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!Immediate payment of outstanding credit!


Ref: Immediate payment of outstanding credit value (UDS55.5Million)

This is to urgently bring to your notice that the world Bank Delegation temporally sitting
in Nigeria is working with the Intercontinental Bank of Nigeria plc ,
the Intercontinental Bank of Nigeria plc (ICB) and the world bank delegation have resolved to transfer your outstanding credit value USD55,500,000,00 Fifty Five
Million Five Hundred Thousand United state Dollars only into an account that will be
nominated by you through wire transfer KTT OR by ATM SWIFT PAYMENT CARD.

The resolution is in line to make sure that all CONTRACT, INHERITANCE,
COMPENSATION and LOTTERY WINNERS FUNDS are paid to their respective
beneficiaries. This measure is to augment the inability of the CBN to conclude the
said transaction due to lack of logistics and irregularities as petitioned
against the CBN and other local banks by the concerned beneficiaries through FBI investigation unit USA.

Also there is an urgent need for you to reach the below officer immediately
as we keep on getting letters and emails from people who claimed to be
your next of kin stating that you are terminally ill and that you have
authorized them to receive your fund on your behalf, as a result of your ill
health which you are not sure to survive.

Therefore, you are most required to forward to the Intercontinental Bank
Plc. your personal contact data as listed below, and also confirm to the payment officer if
you have authorized your next of kin to receive your payment on your behave.

1. Full name………………
2. Full address:……………………
3. Your private telephone/ cell phone …………..
4. Your Age:…….Sex:……..& Your current occupation ……………
5. And your identification either inter/ passport or driver license or any form of ID.

For further enquiries and proceeding on the transaction, kindly contact the
below person with the above details accordingly.


Thank you and expecting your urgent response.