Report a Scam

“euromillion promotional award”

i received this kind of scam, on email, you may actually think this is funny, if it wasn’t a fraud, i send the hole text beyond, hoping that no one can be so naive to trust/respond to that notifications:

“Your last notification.
OUR REF: NL/WW/9039/43119

YOUR REF: VJL/TR/00765T5 43
Winner in the 2nd category of our DELOTTO free Net Lottery Promotional
Award draws held in September 2009.
I am writing in respect to your lotto winning prize of ONE MILLION, EUROS
(1,000,000.00 Euros) which you won through the email ballot draws in the
EUROMILLION Promotional Award in September 2008 in the second category prize
Winnings category.

We wish to inform you that your total prize money of 1. 000,000.00 Euros
Has remained unpaid by our treasury and credit office after the initial
Letter to your address for your payment was not successful.

You are hereby requested to contact your Syndicate claims process agent
And immediately update your claims process for your payment.
Mr. Nicolas Roy
Foreign Service Claims Agent
Tel: +31 645 153 491
You are advised to provide the following information’s:
1. Name in full,
2. Address,
3. Nationality,
4. Age,
5. Occupation,
6. Phone/Fax
Accept our felicitations!
Signed: Ms.Fidelia Aken “