this # 0930-1559370. Be careful.

  429. arvi says:

    (Notice): Ur Simcard# had Won Php780,000 n Our’3rd Anniv.PreRaffle Drw! last DEC.13/09′ frm MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. 4more’Nfo&Dtls, Call me Nw! im’Sec.CARLO A. DIAZ

    e2 po ung nresib ku..
    from 09168376613

  430. kratos says:

    muntik na ko maloko ingats po kayo sa mga ganito ipa sa dyos ko na lng bahala na ang nasa itaas sa kanya…no….09124244602,—09261131828,,,,,09287329547…. name sec.bill c. yap taga milllionaires club inc… nanalo daw aq 850k scam lang pala…. bwisit…..naakasaya lang oras ko….

  431. neng says:

    I recieved the same text from Sec Carlos Diaz informing me that my cell number won a lottery in the amount of 780,000 millionairs club Inc blah blah blah.

    Beware of this number 0916837676613

  432. Josephine says:

    I hate scams and just to share.. I got the same message today at 4:03 pm from this number +639161115299 .. the message says: (NOTICE): Ur celfon #won P780,000 In Our 2nd’Aniv. PreRAffle drw. Last DEC,04/09 Frm:Millionaires Club inc.4 mor info &d’tails. call me nw!m sec. RONIE A. RAMA

    As noticed, no company would send such kind of text because it is full of acronyms, wrong spellings, wrong capitalization, and has very unprofessional tone.

    Guys, please beware and do not let this kind of business grow.

    Let’s have a better country.

  433. ellay says:

    its CHRISTMAS na pho.,

    .,you people stop this foolish work ok?

  434. ellay says:

    i got the same text message.,
    from 09097454548., his name: sec. vic iganacio.

    then I try to look in the net., and i found this site.,
    jeejeje we should be aware by this.,

    ive known someone who was victimized by this.,
    she gave her account #., thanks because it was her new bank account and only have 6,000 money on it.,

    ., she made a call to a person named sec. ian hernandez who send her the text message., then he asks infos. about her name, address,etc. sad to say she gave it all., then when she asked if she would like to get it personally or bank to bank.,. of corz the second choice is the best to choose ryt? then she gave her account #, the next day when she checked her bank account to see if the money has been credited coz that person told her that they already transfered the money.,. to her surprise, her balance was only 100.00 pesos., see that?!

    SO BE AWARE!!!

  435. jacky says:

    - i receive a similar message today, i won 780,000, millionaires club with matching dti number and a certain melchor dizon, the number they are using is 09098439359, this scammers should be caught.

  436. Robiin Geda says:

    I also recieved text message same as you guy’s a moment ago and you know what i reply on his text but im pretty sure that this is really scam.. he replied that i have to call him but refused to do so and my text was this “u call me pls. i don’t have load. bt if i get my price i’ll pay you more.tnx” haha and he said ” salamat na lang sayo” waaaa don’t have load also… haha after that i reply him ” what i don’t understand it, can u please send it in english”… hahaha but he never replied again…

    all of you guy’s who received this message please be alert, please see below info..

    Sec. Vic G. Ignacio with mobile no. 09057424495 for 2nd anniversary promo from Millioners Club Inc…draw last 12.03.09 worth 390,000…

  437. earl says:

    Does any body know what happen after giving personal info like name, home address and age to this person.

  438. txtmate says:

    from : +639097582765
    (NOTICE)Ma’am,Sir /11,29,0’9/Congratulation!! U’r simcard# had, won 2nd prize winner from Millionier’s club,inc (mc980.000.00) sponsored’by(PGMA) To claim u’r prize plz call me nw 4/info/ I’m atty.MIKE C. LOPEZ, per,DTI NCR,Permit#5412.series of 2009.2010 thank you.

  439. sel says:

    just received a text msg from 09351778943 today, telling that my simcard just won Php 570,000 w/cellphone(N95)…just imagine how lucky i am today…hahaha…it’s a text message from JOEL B. ZAMORA, secretary (kuno) of Millionaires Club Inc. of the Phils..sponsored by Manny Pacquiao…how i wish true, the problem is, i never joined any raffle of this kind…how come i’ve won?!!!!!!!!!!!!!…hayy…….

  440. dog says:

    i have just received the same msg. today. from secretary Carlo L. Diaz. i was in immediate doubt, So I browsed the net and i have confirmed my suspicion. it was a SCAm. rrrr. buti na lang i didn’t give any infos and didn’t bother to reply with his msg.

  441. by galit s bisaya says:

    talagang salot mga yan!!!!!!

  442. JESSICA says:

    Mam/ Sir congrats ur simcard number have won P780, 000 with brand new laptop, 1st winner Sponsored by Manny Pacquiao last Nov 20, 2009 pls call me now im ATY Ariel V, Ong.

    A DTI permit number # 3456 series of O9.

    This is his fucking number 09077703101.

    How sad that they are many loser and scammer doing such things like this, and so on it was so sad that they are many victimized in this foolish deed.

  443. salvajeh lee says:

    i just got the same txt today.. medyo nagduda na ako ksi usong uso ang mga scammer simula nung nauso ang cellphones at internet.. kaya sinearch ko ung millionaire club inc..nakita ko resulta puro scam i ignored na lang ung txt hahah..

    i used to be scammer b4 but not like this..iniiscam ko ung mga mayayamang foreighner na manyakis sa internet haha… piliin nman sana nila ung mga bibiktimahin nila..tayong mga pinoy karamihan eh mhihirap tapos iiscam pa ng kapwa pinoy..kaya hndi umaasinso bansa nten hay naku!!

  444. LULU says:

    got a text message today from sec. REY S. ABAD,,w0w ha I won 700,000
    from millioners club..Merry x`mas sa tga club na 2!! bahal na c lord sa

  445. agnes says:

    09057400176 yan ang no. nya ……….!!!!!!!!
    kung sakaling ma-scam aku sumpain na sya wak nya pkita mukha nya……..hehehe

  446. agnes says:

    Notice: Ur simcard # won P780,000 in our 3rd aniv. preraffle drw, last Nov.18,2009 from Millionaires Club Inc. 4 more info & dtails call me nw MARIO M. CUEVAS.mga guys yan ang na recieve kung message kanina lng 2hrs ago d ku shure kung tunay to o anu bsta report ko na lng kung san malapit pg na-scam akohh………!!!!!!!hehehehehe

  447. louis says:

    I Received same message sec.JOEL B. ZAMORA
    .. 09359237841 eto ung number nya

    nanalo ka daw nang 780,000…

    SCAM na SCAM

  448. Gil of Quezon City says:

    i just got a txt message today, same details with you guys, from Sec. Victor E. Binay. i just won a 620,000,000 sa millionaires Club! hehehe! what a scam, nag reply ako minura ko! hehehe!

  449. precious says:

    i received this same message this morning… from Sec. victor e. binay 09085486181…hi, hi…

  450. ailyn says:

    na recieve q rn ang ganung txt………….
    ngreply nga aq at cnv qng modus nla un………..
    cguro na offend ata cla s tnxt q………..
    dmi nlng msgs n sinend skn…………

    ala nman cnv ung tga globe n my p raffle cla…………
    eh d sna ung globe ang ng sv n na2lo tau db?????

  451. researcher says:

    wow i got 1 here it’s been running for years now…

  452. clarence says:

    i received the same message today. from sec. mike g. lopez. haha

  453. digital karma says:

    juz got same msg juz like u guyz… 639178439721 nmn ang # na gamit.. good thing i surf the net.. tho i already had an idea na scam nga xa.. but my question lng is, PANO & SAAN NILA NAKUKUHA ANG NUMBERS NATIN? d b? wen infact i juz bought my globe sim yesterday.. haay.. nweiz, gudluck nlng sa mga scammers.. wish to see them on TV.. Imbestigador or XXX.. haha

  454. okiks says:

    same case hir… name was sec. ariel sipaco… sipain ko sana eh… hehehe… cel number 09394289281…

  455. heiz says:

    khit sa akin nndto p ko s japan pro my ngppdla s roaming ko pro reject nio nlng wg pncnn ang mga manloloko n yn!!!

  456. heiz says:

    hi wg gnun kc even ngloloko cla d nmn dpt isali ang parents!wala cla kinalaman dun/… un tao nlng n un!ska god knows alm ni god kng anung prusa nia bsta wg nlng kAU mnniwala s mga modus n yn!!!

  457. siraulo says:

    sinumpa ko nga na mamatay pamilya niya. ahahahahahah

  458. yvette says:

    sem here……….nanalo dw aq ng 450,000……..
    atots.g.peste….sana mahuli na yang vic ignacio na yan.sec daw?????????????????manloloko………..

    sana mkulong ka na////////

    watch out guys…i2 ang # na gmit nya…….09267672107.

  459. yvette says:

    i recieved sem messag

  460. dahlee says:

    I received a text message today from Millionaires Club Foundation telling me that I have won P860,000.00 in their 3rd anniversary pre raffle draw and told me to call him. His name is Vic Ignacio , the secretary. But I texted him saying “I am just wondering, why the winner should be the one to call them instead of they should call the winner. Why is it they have big prizes but dont have budget in informing the winners. He never replied .

  461. daril says:

    i got the same message to
    sec.:Cris a mendosa

    Ive been talk to this person for the past 3 days already but iam using a different landline phone. he told me the same as the other. iam from cebu he told me to go manila. i ask my friend from manila, because he told me about the address, my friend went there….but the office never excess.. ive been tracking the number this guy is from cebu….. ND My friend told me maybe this guy is a hacker… Patay sa akin to… Hahanapit ko tong ul_l::::::::

    beware of this kind of txt people;;;

  462. jay says:

    today i received a message also from this number 09068639057 saying that i won 780k in our 2nd anniversary preRaffle draw last Sept. 28,2009 from millionaires club inc. 4 more info & details call this number 09057150118 call me now Sec. LIZ M. SANTOS

    I did give my all info,so to make i look to internet and i found that that number is a text scam and im not the only one who were victim of this fake announcement( capture this criminal)

  463. jonah says:

    today, i received a message same with what the others had received. the message was this: Notice: ur sim# had won 450,000 on 3rd anniv. preRaffle drwn 9 27 09 from millionaires club inc. call me now! i’m Sec. VIc S. Ignacio. DTI-permit # 1022 series 2009, sent by 09267672107.

  464. vine says:

    hay nako nakakatakot naman ung mga ganitong tao. I also received a text from this number 0916 9945 266 ngaun lang and telling me that my simcard had won P780,000 n their 10th anniversary preraffle draw last Sept. 23, 2009 from MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC daw. Buti nalang at ang galing niang tumi ming dahil ako’y nag iinternet ngaun. hahaha! Echuserong palaka dahil gumagamit pa ng iba’t ibang pangalan. lols :)) Sec. CRIS A. MENDOZA daw xa! nakakainis dahil tatlong beses pa niang sinend sakin ung message na un. Sana maaksiyunan na 2.. Bago pa dumami ang taong maloko nito. Good luck nalang sa mga manlolokong tong. Nakikita koyo ng Diyos di man namin alam kung sino kau.

    GUYS mag ingat tayo..
    at sabihan nio na mga kakilala nio about sa modus na to.. para maging aware sila sa nangyayari. :)

  465. May says:

    I was in a meeting when i received this text.The guy’s name was jessie lopez and he’s askin me to call him up.Tough luck,if i really have won that prize,i could’ve given this jessie lopez 25% of it…

  466. ruby says:

    i received the same text message, from 09128067602, a VIC C. IGNACIO with a visayan accent. again, from millionaire;s club celebrating their 2nd anniversary. Can’t they at least keep their dates straight?? said i won 550K and a nokia N95. i called but i was laughing all the time, guess he got pissed off. haha. wish the authorities would do something about it.

  467. Charlemagne Cubin says:

    I received an email this morning telling me that I won the 550,000 pesos. The email stated this way. (NOTICE!! Ur sim#, Had won P550,000 in our 2nd drw lst,Sept.09-15-s9 Frm: Millionaires Club Inc. 4mre dtails Pls call me nw!I’m, Sec. Vic Ignacio! 09059330321……. very obvious… How can I won in the first place na wala naman akong sinalihan na contest.. To all the people around do not believe on this text. It will be settled in front of GOD on the judgement day and surely what you did on this earth will the same point on you where you belong.. And you Vic Ignacio in your alias name you have to repent of this scam that you did and be saved or else time will be gone out and no more…..

  468. hazel says:

    let me guess hnd lng lng iisang no. aNG gngmt nun!omg! mga walang mgwa..

  469. faith says:

    yesterday i received a message same with what the others had received. the message was this: Notice: ur sim# had won 700,000 on 3rd anniv. preRaffle drwn 9 15 09 from millionaires club inc. call me now! i’m Sec. Rey S. Abad. DTI-permit # 1022 series 2009, sent by 09169023927.
    i did give them a missed call but the number is already out of coverage. so to make sure i scanned the net for the club and i found out that i am not the only one who were victimized by this fake announcement. im wondering of where they get my number. i hope this will not happen again.

  470. cherry says:

    i received the same txt message yesterday and accdg to the message i won 780,000 2nd prize… but i need to call AMY SUAREZ.. i didnt call.. i won’t waste my load for nothing.. instead, i just checked it in the net first… they should be arrested by the authority!

  471. Hellie Dacillo says:

    today I received a txt message from this number +639066740756 saying that I won 850,000.. the message was (NOTICE)Ur simcrd # Won P850,000.00 in our 2nd Anv, PreRaffle Drw last 09/15/09 From:Millionaires Club Inc, 4 more info & dtails call me now? Im sec. Rey Gozon…

  472. Capt says:

    My mom recieved exactly the same text message from someone named Razzil C. Mendoza. This person is using the number 09057549905. The message included a 750K Php prize from Millionaires Club Inc. I told my mom that this is a scam since the message was sent from a personal subscription number. I think someone should give this number to XXX or Imbestigator to teach people like this a lesson.

  473. bakulaw says:

    i just received a txt msg.

    (NOTICE)Ur simcrd # Won P350,000 In the 2nd Anniv. PreRaffle Draw Last 09/11/09
    From: Millionaires Club Inc. 4 more & dtails. call me now! I’m sec. CATHY F. CHUA

    i searched the net and that’s how i ended up here. these b*&#%*@s should be killed. +639168438937

  474. Alvin says:

    hahaha kakatuwa nka recieved ako ng ganyan din text this morning…sa inis ko nag text back ako sabi ko confirm ko muna tawag lang ako sa imbestigador then i will call you later sabi ko hehehe then nagpalipas ako ng mga 20 minutes tinatawagan ko n siya hindi na makontak hehehe nak ng pitong pating na hubad dapat sa kanila ibitin ng patiwarik at balatan ng buhay hehehe at budburan ng asin at suka hehehe…

  475. auring says:

    i received same message wat u also received.
    (notice, ur simcard no. won P650,000 in our 2nd aniv. pre raffle draw from Millionare’s Club Inc. 4 more info and details call me now! Im Sec. Razzil C. Mendoza) txt from 09057549905!
    Damn diz person! Ang kapal pa ng mukha nia xeet!! and take note ha take note!! hmihngi pa ng 300 calling card ng 2pcs sa talk andtxt and 1 pc of globe calling card!! torpe!! muntik nq nadale ahh!! maniwala na sna aq bti nlng nagnet kme fwnd q at cnerch nmn 2 at na rid nmn lht ng mga comments nio.. inask nia full add at complete name q.. pra san b add na ku2nin nia db? at sbe wag q prw ipagsabi kht knnu wag dw ipagmyabang!!hahaha!! bti nlng fuck xa !! sec.razzil c. mendoza dw!! duuuuhh!! bisaya ka duuyy!! fuck u!!

  476. Anthony says:

    What do people get for reporting scams to you and what is the purpose of your website? Is this just getting stats and fun to read about or is there any actions made for this? I am not going to waste time writing in this site again. Is it worth reporting? Buhay Pinoy talaga!

  477. Anthony says:

    I received a text today Sep. 09/09 from Millionaires Club Inc stating my SIM# won Ph980,000 in their 2nd Anniversary raffle draw. His name is Sec. carlo G. Diaz +639057417534.

    this person should be jailed and what is the action of the government for such idiots. I didn’t even bother calling the number back. They should be set-up and when caught pls email me back and I want to see this person para madagukan ko. Pinapakain siguro sa mga anak nya ay galing sa nakaw. Lazy bitch! kawawa po ang mga mabibiktima nila.

    This website hope is not only for people reporting about scams but should also make actions para mahuli at makulong ang mga tao gumagawa nito. If you catch this man let me know i WANNA GIVE HIM 980,000 suntok!

    Pare maawa kayo sa sarili nyo and next time use ur head properly. Kung ako sa inyo mag drive ayo ng jeep or mag security guard, it’s a decent job kahit tuyo lang ulam mo masaya ka at walang takot sa batas. iF i SEE IN IN PERSON ILL SHOW U HOW U HOW I KICK ASS!!!!

  478. Apple says:

    Aug 27,2009 I received a text message from cell no.+639264350733 stating (Notice) Ur Sim # had won P700,000.00 on 3rd Anniv, preRaffle drawn 8″27’09 frm ( MILLIONARES CLUB INC) call me now! I’m Sec. REY S.ABAD.DTI-Permit # 1511 series 2009 (7:51pm)

  479. Manny says:

    I received this txt from 09068783478 with the latest of pseudonym Sec. Carlo Diaz. they (whoever they are) texted 8 times in succession before i answered 3 text messages (trip lang):

    1. If i really won, you would be calling me to congratulate me and telling me how to claim my prize. And not use UNILITXT several times.

    2. Well, Why not call me? the prize is big enough to merit a phone call

    3. Aww, Bad Trip ba? Well, first, spell your instead of “ur” and details completely. second, try to pretend you have a DTI registration number. Third, use a 4-digit special number. and last, make sure to be original and hinde yung pwedeng i-check sa internet. tsk tsk, im so sorry your stupid enough to try.

  480. Janelle says:

    hey they have a new number! I received one today from 09068783577. Puntong bisaya nga! Hahahaha how funny. Good thing I did not spend much of my prepaid load for talking to them. :)

  481. mary says:

    guys i received text messages that (notice)“ur sim.#won p670,000 in our 2nd aniv.pre raffle draw last
    frm:millionaires club inc. 4 mor info and details call me now! im sec.James c Dixon”
    i receieved but i doubt na una parang ayoko maniwala kasi siguradong scam ito. pero syempre naisip ko bigla tawagan lang. hay naku ung girl n nakasagot kakapagtataka nman at parang suplada ung boses nya. den prang di nman nya alam kung bkit pa ako tumawag. anu ba yan. tapos gusto nya magsend daw ako ng mga information about me sakanila. katakot nman bka san p mpunta mga information ko at magamit p nila ito. kaya i try to search it if it true and i found that it is scam coz i found that nangyari n din pla ito sa iba. salamat s site n ito.

  482. erick says:

    i just recieved the same massage just this morning from this MARLON 09351582949 telling me that i won P780,000 with loptop but i ignored it knowing that i did not register in any raffle or any lottery through SMS so i immidietly logged on the net to check if the “millionaires clube of the philippines inc.” is true. but i doubt it thats why i’am sharing my experiance with you guys.. dumadami na tayo! ingat la kapatid!

  483. Lady says:

    today I received a txt message also from this number +6390575269312 saying that I won 650,000.. the person named himself as Vic G. Ignacio. As i read the posts, i found out that this scam has been going on for some time already and the authorities are not doing anything about it. Hmp. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  484. jb says:

    i just got a text message from a certain SEC. REY A. VARGAS from the MILLIONAIRE’S CLUB INC. claiming that I have won Php780,000. i knew from the start that it is a scam,so I never bothered calling in and the most stupidest part is that they didn’t even place a DTI permit number to have an “authentic” look on their scam…DUMBASS.i am a bisaya my self pero i condone those bisaya’s doing these scams.If these MORONS could read this: tigilan na ninyo ang kalokohan nyo,dami natin naghihirap lumaban kayo nang patas.

  485. anna says:

    Just got the same message!when i call kabado ang boses nya parang guard ,then i gave my wrong name&adress when i call back he said didaw makita name ko sa computer nila,then i send again,i ask
    Now tell me how to claime my price he wont answer me back,

    Then he said

    (Twag pu kayo ulit zir),anu bayan manloloko sana mahuli na mga buang 09067356667 Ronnie V.Puno pa ginamit buang talaga

  486. franc says:

    oh..i forgot to include his no..

    his no. is..+639057142296


    he myt change his no. any tym so beware…


  487. franc says:

    crap this shit..
    i just got dis tx msg..
    “ur cel.#won p780,000 in our 2nd aniv.pre raffle draw last aug.16/09
    frm:millionaires club inc. 4 mor info and details call me now! im sec.Mark A. GOzon”
    and run out to my comp. 2 check its credibility..

    -lots of crazy txt around..huh

    -What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around…

  488. keiv says:

    jaz recved a same msg.. from this so called incorp.. wc is obviously a scam.
    hir is the no: 09057142296 Mark A. Gozon…

  489. judith says:

    same here ialso received txt message from millionaires club daw..haha,,bt naman ako mananlo eh wla nman akong sinalihan na raffle draw.haler!
    from the start alam ko ng scamm 2
    but i called them up then someone answered me name sec carlo diaz,den twag pa dw ako ky ariel lastimosa #09059127311..dun na dw ung pera sa releasingg dept,den twag pa dw ako ky raul gonzalez sa BIR dw yn pra matatakan na ung check and hinihingan pa ako ng 22,500 pra s BIR..vry convincing kng suumasagot..nananalo pla ako bt pa png bbyaran nd dpt kayo ung tumawg if nanalo ang isang ccontestant kng tlgang nnanalo ako papadala nyo na ung pera di na hhinggi pa…beter stop nyo na yang kalokohhan nyo!!!!

  490. alt says:

    same here 09265522719 sec.carlo t. diaz daw sha sana may mg action na dito scammmerrrrrrrsss

  491. wendy says:

    Of course since they are involved in this illegal “business” they won’t tell you their real name! How I pity these people!!!

  492. wendy says:

    I received the same message today and she (Jessica Mae Salud)insisted that I should call her. I did not call her but instead I sent a message saying, “Are you sure this is legal and not one of the scam stories I heard?” Well, she did not reply! =)the number of imbestigador, 9284713

  493. jpuaphee says:

    0935 na gamit ng mga loko. Just got the same message saying that I won 780k. He’s using the name “Tan”. Minura mura ko c gago. I didnt expect him to reply. Ung tipong un ung gigising sau. Kaya nabwisit talaga aq sa mga tang inang un eh.

  494. From Danao says:

    He he ehe…e

  495. From Danao says:

    Ask lang po: Ilan beses ba ang Anniversary ng Millionaires Club Inc. sa isang taon? e2 ang msg;(NOTICE): Ur celfon #won P780,000 In our 2nd’Aniv.. PreRaffle drw. Last JUly,30/09 Frm:Millionaires Club inc. 4 mor info &d’ me nw!Im sec MIKE B’ LIM.

  496. orland says:

    the same as usual…may pa congrats2x pa..nanalo daw ako ng 700,000.00.. ang sarap sana..hehehe
    Name nya Sec. Rey S. Abad,,with this no. 09057238951

  497. Norwegian says:

    It’s nice to know that i have won 650 000php again. But it had been bether if it whas real.

    If the gouverment should have any posibility to take this scamers. Everyone in the philippines has to register theyre mob. number by name and identity. This will never happend as long as there is possible to buy a new number withoute register youre identity anywhere. And as long that not everyone have a valid identity card with picture on.

  498. alfredo says:

    his number is +639351591968

  499. alfredo says:

    Mllionaires club inc. also sent me a txt message that i won a 780,000php for their 3rd anniv. preraffle draw.tawagan ko raw ang pangalan ni Sec. Rey A. Avila. 4more info. which i did not believe. and i even recorded our conversation. what a crap!

  500. quatrical says:

    got one kni-knina lang, kaya nung nareciv ko ung txt, dretso hnap agad sa net kung meron ngang gnun :)

    kaya napdpad ako d2. hehe

    Sabi sa text sponsored pa daw ni Manny Pacquiao, kalokohan.
    Sec. Armando C. Tan daw sya. kilala nyu?

  501. Luna says:

    I received message yesterday aug 2, 2009 saying the same message like other informing I won the raffle worth of 960,000 from jenny perez 0916-9957468. Sabi nang boyfriend ko di daw yun totoo. So naalala ko ung sabi sa tv na kapag wala ka namang sinasalihan na game bakit ka mananalo? Di ko lang akalain na makakatanggap ng ganong message. I just praying na lang po for those kind of people na ma-clear sa kanila kung ano ba talaga ang kanilang intentions. God always see kung ano ang ginagawa natin and see our heart, I searhed the internet tapos ito nabasa ko ang kanilang mga comments.

  502. shobe says:

    SAme here, the number is 09059549212 and his name is SEC RAUL MENDOZA, wtf?!with his visayan accent, how could you believe him right?mejo na shock sya nung tinanong ko kung may website sila,tas iniba usapan and ang sabi pa is wag daw ipagsabi kahit kanino.what the hell?hinuhuli ko lng sya,halatang kabado sya when i started asking if pano ko malalaman na valid ung message nya,aba,sumigaw ba naman,tsktsk,sana mahuli sila sa xxx

  503. ciara mahy tampus says:

    i just got the same txt exactly the same with the other message just two hours ago…. (NOTICE) ur simcard # won P580,000. In our 2nd anv. Pre-Raffle Draw last 7/27/09 from: Millionare’s Club Inc. 4 more info & details call me now! I’m Sec. EDGAR C. LEDESMA.
    i wish they will be caught. Ang dami na kasing mga txt na natatangap namin. It’s been many years already this kind of people are still out there. Bakit ba hindi ito makuha sa mga authority from the government?
    sana they will be caught na!!! Kawawa naman yong mga tao na nabiktima nila.
    thanks for all the info on text scam.!!!

  504. william says:

    i rceived also the same msgs today and yesterday… but he is using now this no.+639152367934, i hope mahuli na rin cla… nakakaperwisyo din.

  505. Dorothy says:

    Just received same message today from cell nbr +639168291027 using reply center defined. Could somebody please inform IMBESTIGADOR or one of those TV investigators regarding this SCAM? Thank you very much for all these info on text scams!

  506. LAB says:

    I just got texted!!! exactly the same message just 4hrs ago… (NOTICE)Ur simcrd # Won P760,000.00 n our @nd Anv, PreRaffle Drw last 07/42/09 From:Millionaires Club Inc, 4 mor info & dtails call me now? Im sec. Vic G. Ignacio….. I know this ia good to be true… comming from a private number and not the 4 digits# ….wow!!! this scams need to be stopped!! I hope that those poeple in authority will do something about this.

  507. cid says:

    just now i received this spam message. im curious coz it says that i won php. 780,000. hindi ko nga tinawagan. ang kapal huh. they suppose to call me. im not the one who must call them di ba. buti na lang im into internet. i immediately search for this millionaires club inc. +639057403160 this is the number who sent me that i won their third anniversary raffle draw. sya daw si Sec. Randy Lopez.

    sana lang mahuli sila ng imbestigador. hmp.

  508. ram says:

    Guess what? I also got one… My vain price is P780,000 from this scam(Congratulations!!! hehehe).

    I did not bother myself from calling anymore because it’s obviously a fake(Sayang pa sa load).

    Lesson learned: BEWARE of things which are too good to be true, Yung masarap talagang patulan… Because they are too good to be true… hahaha

  509. coco_25 says:

    i received the same txt msg 2day from 09056908240 sec james cruz dw xa! haha! kawawa nman tong mga ganitong tao na walang magawa sa buhay nila!

  510. coco_25 says:

    i received the same txct msg 2day from 09056908240 sec james cruz dw xa! haha! kawawa nman tong mga ganitong tao na walang magawa sa buhay nila!

  511. dhey says:

    naka ricieve din ako today,buti nalang nag search muna ako sa web, and i found out na same ang pinagsasabi ng mga lokong ito,,,makakahanap din sila ng katapat.kapag nakatagpo sila na SENADOR,,o nga politician, ayos ang buto buto nila,,,sa kulungan sila magpapayaman,,,,,,

  512. mads says:

    just a while ago, i received same text message saying that my simcard won P700,000.000 on 3rd Anniv. preraffle drawn 7’15’09 from MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC and asking me to call him now. The name written was Sec. Rey S. Abad. DTI Permit #1511 series 2009.

    I texted him to give me his landline and i’ll call him but he didnt reply at all.

  513. journ says:

    i received the same message apparently from dti sec rey s. abad using the cfone number 09059176458. i didn’t believe it because it used a regular number. i checked on the net out of curiosity to see if there were others who received the same “winner” text message. and i found this website. it’s nice to have this site to share scams to serve as warning to others who are also on the lookout for more valid information.

  514. -got the message- says:

    I got the same damn message today.

    It said:
    Ur Sim # had won P700,000.00 on 3rd Anniv.preRaffle drwn 7’15’09 frm(MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC.) call me n0w!I’m Sec.REY S. ABAD. DTI-Permit#1511 series 2009.

    I called the number and then the voice of the person was echoed… like as if he were talking through an empty can or had a voice changing device, and also in the background there was a caw from a rooster so he was not in an office when he received the call.

    Also he asked me to text my information, full name, address, etc.

    And then he said he will text back where to claim the money… but he sounded like a security guard because he hasn’t spoken a single word of English whereas the text message itself had no trace of Filipino dialect in it, and he didn’t respond when I talked to him in English.

    Other than that, he had a Visayan accent to his voice. Plus I checked the other comments in this web page and compared the phone numbers and i noticed it is different phone numbers which means he would have disposed his SIM card already and bought a new one just to do the same thing.

    +639273727679 (original phone number from the top of the page.)

    +639056571487 (number culprit used for the SMS he sent me.)

    I even notice a pattern here from what I can base from the more recent comments, the person changes their number at an average between 2 to 4 days so within this time period, he would at least be waiting for the said victim for a couple of days and if the target doesn’t respond he’ll change his sim card in an instant.

    If there is anybody who is reading this that are associated with the police or with the media please report this… thank you.

  515. karina says:

    Today i received the same text message from 09059325521 – RONNIE A. RAMA.

    (NOTICE) Ur simcrd# Won P780,000.00 n our 2nd Anv, PreRaffle Drw last: 07/07/09 From:Millionaires Club Inc.4 mor info&dtils call me nw!Im Sec.RONNIE A. RAMA..

    I asked what is his land line and wher is their office so I can go & claim… hahaha…. lets see if they can give an address and bring the NBI there …

  516. raena says:

    received same text just now, 0905-5909249 says Sec. rey S. Abad. may DTI# pa!

  517. jerome says:

    I also received the same text message and I really thought that it was a scam, at first i thought of responding with a message that would reach their conscience but i guess it wouldn’t work… I’m just weary for those people who’s in need of money that there’s a big possibility that they would be tricked with such a scam… Prayers is all that I could give now… God bless us all…

  518. lcm says:

    same message only different anniversary date, number and secretary:

    july 13 2009
    jenny valdez


  519. nicey ingua says:

    My husband got the message on his celphone. The number was
    09295324277. I told him ” hwag ka ngang magpapaniwala sa mga yan. Fake yan!” But, still wanting to ride on their game I texted him back ( a Sec. Mike Suarez) and told him, if I really won you will call me and not text me. So , I challenge your good club to call me . He never did!!! Scammers! Mga bisayang ugok!!!

  520. maxi says:

    earlier today at 12:46 and 12:48 i received two similar text messages that go like this: (NOTICE) Ur simcrd# Won P730,000.00 n our 2nd Anv, PreRaffle Drw last: 07/07/09 From:Millionaires Club Inc.4 mor info&dtils call me nw!Im Sec.Rudy T. Valdez.

    the sender’s number is 09161728769.

    i did not call him up but texted two messages: 1) is this for real? and 2) wish ko lang true. 730k is 730k.

    pero ciempre ramdam ko na scam ito. taz ginoogle ko eto nga nabasa ko na ang mga kwento ng mga ibang nakariciv din ng ganitong klaseng texts. hay naku mga wlang magawa ang mga hinayupak na to!

  521. Norwegian says:

    Oki he got a new number today The nummber is +639059426803 and he is verry eager to let me know that i am the winner of 650 000 ph 3 times message. Hmmm he has lot to learn from kenya scamers.

  522. cris says:

    i just received a txt sms from millionaire’s club inc. dis day july 04,09, ehehe dami nilang secretary no,.. nanalo daw ako ng 780k ito ung nagtxt si jims a vargas cel # 09066977856 dami nilang funds na pang prize sa mga raffle draw nila.. heheeh millionaires nga cla……

  523. susan says:

    this kind of people are menace to society.

  524. ed reyes says:

    guess they’re what you call intellectual ingenious but social morons.

  525. ed reyes says:

    same thing here, just got the message this morning so i log in to find out more about millionaires club inc. the name their using is sec. joel b. chua and the number is +639051670348. isn’t there anything the authority can do to put this people behind bars.

  526. jun says:

    hey guys,……………the same message,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…wag maniwala sa mga putang inang mnga scamers…………..eto po mo. ng nagtext sa akin kanina….09161778977 sec.cesar escudero…………paalala lang po lging ingat sa mga ganitong text

  527. jun says:

    hey guys,……………the same message,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…wag maniwala sa mga putang inang mnga scamers…………..eto po mo. ng nagtext sa akin kanina….09161778977 sec.cesar escudero…………

  528. julie ann gerochi says:

    i also receive same text messages ..and honestly he call me right now ..and he using the name of SECRETARY DANTE PIMENTEL..
    this is the text:

    your simcard # won P650,000.00
    in our second aniversary, pre raffle draw last; 6/24/09

    For more info
    Please contact:
    Mr. Dante Pimentel

    the number of this guy ia:


    FUNNY pa nga ee..

    hinihingi nya ung FRIENDSTER ACCOUNT ko..

    at kung my BF na daw ako..

    BISAYA ACCENT pa anG loko..


    just want to share..

  529. digie rodriguez says:

    i was texted just now…by a certain mike suarez from millionaire’s club cebu. i was so excited because some bad things happened to my family so i thought it was heaven-sent. but upon checking through my daughter’s office in smart, it was a hoax. i just wish it was true. so sad, some persons just
    joke around with serious persons. hey what’s happening? the address was in cebu. today is june 22, 2009.

  530. Carlo says:

    message ko today the number is 09351303618.text: notice: ur simcrd #won P780,000.00 in our 2nd anv, preraffle drw last: 06/16/09 from: millionairs club inc. 4 more details call now I’m sec. Rudy T. Valdez.

  531. dianthus says:

    yup…kaya do others a favor, will ya’ll?…forward this link to all your friends that has smart roaming no. either abroad or in PI to give them warning…that’s what i did as soon as i found this site.

  532. lyn says:

    hay naku..desame txt… buti nag research agad me sa nternet…ano ba yan! bkit d pa cila nakulong…dapat habang buhay cla sa kulungan PAGmahuli…. walang mga hiya…makahanap din cla ng katapat…ang dami niyo nang nabiktima grrrrrrr…..HINAYUPAK KAUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!


  533. dianthus says:

    here’s their # 9108234644 vic g ignacio raw…i hope so too na wlang mafall victim cla.

  534. dianthus says:

    i meant…may araw din sila….i received exact/same tmsg as Sunshine’s today.

  535. dianthus says:

    manigas….at araw din sila, eh?

  536. vincent says:

    message ko today the number is 09359730487.text: notice: ur celfon #won P780,000 in our 10th anv. preraffle drw last june 05/09 from millionairs club inc. 4 more details call now I’m sec. James L. Roxas. beware

  537. CHRISTOPHER says:

    waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! mga wulang magawa sa buhay!!!!!! DRAG them to HELL!!!! WTF!!!!

  538. sunshine says:

    OMG! I recev da send msg. today

    it says
    “(NOTICE)Ur simcard # won P650000.00. In our 2nd aniv.PReraffle drw:last may 28, 2009
    from: millionnaire’s club. 4 more info and details, call me now!im sec Vic G. Ignacio.”

    Grr…grrr..sana makulong kau..

  539. edna says:

    nkareciv din ako ng ganyan

    tang ina nio sama nio wag kayo manloko
    ang nagtxt samin ay si MIKE J. DAVID
    makakarma ka din …

    pngkmali keo ng binangga !!!!!!!!!!!
    maghantay lang keo

  540. edna says:

    nkareciv din ako ng ganyan

    tang ina nio sama nio wag kayo manloko
    ang nagtxt samin ay si MARK J. DAVID
    makakarma ka din …

    pngkmali keo ng binangga !!!!!!!!!!!
    maghantay lang keo !! ..

  541. rei says:

    geez! i just realised that there are so many people who have been receiving these kinds of messages. I got one just now. Looking at the last post which was dated 23 May 2009 means sobrang active ang mga taong to. Sec Vic G. Ignacio better luck next time. The number he used is +639059219494. I wasn’t really planning to believe in this message but decided to check the authencity of the club he mentioned and came across these posts. Nakakatawa na lang. Mga pinoy nga naman!

  542. f.r.g. says:

    fuck the scam!

    my cousin received the same message. humihingi pa ng load na 3h for TM and 2 3H loads for TNT. Nag doubt na talaga kami so we checked the net.buti nalang talaga at ginawa namin to.sayang ng pera namin. we’re minors pa naman!!!

  543. remi says:

    Just received the same message from a certain Sec. Marc A. Gozon this afternoon…these people are crazy, they should consult a doctor…grabe, magtrabaho ka! wag ka mangloko ng kapwa mo!

  544. cza says:

    same here same message but it was from a certain Sec. Carlo Diaz 09066236154. He said that I had won 650,000 amount of cash…

  545. li says:

    vic ignacio maawa ka sa mga tao na niloloko mo wala yan! kapatawaran sa dios sana matakot ka sa kanya buhay kapa sunog na ang kalag mo sa impyerno, natutuwa sayu si satanas na panginoon mo. sana magbago ka at magbayad ka iyung kasalanan kapag hinde habang buhay mong kasakasama si satanas

  546. lea says:

    nakatanggap din po ako ng message na ganyan ngaung may 21. (NOTICE) ur simcard # Won P730,000.00 n our 2nd Anv, PreRaffle Drw last: 05/20/09 from: Millionaire’s Club Inc. 4 mor info and dtails call me nw! Im Sec. Rudy T. Valdez.Agad ko pong tiningnan sa internet ang website kya napag alaman ko po na txtscam. Sana po makarma agad ang mga taung gumagawa ng kalokohan s kapwa nila. Mga hayop na yan!!!

  547. Avito Teves Belangoy says:

    I received a txt message from Sec Rudy T.Valdez with contact # +639161728769 that I’ve won P730,000.00 during the 2nd Anv Pre-raffle Draw last 05/17/09 of the Millionaire’s Club Inc.

    I sent him a reply that I’m willing to give him the authority to get the prize by retaining the 90% and sent the 10% to me. Mr. Valdez did not bother to reply anymore.

  548. Cris says:

    Ka2reciv q lng dis morning 3 messages p ang cnend…

    Buhay p dn pla ang mga manlo2ko n yn…

    dmi nmn # ni sec. vic ignacio… at ang dami nila secretary at ilan 2nd Anniv. b mrun cla..

    ito oh>>> 09267610173

    pde b sabay2 natin kunin prize natin pra un title nun foundation nila mabago… Millionaires Club Inc. —> Jailed Scammer Club Inc… hehehehehehe

    Kelangan pa ba lga manlamang ng kapwa pra mabuhay lng… tao nga nmn tlga… wg kayo paloko sa mga scammer n ito….

  549. bullet says:

    same text recieve today as of 1:23pm may 17,2009
    with contact #09265712646 sec.rudy t. valdez daw sya!!!!!!!!!!!

    isumbong na yan sa kinuukulan……pr mtapos n yng kalokohan nila!!!!!!!!!! mga baliw na yata…..

  550. amanda gonzalez says:

    I have received this kind of message just this morning said I won 500,000 peso and his the Sec of DTI Rey S.Abad.I hope no person will fall for this kind of stuff. For those people who is involved in this please naman we know mahirap ang buhay lumaban lang kayo ng patas please……..

  551. princess serenity says:

    notice ; ur sim card # wonp380.00.00 raffl draw last/05/10/09 frm millionares club ang name nya ricardo Y. de ocampo ,,,, shit na yan scamers pla mga iyan na dengoy akoo buti nalng di ako bumili ung mga pinapabili nya dahil duda na ako shit. shit.. kesyo bili daw ako ng smart buddy 8 pa daw kailangan nya ksi ung pin number daw doon sa smart kailanagn nya shit nayan,.. buti nalang kaya nadala na mee just today ko lng natanagp.. huhuhuhuh dapat hulihin na mga iyan para hinde na perwisyo tagalaog at visaya ang pananlita nya stupid na iyoN…

  552. Juanita De Jesus says:

    I received a text message that goes like this: “Notice: Ur Simcard # Won Php 250, 000 in our 2nd Anniv. PreRAffle Draw, LAst MAy 10/09- From Millionaires Club Inc. $ more info and details pls. call me now. Im Sec. REY A. CLASOS.” I called him up and he told me that the check is already prepared, yet it still don’t have a name, that’s why he insisted me to call up!… The number that the man named Rey used is 09056025910. Take note, when he called me up, he told me that i must thank God first of all, though at the latter part of the talk, i realized that it was only a text scam. And now, I bet it is indeed!…Please send any message on my email.

  553. xstatix says:

    I just got a similar message:

    from: +639161756899
    Sec. Jissa Mae L. Roxas
    win P780,000 in PreRaffle draw may 7, 09

    Everyone beware!

  554. Juan says:

    guys i won 750k.. thanks to millionaires club inc!!!

    …seriously, would anyone fall for this crap?

  555. justagurl says:

    Same sms wid me,
    from +639161677042
    Name : sec. James L. Roxas
    win P780,000

  556. heintjie says:

    nanalo daw kami wala naman kami sinalihan games or contest

    (notice) ur simcard # won P650,000 in our 2nd anv PreRaffle drw frm Minllionaires Club inc 4 more info & dtails call me now! im sec Carlo Diaz

  557. heintjie says:

    nanalo daw kami wala naman kami sinalihan games or contest….

    (notice) ur simcard # won p650,000 in our 2nd anv Millionaires Club Inc 4 more info & dtails call me now! im sec CARLo DIAz

  558. rose says:

    This text scam seem to have a lot of comments.Just received a text today from 09267795848.i just raised my eyebrows and immediately google this millionairs club inc. and luckily i found this site…i need to inform my friends now..God bless to all

  559. DOn says:

    syet, narecieve ko rin to kahapon. I did not bother to reply to his text message as it is obviously a crappy scam. sana mahuli na tong taong to.

  560. jeng says:

    i also received a text message from number 09161756857 stating: Ur sim# had won (P750,000.00) on 3rd anniv. pre raffle drawn 04’20’09 frm: MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. CALL ME NOW! Im Sec. REY S. ABAD, DTI-NCR Per#1511, series 2009

    why such people have to do things like that, is there any way to stop those things?

  561. Eyab says:

    Same sms wid me,
    from +639161728769
    Name : sec. Rudy t. Valdez
    win P730,000

  562. Anonymous says:

    OMG! I also received this txt message this afternoon and almost the same din with you guys. “Notice: Congrat’s u’r sim # won a Php 680,000. In our 2nd Anv. Prerafle draw” Last April 06/09. ‘ FROM; MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. For more info & details. ‘Pls call me nw. I’m sec. MIKE J. DAVID” – +639161756221. And cguro na-overwhelmed ako, i called him. And then, may requirements nga daw before makuha yung price. 1st req. Valid ID, 2nd req. 2pcs prepaid callcard TM, 3rd req. 2pcs prepaid callcard SMART. And then, i bought the prepaid cards. After that, he said that i call daw their finance director, Atty. Ramon A. Acosta. And i called him hoping to get the price. But he is really deceiving, sabi nya sila daw is from Philippine Charity Foundation and may liability daw na payment before getting the price which is 2.5% of the 680,000 which is 17,000. I have to send this daw. So, this was questionable. He said he will call me tomorrow morning. So wandering, I contacted my friend from a Globe employee to search the location of the said numbers. I’ll post tomorrow what will happen. I hope i could report this asap to the police so that they could stop them.

  563. samier says:

    NOTICE), ur simcard # won P 350,000 in our 2nd anv. pre raffle draw last. 04/16/09 frm MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. 4 more info & details call me now im SEC. VIC G. IGNACIO… gud p.m im one of the victim of millionaire club inc. nagpakilala xa sa akin na siya si Sec. Vic G. Ignacio e2 adres nya millionaire club inc. commom wealth room 201 3rd floor aurora condiminium tower center pascio de roxas st. Makati City. ni txt nya ako na nanalo daw ako ng 350,000, of course i wonder why if it is true so then i reply him as soon as posible. muntik na ako maniwala sa kanya sa sobrang convincing power nya at sobrang excited ko rin… so then i question more about sa kanya na anong dapat gawin ko, he said prepare my personal document which is bragy. clearance., cedula, birth certificate, valid ID… tapus humingi sya ng security code. security code na yun for my ID certification daw yun para masulat ang check sa pangalan ko may memorandum xa for security code which is 3 globe call card prepaid and 1 touch mobile call card prepaid at scratch ko yun tapus i-sent ko daw sa number nya nakakapagtaka lng lng sa lahat lahat ng mag-raffle draw ako pa ang papatawagin niya so i call him for clarification kung totoo na nanalo ako, tapus after ma-scratch ng call card card wag ko daw yun itapun refundable daw yun, pnta lng daw ako sa COA commission on audit hingi lng daw ako ng recibo sa pinagbilhan ko, kung magtanong daw ng tindira 4 business lng daw tapus mag-ingat daw ako wag-isabi sa iba ang nalalaman ko na nanalo ako ng ganun halaga, tatlong beses ako tumawag sa kanya ako naman tong muntik magpaka-tanga muntik ko na sundin ang instruction niya, sana mahuli yang VIC G. IGNACIO na yan, ang sabi pa nya may nakikita daw sa taas alam nyo na si BRO…. si BRO na ang bahala sa knya…..

  564. hantics main man says:

    nakarecieve din ako ng txtscam galing sa mga hayup na mga yan!! ang simcard num ko daw ay nanalo ng 780,000 dahil sa 10th anniv.preraffle draw last april 8/9 09 ang nagpadala ay ang walang hiyang si SEC.JAMES L. ROXAS naghinala na ako kaya chineck ko muna sa internet kasi wala ko sinalihan at the same time roaming num ko ung sinendan nila kaya imposible kac and2 ko sa paris; mahirap na nga ang buhay my nabubuhay pang mga halang ang kaluluwa tulad ng bwaka nang ina mga yan d lang dapat sa imbestigador pati sa bitag ni tulfo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  565. Beetle says:

    i just received two messages from one Sec. Mike David, claiming to be the Secretary of Millionaires Club Inc. the first message reads: “Notice; C0ngrat’s u’r sim# w0n a Php 680,000. In our 2nd Anv. Prerafle draw” Last March 30/09. ‘FROM; MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. For m0r info & dtails.”Pls call me nw. I’m sec. MIKE J. DAVID…”. The second message reads: “Notice: U’r sim# had w0n a php 680,000. In our 2nd ANV. Prerafle draw’ in last March 30/09.’ Frm” MILLIONAIRES CLUBG INC. Pls call me up for m0r info @ dtails..I’m sec. Mike j. David.. Thank u”. Allegedly their office address is Millionair club Inc. Solid bldng 7tlr r-m 701 special project divission. 57 paseo de Roxas ayala makati.per DTI P-# 2631 SIRIES OF 2009. i copied in toto his messages sent to me earlier. He mentioned names such as “Roger Santos” and one “Atty. Gerald Morez” but the latter doesn’t appear in the rolls of attorneys in the Philippines. I’ve been receiving similar messages even before with my previous smart and globe sims…scam!scam!scam!

  566. Kitt says:

    Guys, I also received the SMS early this morning with the same info except for the sim number he used (09161756898), the prize 680,000, it’s already their 3rd anniv, and contact person is REY CARPIO.

    Is there already some on-going investigation regarding this one? thanks for all the cross-postings. these site really helped a lot to keep us all aware.

  567. CEE JHAY says:


  568. bernie says:

    I received just now from Sec. Rey A. Lim, This time the no. is (+639359831525 says “(NOTICE) Ur simcard # Won P850,0000.00 In our 2nd anv.PreRaffle Drw last: 4/06/09 from:Millionaires Club Inc.4 more info&details call me nw!im Sec. Rey A. Lim — hehehe another scam.

  569. Desiree says:

    Same message I received just now from Sec. Vic G. Ignacio. This time the no. is (63) 906-867-2355 says “(NOTICE) Ur simcard # Won P650,0000.00 In our 2nd anv.PreRaffle Drw last: 4/06/09 from:Millionaires Club Inc.4 more info&details call me nw!im Sec Vic G. Ignacio”. Obviously I see this is a kind of txt scam! Haaaaiiiii. Damn for this kind of people!

  570. maria says:

    ..hi guys, i just received a text msg from a certain Sec. Vic.G.Ignacio.. Nothing’s changed with their scam, I won 650,000.00 in their 2nd Anniv. Pre reaffle draw.. blahblahblah.. and guess what?– the money is from “Millionaires Club Inc.” oh c’mon! These scammers should be placed behind bars.. how many people have they scammed using this technique? Their abusing the economic status of the Filipino people by luring them to easy money [read: scam]. I work in a web security company and i see this kind of scams in every way possible, everyday.. This sucks.. :(

  571. Ryan D.C says:

    My sister receive text msgs from a certain REY M. YAP and introduces himself as a Secretary of the so called MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC. then he ask my mother to call him for more info about on how she (my mother) won the prize from the said organization. then he ask for my mothers info’s, like name, add,age and occupation, barely he doesn’t know that they were talking in a loud speaker phone while i and my younger brother and sister listens,he gave us an address which is located at WATER FRONT HOTEL CEBU. He gave us requirements such as prepaid cards and valid id’s. He was in hurry to have the prepaid cards #’s because the prize wont wait for another 12 hours, i told my mother to ask for more time so that i could check if it is true or just a bogus deal, my mother told him if could wait till 1:00 pm and he agreed. after they talked i rushed to my friend and i searched for the info’s he gave us and i found that were not the only victim of this bogus.a piece of advice, if you are smart enough follow your instinct and think twice before you act. sana mahuli kayo mga katulad nyo ang dapat na nakakulong at magdusa sa kulungan. if given a chance i’d like to work as an agent or something to spy on those nutheads. not only in this kind of case, any case would be fine. here’s my # 09155296770. thanks………

  572. julie ann says:

    ngaun nkatanggap na dn ako ng msg galing ky ignacio naks sarap ng mudos nyo ha parang totoo hahahah nagun kakatikim ka skn ng msarap na slita mga enotelllll

  573. julie ann says:

    i recieved tx msg from vic ignacio sec daw xa,,,noong mrch 31 nanalo daw ako,ilan na nagtx skn pero i woudnt mind it but now bcuz of my curiosity ill try to contack thm….u knw wat nakabili ako ng call card tm @ globe tapos hinihgi ung pin num…hui mga manloloko stop it its not funny,,,,buti nlng nag isip ako ma net hahahah bestado na kau noh…..ok lng ung nagastos ko 600 lng nmn un eh…hmmmmmm sponsor pa daw c loren legarda ano cla sesuswerte

  574. dcd says:

    I also received the same txtmsg this morning.say that i won 38000 of the raffle draw from millionaires club. but i check on the net first if this txtmsg its not a scam.then I confirm from this site that its scam. thanks guyz..

    Careful Guyz!

  575. kaye says:

    I received the same just a couple of minutes ago with this +639066977856 from Sec. JAMES A. VARGAS You know whats funny the way he texted me parang hindi professional nakakatawa Ur celfon # won 780,000 in our 10th Anv. PreRaffle drw Last March 15/09 frm Millionairs club??? WHAT THE HELL??? You gotta be kidding me!!!

  576. jb says:

    heto nga pala yung cp number who send the text from above:
    +09267608323, in case lang hehe

    *Note: magkasunod kami nakatakanggap ng text ng GF ko kasi magkasunod kami ng number.. Mas madali malaman kung may manloloko.

  577. jb says:

    heto from Sec. James A. Vargas: “Notice: Ur celfon #won P780,000in Our 10th Anv.PreRAffle drw. Last March.19/09 frm. Millionairs Club inc. 4 more me now “… Ewan ko kung tumatalino lang talaga mga tao ngaun.. hindi na P1,000,000 lagi.. iba ibang amount na hehe para mas kapanipaniwala. Yun lang wag basta maniniwala. Nagising ako dun ah.

  578. myra lindo says:

    i received message vic g. ignacio.saying that my simcard number won 350.000 .2nd anv pre raffle drw last 03/19/09 from millionaires club inc.tinawagan ko tinanung me kung no wrk husband ko cnabi ko.kla ko totoo.gnamit pa si loren legarda. cnbi ko pa tres ko m n ung campany mo sa kapatid kong pulis.ska ko n kunin ung wenner ko 350tawsan.ngalit binisaya ako hahahaha.ay nko dmi ngaun mangloloko.wg basta2 mani2wala.

  579. yann says:

    hey!. .i got a text message yesterday from this number: +639061951088

    it says, “(N0TICE) Ur simcrd # Won P650.000.00 In our 2nd anv.PreRaffle Drw last:03/18/2009 from:Millionaires Club Inc.4 more info &dtails call me nw!im Sec Vic G.Ignacio.”

    as if i know this institution. .i decided to search for this in the web. .and lucky enough, i found interesting results. .as what i have observed from the previous comments, this text scam is already running for two years!. .haay. .i strongly recommend that whoever is behind this text scam must be caught. .

  580. Kim says:

    Haha! Kakatangap ko lang nag message na ito kanina. Kaya nga ginugle ko, e2 nakita ko itong site. Mga scammer nakatikim tuluy siya ng mura sa akin! :)

  581. daph says:

    i recieved a text message today with the same content. its from 09161135317 Ramon G. Lopez.

  582. ydc says:

    report these people to authorities..i received the same text message and i knew right away that it was a scam for the following reasons:

    * i didn’t join any raffle
    * they used a private number
    * they used text shortcuts instead of typing the messages
    using whole words, with correct spelling, like educated
    professionals would do
    * and there’s no such thing as a “pre-raffle draw”

    be careful with scams like this! always, always, trust your intuition!

  583. Haru-nyan says:

    Looks like there are a lot of variations on this one. I’m using Globe and I just received the same exact message earlier but has different:

    1. Cellphone number (+639059454116)
    2. Draw date (03/14/09)
    3. Prize money (P650,000.00)
    4. The person who claims to be sending the message (Sec Vic.G.Ignacio)

    These people really never give up as long as there are people who keep falling for it. I hope these people get busted for what they are doing. Prank or scam, this is abusing the fact that people would go for anything just to earn money during times like these.

  584. xandz says:

    i’ve received the same msg a few minutes ago.. instead of calling i txted him.. “how can i win this raffle if i dont even join such raffle.. if i truely win this raffle you must call me..” then i googled it, cause i know its a scam.. here is the digits 09268620485.. he told me he is Sec. Ramon G. Lopez and i won 780,000.00

  585. dhar says:

    i also received this kind of message……from this #09069281051….and take note..they lower the prize to this moment…amount of 350,000.00…..came from sec. jenny perez base on the text i receive..

  586. kwini says:

    i also received this kind of message… but under this name… Sec. Rey A. Abad…and no. 09161756857 take note… 750,000. I think in the next few days this prize they are giving would be bigger… Just like the LOTTO.. heheheeh

  587. alex says:

    i also received the same text message from 09059426176 from sec carlos f. flaviano. buti na lng nagcheck muna ko sa internet bago tumawag. then nakita ko yun website na thanks tlga..

  588. Joany says:

    i’ve just received the same text turning me to browse to the net leading to this site… the number used is 09076478612 from sec. vic g. ignacio. grabeh na tlaga ang buhay ngaun…lahat na gagawin kahit panloloko para lng magkapera..pero sana wag naman magpaloko ang mga tao….sana maparusahan ang mga taong ito para mabigyan ng leksyon…

  589. joanne says:

    Same here. I received a text message this morning from +6329155289191.“(Notice) Ur celfon# had Won (P650,000) on 3rd Anv.PreRaffle of Millionaires Club Inc.Drw last 1/15/09 more info and details, call me now!Im Sec. Rey A. Abad.”

    Ang dami ng manloloko ngaun!sana ma-aksyonan ‘to ng NTC.

    Beware guys!…

  590. sopissedoff says:

    Same thing here. I received this text a while ago from #632964582351.“(NOTICE) Ur simcrd # Won P450,000.00 n our 2nd Anv.PreRaffle Drw last: 01/12/09 From:Millionaires Club Inc.4 mor info&details call me now!Imsec. Vic G.Ignacio.”

    It’s so obviously a scam! sana mahuli na yun mga yan..

  591. napepeste says:

    Nabuhay na naman si Vic G. Ignacio +639068672345. “(NOTICE) Ur simcrd # Won P650,000.00 n our 2nd Anv.PreRaffle Drw last: 02/06/09 From:Millionaires Club Inc.” Sana i-block na yang mga number; mauubusan din sila ng sim.

  592. anwarysm says:

    meron din nagtext sa akin, si Sec. Rey A Abad (+639053883256) daw sya ng Millionaire’s Club Inc. akalain nyo nanalo daw ako ng P650,000 e wala naman akong sinasalihang raffle or contest. Ampu@#$ ina yang mga yan, walang magawang mabuti sa kapwa kundi ang manloko. parehas na kami, nireplayan ko naman sya ng malulutong na p@#$ ina mo at p@#$ ina nilang lahat sa millionaire’s club. hindi po masamang magmura kung ang mumurahin nyo ay mga manloloko katulad ng pu@#$ inang millionaire’s club inc na yan…

  593. LJB - QLD, AU says:

    same here. this tym he’s using #+639161138622. it say’s

    Notice: Ur Simcrd # Won P650,000,In our 2nd Aniv.PreRaffle Drw,Last,02/02/09:Frm Millionaires Club Inc.4mor info &dtails call me nw!Im sec:Jerry Lopez.”

    nka ilang 2nd anniversary n kya cla? & why they’re using popular names? ang dmi nman nlng SEc of SCAM! hehehe…..

    Kya guys, BEWARE…………….. sna umabot nto s XXX pra mainbestigahan.

  594. ghee says:

    good thing i searched about it..I received the same scam with the name vic perez as secretary with the number 09161660293..haha..good thing i did not call back..anyways, let’s put this case at he hands of TULFO! hahaha..isumbong mo kay tulfo! tama! LCM, Bitag nga! gusto ko din isumbong kaso pwedeng iba na lang magsumbong? hehe..papanuorin ko talaga yun pag nagkataon!

  595. chris gustilo says:

    “just recieve a message saying that my simcard number won 650,000.00 in their 2nd anniv preraffle draw last dec 25,09 from millionaires club inc. they want me to call them back. the name that they use is sec. raul diaz. good thing i check it first in the net just to find out that this is only a text scam. so for those people who will recieve this kind of text messages. be careful.. hope that our goverment can do something about this.”

  596. LCM says:

    09058235238 -> same scam text message din today from this number, 3X pa nagtext.

    Baka meron gusto magsumbong? Imbestigador? XXX? Bitag?

  597. MRAZ says:

    Same thing here, just this morning. The name to contact is James L. Roxas. The government can’t do anything about these crooks so I just cursed him in my reply.

  598. Raz says:

    My husband also received the same message below from his roaming number;

    Notice: Ur Simcrd # Won P780,000,In our 2nd Aniv.PreRaffle Drw,Last,JAN,08-2009:Frm Millionaires Club Inc.4mor info &dtails call me nw!Im sec:REY M.YAP.”

    from cel # +639057681450 yesterday.

    Obviously the prize money was alluring so he called that number to find out more. An older gentleman answered the phone even though my husband had called 3am in the morning- would have been 12 midnight in phils, asked him alot of personal questions and then explained that my husband’s cel # was given by GLOBE and part of GLOBE charity. The gentlemen then said to text him all his details: name, address in the phils and work status.

    Sounds very convincing but after reading all the comments please be careful! Only Globe has the right to your cel numbers and would not give it to any third party unless they are part of it and you are told-it’s company ethics.

  599. Aeonflux says:

    ….same here I also received the same SMS just this moment, the cell #is 09057681450, here’s the message:

    “Notice: Ur Simcrd # Won P780,000,In our 2nd Aniv.PreRaffle Drw,Last,JAN,08-2009:Frm Millionaires Club Inc.4mor info &dtails call me nw!Im sec:REY M.YAP.”

    hmmmm…. mga adik ata yang mga yan kulang sa pansin…hehehe

    So guys ingat kayo sa mga txt scam hah… BE WISE!!!!!

  600. marc says:

    well i received also this kind of text messages twice yesterday, Cell # is +639268718867 and he said:

    “(Notice): Ur Celfone # Won P680,000,In our 2nd Aniv.PreRaffle Drw,Last,JAN,13-2009:Frm Millionaires Club Inc.4 mor dtails call me nw!Im sec..James A. Vargas”

  601. Rache says:

    I just received the same text this morning. His name is Vic G. Ignacio. Their using this no. : 09061951088. Why haven’t they been caught? Its already 2009!

  602. JR says:

    Also received the same SMS just this moment, the cell #is 09057681450, here’s the message:

    “Notice: Ur Simcrd # Won P780,000,In our 2nd Aniv.PreRaffle Drw,Last,JAN,08-2009:Frm Millionaires Club Inc.4mor info &dtails call me nw!Im sec:REY M.YAP.”

  603. bunga says:

    Hmmmn.. got this text also, nanalo din daw ako ng 780K.. heeheheee.. dami pala natin nanalo ano?!. this text message is from REY M. YAP, using 09169751464.

  604. edgar says:

    Received the same message. Cel# is 09265712472 from Vic G. Ignacio. Could somebody inform someone from NTC to block all these numbers?

  605. irate says:

    …hay.. same here, i just received the same message, just right now.. from Sec.Rey A. Abad, with a cell#+639053883256.. take note! “SEC” daw! Secretary of what!? Secretary ng mga manloloko!! bullshit talaga tong mga to.. walang magawa sa buhay.. istorbo!! sana mahuli na tong mga to..

  606. raine says:

    Received also the same text message just today early in the morning pa ha! kainis istorbo! the cel# is 09057681450, his name is sec. rey yap

  607. shane says:

    Received also the same text message just today , the cel# is 09057681450, his name is sec. rey yap, mixing all names that he uses.

  608. Maritess Muaña says:

    …”I also recieved same text message last january 04,2009 from Sec.MARK A. GOZON that i won 780.000 daw.But I ignore it,lam ko namang textscam lang yon…kc some of my friends nakatanggap na rin,they tried to call them pero walang nangyari kasi bisaya daw ang nakasagot..

    hmmmm.Sana mawala na ang mga pesting yon,napaka talaga..
    Wala talagang senasanto…New year na new year pa naman.Kailan kaya sila magbago o kaya’y madakip.

    Sarap isumbong sa imbestigador.HAYOP TALAGA SILA!!!!

  609. Maritess Muaña says:

    “…Sana mamatay na lahat ng mga manloloko o kaya mahuli n sila….

  610. Maritess says:

    “….I recieved same message also from Sec. MARK A. GOZON that i won 780.000 daw, but i ignore it…lam ko namang textscam lang yon,kasi some of my friends nakatanggap na rin and tried to called them,pero walng nangyari…bisaya pa daw nakasagot eh..hehehehe.

    So guys, ingat sa mga text scam ha…

  611. pau says:

    got the same text message earlier today.

    it was from vic yap, 780k daw napanalunan ko! haha

    i replied, sabi ko “kuripot nman, gawin mu ng 800k haha!”

  612. Royce says:

    i receive message from VIC G. IGNACIO {NOTICE….} ur sim#.had won!P350,000.00 in our 2n’d anv. PreRaffle Drw last,/01/02/09/ from {MILLIONAIRES!! CLUB OFFICE INC.}

  613. john says:

    i receive message from VIC G. IGNACIO {NOTICE….} ur sim#.had won!P95,000.00 in our 2n’d anv. FREEraffle Draw last,/12/26/08/ from {MILLIONAIRES!! CLUB OFFICE INC.}

    sana mahuli tong puta na to..manl02ko talaga yan wag kayong maniwala sa kanya…
    et0 number nya..09265981434

  614. john says:

    i receive message from VIC G. IGNACIO {NOTICE….} ur sim#.had won!P95,000.00 in our 2n’d anv. FREEraffle Draw last,/12/26/08/ from {MILLIONAIRES!! CLUB OFFICE INC.}

    sana mahuli tong puta na to..manl02ko talaga yan wag kayong maniwala sa kanya…

  615. al says:

    motherfucker talaga ang scam na to… vic ignacio daw and pangalan! 09265712328 rin ang gamit nya ngayon.

  616. allan says:

    I also got message from vic ignacio eto na gamit nyang no. ingat kayo sa bisayang to. 09265712328

  617. lucky says:

    i also recieved the same txt message last nov 11, 2008 from sen. vic g. ignacio (+639058825256)

    i just ignored their message and presumed that this is one of those scams…

    be careful guys!!!!

  618. Trevor says:

    I recieved the same text from the number +639169755834 on 11/06/2008 so watch for this number too

  619. June says:

    got the same message from sec. vic g. ignacio with cel# 09168291787 but this time i won 850,000 daw! very tempting…hehehe

  620. james says:

    same here. the number is +639277323320. it says to call sec. vic g. ignacio.

  621. iris says:

    Nakatanggap din ako ng message na ito, 3 beses pa sa iba-ibang araw. Sec. Jerry Lopez daw siya. Noong unang natanggap ko yung text, halata naman na scam lang ito. Meron na palang Millionaires Club Inc. ngayon? gusto ko sanang tawagan at bigyan ng malutong na pananalita pero naisip ko na pagsasayang lang ito ng prepaid load. Sana tumigil na rin ang mga ganitong modus.

  622. Arvin says:

    Warning!! Same comment. They are using the number 09268620485 right now and they are the one that calls now.

  623. I received also sms today Sept.25, 2008 from Millionaires’ Club c/o a.k.a. Sec. Jerry Lopez +639066042826. Sec.Lopez spoke in Tagalog and has Visayan accent (that’s why I doubted), and also he was dragged the name of Sen.Manny Villar who funded this 2nd Anniv. Raffle Promo. I hoped this info reach the knowledge of Sen.Manny Villar to stop this scams done by impostors.

  624. I received also sms today Sept.25, 2008 from Millionaires’ Club c/o a.k.a. Sec. Jerry Lopez +639066042826. Sec.Lopez spoke in Tagalog and has Visayan accent (that’s why I doubted), and also he is dragging the name of Sen.Manny Villar who funded this 2nd Anniv. Raffle Promo. I hoped the scams by these impostors reach the knowledge of Sen.Manny Villar.

  625. ghe says:

    nkarecieve pu kme ng txt gling po s number n 09067990534 n nnlo nga daw pu kme s isang raffle draw tpos pinbi2li kme ng prepaid card pero nagsearch muna ko s internet to know the truth behind this..

    dpat tlagng isuplong yn s imbestigador…
    mga wlang hiya sila akala nila malo2ko nila tau da2ting din sila s kulungan…

  626. Tin says:

    Our messenger received the same text message, ang pinagkaiba lang ay yung petsa ng kanilang 2nd Anniv at yung perang napanalunan…

    Ilang 2nd anniversary kaya ang kailangan nilang i-celebrate?

  627. josefina bulantoy says:

    sus kon akoy pabut-on ang akong isilut aning mga mangingilad ako jud silang putlan ug liog ud ug…….hmph….kamot! ilaron pa nila kitang mga pobre nga di naman gani ta kapalit ug load! pesteng mga tawhana!

  628. Canelyn says:

    today I received a txt message from this number +639265856051 saying that I won 650,000.. I jus thought it is a scam and I didn’t mind it.. the person named himself as Vic G. Ignacio

  629. Eddie says:

    i also recieved the text message last march 1,2008 informingthat my simcard won 680,000 also on their second anniversary preraffle draw last feb.29,2008 from certain Sec. Mark A. Gozon with cell no. 09174632116

  630. flor says:

    I also received the same text message last Feb.08, 2008 informing that my simcard won 680,000 on their 2nd anniversary preraffle draw last Jan.31,2008 from certain Sec.GABRRIELLE SANTOS with cell NO.+639263393092

  631. Bernard says:

    I received a text from this scam artist. The number was +639166234574. The person named himself Rey H. Flores with a DTI permit #4773 65.

  632. Darlene says:

    I got this text message today. I checked Millionaire’s Club in the internet and found the thread in forum, then this site.

    The number used was +639166235592 and the name was VIC B CUEVAZ.

  633. tina says:

    My husband received as in the same text message. the message was so obvious. But still my husband still tried to call the number, then there were some instructions he was told to do. But I already gave a warning that he shouldn’t believe everything they say. And thats it he found out that these people tell their victims to send them load cards! in replace to the shipping fee coz they said the checke will be coming from cebu!

    I was looking for the number of IMBESTIGADOR to report this incident. but i was not able to get the number = (
    I really would like theses people be caught in the act with these scam!

    Please tell all your friends about it to avoid these incidents!

  634. khrisna says:

    this day i recieved similar text as what others recieved. it made me doubt about it and remembered the same situation from one of my officemates so i browse the internet and happened to know others of same situation.

    ang sarap nilang pugutan ng ulo o kayay makalabuso sa rehas.

  635. Bea says:

    I received the same message today from 09272980635. It is obviously a scam coz they were using a private number instead of like 4 digit numbers like other phone networks uses in sending infos. I called him up. Puntong bisaya pa nga ang nakausap ko. This is not the first time i received text scams like that. He’s so obvious, first he asked infos about me, full name, add, b-day, civil stat and work then he told me to call him back after 2 mins. Of course i sent fake info. Then, i called him back and he confirmed the infos that i sent, he said he encodes it in the computer and would send me the office address where i can claim the check and the check number. He sent me the check number and the office add. U know where the address is? Millionaire’s Club Inc. Office. Rm. 301 Ground floor, WATERFRONT HOTEL LAHUG ST.CEBU! He tried to find out where i live and when he knew that i was from bulacan, he told me an address pretty far from them so that i would ask for another option of receiving the check and so i did. I called him again and asked if there’s another way that i could get the check. He gave me 2 options, 1st- i would go in Cebu and meet them personally and the 2nd is bank to bank. I chose bank to bank and he asked if i have an account and if it’s still active.

    I really think this people doing this scam should be set-up and get caught by IMBESTIGADOR!!! Hayy naku. Ansarap makita sa TV yang mga yan na hinuhuli at pinoposasan diretso sa kulungan! If only i can contact imbestigador.

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