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Dear Friend,

However strange or surprising this contact might seem to you as we have not meet personally or had any dealings in the past, I humbly ask that you take due
consideration of its importance and immense benefit. However, this is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honor against your will.

Let me start by first introducing myself properly to you. It may surprise you receiving this letter from me, since there was no previous correspondence
between us,My name is Elder Jack,I got your contact information from your country public records while searching for a last name similar to my late client who died with his entire family in 2008 Xenophobia attack in South Africa.

The Bank has issued me a notice to contact the next of kin or the account will be declared unserviceable and the fund diverted to the Bank treasury, that shares a part of similar name as yours , who died 2004 . The account of the deceased worth the sum of US$48.7 Million with has been unclaimed due to unavailability of next of kin/relatives to claim the fund.In accordance with the The South Africa Reserve Bank Statuary laws which says any unclaimed funds like this after 5 years, the Board of Directors of the bank met forth night ago and resolved to turn the fund of the deceased over to Government
pause having waited for too long without the deceased relatives/next of kin surfacing and if this is done,invariably, the funds will end up to become Government property and it is as a result of this that am moved to contact you considering the fact that you share almost the same name with
the deceased In view of this, am seeking your cooperation and understanding to stand as the deceased next of kin to enable us claim the inheritance before the period given by the bank elapse.
If you are interested and in agreement with me, get back to me quickly and I will send to you all the information you may need to proceed without coming to South Africa and be rest assured that it is risk free project and the proceed/fund will be shared 60% me -40% you once the fund are expatriated into your account anywhere in the world.

Do not fail to get back to me as soon as you have receive this mail right now to enable us discuss further, with your telephone and fax numbers
for easy communication and oral discussion.

I await your prompt response immediately.

please reply to my private and personal email–

Best Regards.

Mr.Elder Jack


Dear in Christ.

Dear in Christ.

I am Mrs. Regina William an aging widow suffering from long time illness. I am currently admitted in a private hospital in Abidjan Cote d`Ivoire, I have some funds I inherited from my late loving husband Mr. Raymond William, the sum of US$5.500. 000 which he deposited in bank here and I need a very honest and God fearing person that can use these funds for God’s work and 15% out of the total funds will be for your compensation for doing this work of God. I found your email address from the internet and decided to contact you.
Please if you would be able to use these funds for the Lord’s work kindly reply me as soon as possible.

Your Sister in the Lord.

Mrs. Regina William.


I write to contact you about a foreigner bearing the same name as yours

I am Mr. Wilson Zhen, Trained and working as an Account Officer In Development Bank of Singapore (DBS).
I write to contact you about a foreigner bearing the same name as yours, who died here in Singapore, over a decades ago leaving behind an estate/capital US$12.8M here in Development Bank of Singapore.However, the Investor died intestate, no next-of-kin, nobody came forward all these years to lay claim of the inheritance.
I have decided to work with you to secure the funds, and propose 20% offer for you. If you are interested, you are advised to email me through my private email the following information stated below:-
iii. AGE:
Upon hearing from you, I will unfold more details and how to commence in the transaction.
Best regards,
Mr. Wilson Zhen




I am Mr. Michel Freeman PRINCIPAL EXECUTIVE’S OFFICER WORLD BANK ASSISTED PROGRAM FUND DISCOVERY MANAGEMENT AND PAYMENT BUREAU newly established by the World Financial Service Authority United States Of America & European Union I decided to contact you because of the prevailing security report reaching my office and the intense nature of polity in London.

Note that a special payment arrangement has been made to remit this fund to you either through Telegraphic Wire Transfer (Online Banking), Diplomatic Means or alternatively come in person to any of our payment offices in Europe, America, Asia, Europe or Middle-East to receive your overdue payment.This system will be easier for you and for us. We are going to send your overdue payment of US$10.5 Million to you via any of the above payment options as stated. I will secure every needed document to cover this fund.

Note: When moving the fund through Diplomatic Means it should be in 2 security proof boxes which are sealed with Synthetic nylon seal and padded with machine.I will use my position as The Director of United Nation World Fund Discovery Management, to release this fund to you for both future benefits.If the boxes are coming with Courier agent who will deliver them to you at your home address all you need to do now is to send to me as this confidential transaction only between both of us for our future benefit.

Your Full Name
Your Complete Address
Name of City of Residence:
Date of Birth (Day / Month / Year):
Mobile Number:

FYI : The Agent does not know the contents in these boxes, the content was declared to him as Sensitive Photographic Film Materials.I will secure the clearance Certificate that will be tagged on the boxes which I will dispatch along with the security inner Keys of the consignments to enable you access them as soon as they are delivered to you.

Best Regards,
Mr. Michel Freeman.


We have registered your cheque of US $1.5M

Attention please!!!

We have registered your cheque of US $1.5M with FedEx Express Courier Company with registration code of ( DCJKT00678G). please Contact with your delivery address, telephone: Name:

FedEx Office:
Name of Dir: Dr Gary James

I have paid for the Delivery fee the only fee you have to pay is their Security fee only.Please indicate the registration Code for them and call and ask them how much is their Security fee so that you can pay it.

Best Regards,
Christine Lagarde
IMF chief


Your Sister in Christ

Dear Beloved in Christ,
I am Mrs.Rose Baker,the wife of Mr.Robert Baker,both of us are citizens
of US. my husband worked with the Chevron/Texaco in Russia for twenty
years before he died in the year 2007.We were married for ten years
without a child. My Husband died after a brief illness that lasted for
only four days. Before his death we both got born-again as dedicated
Christians.When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of 7.5
Million Pounds (Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand Pounds) with a Bank

Presently, I’m in a hospital in Russia where I have been undergoing
treatment for esophageal cancer. Please I need you as a God-fearing
person to use this money to fund churches,orphanages and widows
propagating the word of God and to ensure that the house of God is
maintained. The Bible made us to understand that blessed is the hand
that giveth.

my beloved for further communication on how we are going to conclude
this, reach me on:

Remain Blessed
Your Sister in Christ,
Mrs.Rose Baker.




I received an INTEL MEMO from the WHITE HOUSE in my office today and I must advice you as follows:
1: I received an Intel from our wiretap internet protocol office that my communication with you have been breached by impostors which have prompted immediate action from my side to make sure that this transaction is secured. Today, I issue you this code for communication (G11) which must be contained both in the subject and at the end of any of my email letter to you, This is for your own good.
2: With instruction from the White House and the United states Department of Homeland Security, I am informing you that you due consignment box containing your total payment fund of US$10,000,000.00 (Ten Million United States Dollars) is approved for release and delivery to you as soon as you fulfill all “OBLIGATION” and offset the refundable “TAX CLEARANCE LEVY” mandated by the IRS on all consignment that has been in our vault over 3 months.
Note that as i write you now, your funds contained in your consignment box is presently in our maximum storage vault in Atlanta, GA and will only be marked cleared for release once you fulfill all “OBLIGATION” stated on your release questionnaire by Homeland security.
Once I hear from you, I will instruct further.
Agent John Edward



Dr. Eric Wilfred
PAYMENT Director United Nations

I Am Dr. Eric Wilfred , PAYMENT Director United Nation in London ,I decided to contact you because of the prevailing security report reaching my office and the intense nature of polity in London . This is to inform you about our plan to send your fund to you via cash Delivery; this system will be easier for you and for us. We are going to send your contract part payment of US$8.3Million to you via courier services I have secured every needed document to cover the money. Note: The Money is coming on 2 security proof boxes, the boxes are sealed with Synthetic nylon seal and padded with machine. I will use my position as The PAYMENT Director United Nations to release this fund to You The boxes are coming with a Courier agent who will accompany the Boxes to your house address. All you need to do now I to send to me:
1. Your full house address
2. Your identity such as, international passport or driver’s license
3. Your contact phone numbers,
4. Your full name,
5. Age and Occupation
The Courier Agents attached will travel with this required information’s for the delivery of your fund. He will call you immediately he arrives your country’s airport. I hope you understand me. I will let you know when these consignments will be lifted, and Note: The Agent does not know the original contents of the boxes. What declared to them as the contents is Sensitive Photographic Film Material. I did not declare money to them please. If they call you and Ask you the contents please tell them the same thing OK. Email me immediately and I will let you know how far I have gone with The arrangement.
I will secure the clearance Certificate that will be tagged on the boxes which I will dispatch along with the security inner Keys of the consignments to enable you access these consignments has soon as it delivered to you. This clearance will make it pass every custom checkpoint all over the world without hitch. Confirm the receipt of this message and send the requirements to me immediately you receive this message. Please I need your urgent reply because the boxes are schedule to airlift as soon as we hear from you.

Best Regards,

Dr. Eric Wilfred,
PAYMENT Director United Nations London
Tel. +44(703 188 3754 E-mail :


Your Payment Coordinator

10 Southwark Street ,
London Bridge , London – UK
RC: 121878
Your Ref: Affidavit: AFX 076GD7B24

Dear Customer,

This is to notify you that Central Bank in collaboration with Bank Of England
had contracted NatWest Bank Plc for a (Commercial Restructuring) to release
your immediate part payment sum of US$4,000,000.00 for this quarter of the
fiscal year 2012 without further delay.

With the information on my desk, I was made to understand that you have been
going through hard ways by paying a lot of charges to see to the release of
your funds which has been delayed. Please, from now henceforth stop further
communication with any person(s) from any part of Africa , Europe or Asia .

You are not to pay any charges to receive your payment anymore as you have
meet up with the whole requirements. Your representatives will tell you to
still go ahead with them but on your own risk. Please be warned!!!!

The only thing required from you is to forward your Non-Resident Clearance
Certificate/Receipt to this office, so that this office can file the document
with our WIRE DEPARTMENT for the urgent release of your part payment sum of

The Central Bank and Bank Of England had paid our bank for handling/processing
your part payment for this fiscal year. As soon as we receive the above
document, we shall effect your part payment wire transfer immediately without

Will you follow our directives, your funds will reflect in your bank account
within 24hours from the date we receive the document. Do not respond to any
correspondence again from any person(s) but only to this Bank.

To facilitate the release of your part payment sum of US$4Million, you are
required as a matter of urgency to forward your Non Resident Clearance
Certificate as requested above through my email address as follows:

Dr. Andrew Martins.
Payment Coordinator.
Natwest Bank Plc. London U.K



Hello Friend,
I hope this proposal meets you in a good state of health. I need your help to transfer and invest US$8,520,000.00 that accumulated as undeclared profit made by our financial institution.

All that is required to get the funds transferred out of here is to put your name on the Non-investment account holding the funds. This practically makes you a Non-Resident customer of our Bank.

I will then guide you on how to apply for Closure of the Account and credit transfer of the funds to your designated bank account. You will get 40% of the funds for your role.

If you get back to me with your physical contact state below, we will consummate the funds transfer within one week.

(1) Your full name:
(2) Your address.
(3) Country:
(4) Age:
(5) Occupation.
(6) Private telephone number:
(7) Sex.

Lionel Washington