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SCAM ALERT: Abraham Nwankwo

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Transaction On Mutual Benefit

I Write Will All Sense Of Honor Humility And Gratitude Of A Business Transaction And Assistance. I Am Dr. Abraham Nwankwo Director General Debt Management Office Of Nigeria (D.M.O). We Are In Charge Of Paying Of Debts Been Owned By Federal Government Of Nigeria Both Local And Foreign.

Debt Management Office Has Been Lauded for It’s Handling of the Country’s Foreign and Local Liabilities. As Of 2005-2006 We Paid USD$12.4 Billion To Paris Club In Return We Secured A Debt Write Off USD$18 Billion Of It’s Accumulated Indebtedness To The Club Been Part Of Expertise Of The Agency With Support From UK Department For International Development (DFID) Between 2006 And Now We Have Paid 6.8 Billion To Foreign And Local Contractors Been Owned By The Country.

Permit Me To Say That USD$84.5million Is In My Office As A Result Of Remaining Balance Of Payment We Made To Foreign Contractors Being Map Out By Government For Payment.  It Is An Over Estimated Money From Government To Foreign Contractors It Is My Desire For You To Help To Stand As A Contractor In Order To See That This Funds Is Transferred Into Your Account In The Ratio Of %30 – %70, You Are To Get %30 Of The Funds While %70 Goes To Me.

This Payment Will Come To You Through UK Department For International Development (DFID). I Will Be Very Glad If This Transaction Is Kept Secret From Anybody Because It Is A Very Big Opportunity For Me. All the Necessary Information Will Be Given To You Regarding To It

The United Kingdom(UK), Foreign And Commonwealth Office, Economic Adviser On Africa, Catharine Barber have Expressed Satisfaction That UK Development (DFID) Support To D.M.O Have been Achieving The Desire Result, Adding That Her Visit To Nigeria Have Enabled her To Confirm Report That Positive Changes Has Taken Place In The Country.

Also In A Remark The Economic Office British High Commission Mr. Tim Wyndham Said DMO Was A Shinning Example Of Outstanding Result From (DFID) Assuring That (DFID) Will Continue To Support DMO To Make Sure All The Foreigners Are Been Paid.

Should You Know Anybody Expecting His Or Her Payment From Nigeria, Do Ask Them To Contact DMO On our consultant email

I Wait For Your Urgent Response, Thanks For Your Co-Operation.

Yours Truly

Dr. Abraham Nwankwo.
Private email,

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  1. Ogam, Isdore K. says:

    The Director General Debt Management Office Of Nigeria, Dr. Abraham Nwankwo has appeared the best Director we have had so far. His administration and the administration of the present Government are solid foundation for good governance

  2. h.sheykhi says:

    I,ve received a message im my mailbox,i dont know wat it means.could u enlighten me.thanx

  3. Brain Jenkins says:

    This article was made up by an idiot

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